How to Make Your Own All-Natural Deodorant Bars

If it’s not already clear, I like my beauty essentials in bar form. Body scrub… lotion… if you can shape it into a perfect, portable square, I’m happy, especially if I can make it myself. Over the past few years, one product after the next, my beauty cabinet has been slowly transforming from store-bought to all-natural, (almost) all handmade. But there’s one product on my shelf that I’ve been resistant to switching up: antiperspirant/deodorant.

I’ve dabbled in all-natural deodorant here and there in the past, but I’ll admit that more recently I’ve relied mainly on store-bought antiperspirant. Yes, the kind that’s loaded with harmful chemicals and heavy metals. I know it’s bad for me — I’m of the belief that pretty much anything that prevents your body from performing a natural function is — but I could never find a natural, store-bought deodorant that didn’t leave me feeling, well… gross. But lately I’ve noticed something, even my trusty antiperspirant hasn’t been working that great, maybe it’s a sign? Determined to find a solution, I decided it was time to just make my own, but a lot of the recipes I found simply weren’t that portable and many used coconut oil, a product that I certainly love, but don’t want to risk staining my clothes with.

My solution? The recipe below. These bars are all-natural, easily customizable, highly portable, and most importantly leave my underarms feeling great. Plus they’re full of healthy ingredients, such as bacteria-fighting tea tree oil, moisturizing shea butter, toxin-zapping bentonite clay, and odor-fighting baking soda. Whip up a bar or two for yourself, and be sure to let me know what you think!

DIY Deodorant Bar 7

All-Natural Deodorant Bars


4 tbsp shea butter

1.5 tbsp beeswax

1 tbsp cocoa butter

2 tbsp bentonite clay

1 tbsp baking soda

10-2o drops tea tree oil

10 drops lavender essential oil (or other favorite oil)

Soap mold

glass bowl or jar (microwave/heat safe)

DIY Deodorant Bar

Combine the shea butter, beeswax, and cocoa butter in the glass bowl or jar. To melt it down, you can either place it in the microwave for 1-3 minutes or, if using a jar, create a double boiler on the stove top by nesting the jar in a pot that has been partially filled with water. Heat until oils are melted and fully dissolved. Add the tea tree oil and your essential oil of choice and mix.

DIY Deodorant Bar

In a separate dish, mix together the baking soda and bentonite clay, then pour into the oil mixture and stir until combined.

DIY Deodorant Bar

Pour the liquid into the soap mold. You can use any shape you like – I chose a rectangle so I could easily store the bar in a travel soap box and toss it in my gym bag. Allow to cool completely before popping it out of the mold.

DIY Deodorant Bar

Store in a cool, dark place. This shouldn’t melt too easily, but it does get soft in higher temperatures. For now it’s fine in my medicine cabinet, but when the summer heat strikes, I’ll be sticking this in the fridge. I wrapped my bars in brown paper to create a little sleeve to hold them with.

Recipe notes:

+ Bentonite clay can irritate sensitive skin. If you’ve never used it before, do a patch test on the inside of your arm by mixing a dab of clay with a few drops of water and applying. If it doesn’t irritate your skin, you should be good to go!

+ If you’re sensitive to bentonite clay, try substituting arrowroot powder.

+ You can also pour this into a recycled deodorant container. Simply allow the oil and clay mixture to cool until it’s soft, but not completely liquefied, then pour into a clean, dry plastic deodorant container and allow to cool completely.

DIY Deodorant Bar

+ Have you made your own deodorant before? Share your tips & tricks in the comments!

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  1. I’d love to try this. I’ve never found a store bought deodorant that I was completely satisfied with. They all just smell sickly sweet and sweaty by the end of the day. A few years ago my mom bought me an aluminum-free stick, but it felt so slimy against my skin and didn’t work at all. This sounds like it would smell lovely, though.

  2. I’m intrigued. I have been on a long search for the perfect all natural deodorant. I will buy the ingredients and give it a go!

  3. I’m down to try this. I noticed antiperspirant actually made me sweat more so I switched to Lush Aromatico… I’m so much drier! But Lush is expensive and it’s not like you can go in and only buy one item! I can’t wait to try making my own!

  4. Awesome! I’ve been on a DIY beauty product kick myself, in fact I just blogged about homemade blush and bronzer! I never thought to try making my own deodarant but looks like I will add it to my to do list.
    Thanks for a lovely post as always!

    xo katie a. //

  5. I sweat sooo much and have to wonder how well this would work at stopping sweating? I’m sure it would smell amazing and feel great but I hate being sweaty.

  6. How do you apply it ? It is soft enough to leave a trace on your skin ? For me Alun stone works miracles, I’ve been using it for two years now and except if I have a tight top, no smell at the end of the day ! :) (I don’t care about sweating, but I don’t want to smell sweat)

  7. Kyra – Because this is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, it won’t make you stop sweating, but it will deodorize (the tea tree oil kills the bacteria that causes the smell). Unfortunately there’s not way to make antiperspirant without the use of heavy metals and chemicals.

    Youna – you apply it as you would a store-bought stick. I’ve been using it daily and no stink!

  8. I’ve been making my own deodorant a few years now and it’s so much better than any of the store bought ones. I make mine with bicarbonate of soda, corn starch, coconut oil, grapeseed oil and patchouli oil. It smells lovely and I only need to make a pot once every 3 months and it really works. The only thing is it doesn’t stop you perspiring, it just stops it from smelling.

  9. Did you add a dye to the mixtures? If so, which ones and when did you add it to the mixture? Thanks! :)

  10. I just made this and I’m really happy with it! It was a hot and humid day yesterday and still the deodorant was effective. So easy. I used a small popsicle mould that gave just the right shape. Thank you so much for this fab recipe :)

  11. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been making the coconut / cornstarch / baking soda deodorant for some time but definitely going to give this a try. Do you think using 5 tbsp of cocoa butter in place of shea would come out the same consistency?

  12. I’m so glad I came across this! I’ve been trying to switch to all natural and organic products and deodorant has been a tricky one for sure. I’ve been using the crystal deodorant but I don’t feel like it’s doing anything. I look forward to trying this, thanks for sharing!

  13. Love that it’s full of ingredients that I already have around the house. Will DEFINITELY be trying this, Might toss a little lemon oil in it to help with discoloration…

  14. Hi! I definitely want to give this a try, but
    Was wondering the same thing as Alexa: can you
    Substitute the Shea butter with cocoa butter?
    Or at least half and half?

  15. I made an all natural deodorant last year and I love it except for the fact that I used coconut oil and that seems to just sit on my skin and makes me feel like I’m constantly sweating, (but smells wonderful!). I just made this recipe today and I’m stoked to try it! I used arrowroot instead of bentonite clay because I didn’t have any. I love natural products. Thank you for sharing this recipe. :)

  16. Hi!.. I just made this two days ago and I´m loving it!.. but I want to ask you a question… How do you get free of the grey armpits? The clay´s color leave a trace on your armpit or is it happening only to me? Do you have any tip for this?
    Thanks!! Lot of love from Costa Rica!

  17. Hi Daniella – so glad you like the recipe but sorry to hear about the issue with the grey color. I haven’t experienced this, but you could either lessen the amount of clay you use or substitute arrowroot powder. Hope that helps!

  18. Thanks for answering!! I´ve decided to rub the ¨gray¨ residues against my skin and hands.. they leave them feeling great!! So, problem fixed! thanks!

  19. I can’t afford all of those ingredients so I stick to the basics, coconut oil and bicarb of soda with a splash of tea tree oil. Works great

  20. Hi! I will try this for sure!
    The only problem is that i can only find white, green or red clay.
    Could I use one of them instead of bentonite?
    Thanks in advance!

  21. could I use lanolin instead of cocoa butter and does this transfer any oils on your clothes
    I was using the coconut oil recipe loved it but all my clothes are stained now.

  22. Just made this recipe and it works so much better than anything I’ve tried before! Even better than store bought deodorants!!! I’ve used natural varieties for most my life. This is the first time trying homemade… wow! I barely sweat, and even when I do it doesn’t smell. I’m so pleased!

    Thanks Julie!

  23. I’m making this recipe today! Question…when the dry ingredients are mixed with the oils and poured into the mold do they settle to the bottom or do they remain mixed in solution?

  24. So I made this recipe and have been wearing the deodorant for almost 5 days and my pits are still fresh! I even gave some to family members to try. Awesome recipe…thanks so much for sharing. Soon my whole family will be aluminum-free!

  25. how many bars does this recipe make??? I am looking to make a bigger batch as I have a few people who would like to try this with me.

  26. Kristen, the vegan substitute for Beeswax is Carnauba wax, which you would use 30% less of in this recipe.


  27. Hi, thank you for this wonderful recipe! I made it last night and it’s easy, beautiful, and smells wonderful. Looking forward to trying it today! I did experience settling, so the bar is dark grey/green at the bottom and lighter on top. Do you recommend using as usual, or should I try to get some of the dark side and light side? Hope that makes sense!

  28. Hi, great DIY!!! I just have one question, do you know how much time this can be stored? Thanks in advance <3

  29. Great recipe. Mine is a little bit too oily, though, probably because it’s been hot here in Rio, even though it’s winter time. Will try putting a little less shea butter next time.

    By the way mine settled into a nice round shape in the bottom, it doesn’t bother at all. :)

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