Blogger Diary: Miami Sunshine

This post comes from our Blog Intern, Aubrie!

Jetting away from the fallen leaves and cool air of Philadelphia, last weekend I headed to the turquoise waters that encircle the beaches of Miami, Florida.

At this time in November the holiday season is just around the corner and it seems as though summer is a mere memory. In my mind, visions of gliding down powdery mountain ridges on a snowboard have already replaced thoughts of diving into the tumbling surf to catch the perfect wave. I think living in a place where the seasons change so frequently causes people to prematurely anticipate the changing weather on the horizon. Once the stress of the upcoming season hits, I find nothing more remarkably relaxing than taking a deep breath and a step backward. For just a few days I was able to escape back to the carefree spirit of summer. It’s truly amazing how much a bit of sunshine can help to bring you back into the present and brighten up your mind.




In my opinion the gift of travel is the best gift that can be offered or received. As I grow older, the experience of being transported to not only a new place but also gaining that deeper knowledge that comes with travel means more and more to me. This year, for my 22nd birthday, my gifts didn’t come in any boxes or wrappings of any sort… I was given this trip to Miami. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate than among the tropical palm trees and bright, beautiful sunshine. As soon as I stepped off the plane, I smelled the salty sea air, felt the warm sun kiss my face, and couldn’t help but feel extraordinarily grateful.




Miami is certainly a place unlike any other. With an eclectic mix of culture, it radiates so much energy and diversity, I fall in love with this spirited city each time I return to its tropical locale. The music, the food, the languages and the innovative art all seem to work together to bring an exuberant importance to the city’s own beat. These unique cultural differences always seem to make an impression when I travel, and I love the fact that no matter how close or far I venture, when I return home I’ve gained a deeper knowledge of the world around me.


MIA 11

MIA 12

MIA 10


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8 years ago

Gorgeous view! I miss summer already – love that heat!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Can I sip coconuts on the beach, too? Please?


8 years ago

What a wonderful departure from the northern weather! We’re lucky in Florida to have the summer linger on.

4 years ago