Amanda Bisk: The Secret to a Healthy Life

Amanda Bisk is an inspiration. Check out her Instagram, and you’ll find yourself instantly amazed. But what you may not know is that Amanda has had her own challenges. Always an athlete, she had to give up her dreams of Olympic pole vault in 2011 when she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. The moment proved to be a life-changing experience, and what is so inspiring is that Amanda did not give in. She turned her hurdles into a story of growth, heath, and an all new way of life. Today she is the spitting image of a healthy body and mind.

While we were in Australia for our recent pop up shop, we had the gracious privilege of meeting Amanda. Along with some pretty badass pictures of her from our FP Me shoot, read on for a peek into Amanda’s life now, and the amazing road she’s taken to get here.

girl holding mexican blanket

Printed Triangle Bra

Tell me about a day in the life of Amanda Bisk. What are you working on, where are you, and what’s your routine?

In the mornings I always start the day with stretching and yoga (either at home or at a local class). Breakfast next then if I have time maybe a coastal walk before I’m off to work.

Currently I am working as a CrossFit instructor in Sydney. I work there Monday to Friday and before my shift I also do a session myself. It’s great because I can really understand what all my crossfitters are going through after! :D

After work it’s home to cook dinner and usually an early night to bed!

Weekends are a bit more relaxed. They are my recovery time and I try to stick to only yoga and stretching (to recover from 5 days of heavy training). I also use this time to work on a few fitness projects I have in the pipeline. :)

warrior pose

You’re always showing off amazing physical displays on Instagram, where are some of your favorite local places to get active? Are there any that we can recognize from your account?

I love Bondi! There is this cool vibe about it. There are a few parks close by and of course the Bondi to Bronte walk with lots of beautiful spots. Back home in Perth, I love the northern coast, Scarborough, Trigg, and Mettams pool.

girl wrapped in blanket

In 2011, you were forced to give up your dream of pole vaulting because of chronic fatigue, and what followed were some of the hardest years of your life. What were some things you learned about yourself in that time, and what do you know now that you didn’t know then?

I learnt to slow things down! I am the type of person who wants to be doing everything at once and sometimes I just take on too much for my body and mind to handle. The last four years has taught me to listen to my body and understand that I have limitations!

girl standing on rocks

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You describe healing your chronic fatigue through making better food choices. What kind of swaps did you make, and what worked?

I look at food differently now. Every meal for me is a chance to nourish and give my body an awesome nutrient hit. Lots of colourful fresh fruits and vegetables!

As someone with healthy eating choices, what are some local restaurants, cafés, juice bars etc. that you really love? What spots can you recommend to someone who is traveling to Perth for the first time?

In Perth, Yelo cafe in Trigg is a great place for healthy food and drinks with the best ocean views! Here in Sydney I love Bondi Wholefoods. It’s a cute health food store and cafe in one!

girl on car

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Yoga was the first physical activity you did to start exercising again. What role does yoga play in your life today?

It is a part of my life every day. It connects me back to my body and mind and let’s me tune in to how I am feeling that day. It’s my, “me time.” :)

standing split

Rio Long Legging, Cody Top

Your dedication to health and fitness is such an inspiration to so many other people, but where are some places you look to for inspiration yourself?

I just started a little thing called #abbodysquad on my Instagram account. My followers tag this hashtag, and it gives me a chance to see what health and fitness things they are up to. My inspiration comes from seeing people working hard to look after themselves and setting a healthy life example. I love seeing my followers post their ideas, workouts, healthy food and achieving their goals!

meditating on rock

What advice can you give to someone looking to take control of their health?

Number one is to love yourself enough to look after yourself. Love your body, mind and who you are. And education. You can never learn enough! Especially about yourself. Learn about what’s good for you, how you can help your body and most importantly how your body reacts to the way you treat it. It may take a bit of trial and error. We are all different, but it’s about understanding what is right for you.

girl in australian countryside

FP X Cascading Waterfall Dress

Lastly, what does “free” mean to you?

Free from hate, negativity and bad energy. I am free when I love myself and others and share good vibes :)

Photos by Katrina Parker

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9 years ago

So inspirational

9 years ago

What an amazing woman. So inspiring.

9 years ago

So inspiring! Yoga on the beach always looks so amazing, but I am never bold enough to go out and do it!

Lauren |

9 years ago

I loved reading this.

I agree with her so much that sometimes the best medicine is slowing down, listening to self cues and loving the body enough to give it what it wants and needs. Of course healthy food and lifestyle choices are another way to channel the healing powers of nature.

Thanks for sharing!

9 years ago

I am digging this post. She’s got some solid advice that I definitely need to take to heart here! Beautiful.

9 years ago

Ahhh, she is so beautiful, fit, and inspiring! Wonderful post, love the advice!

9 years ago

Gorgeous girl Amanda, Love your story, and you have amazing health tips, and inspiring tips not to give up when things get tough. LOVE your outfits – keep going girl!!!!!!

9 years ago


wow, inspiring!

Riley Tea
9 years ago

I love how each of us has our journey in how we found yoga. Mine is quite similar to Amanda’s. I too was forced to quit the intense physical regimen I was putting my body through, to finally turn to yoga as a release of energy and to find my body again. How we feed ourselves is also a fundamental key to healing and feeling good. Truly inspiring!

9 years ago

Beautiful read! The 4th photo is gorgeous!

9 years ago

What inspiring article. Yoga has helped me recover from a very serious trauma accident and given me my mental equilibrium back. It makes me happy that it has done the same for others souls. I also absolutely LOVE the photographic work. Amazing!!

9 years ago

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