Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of July 13-19

Your weekly horoscope by Tracy Allen is here – what does the week ahead hold in store for you?

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June 21–July 22

Mercury and Mars join forces in Cancer this week, combining thought and action. Although the ability to walk your talk is a big plus, you may need to pause and consider what you’re saying, as your brain and your mouth will both be in overdrive. And these two planets are facing off against dominant Pluto in your relationship angle, so you’re likely to encounter resistance and could wind up in a conflict. You’re feeling brave and direct, and there’s nothing wrong with asserting yourself. But you may decide compromise is the most productive way to go. Mercury’s harmony with Neptune enhances creative thinking, intuition and the capacity for finding meaning and making connections between the various ideas floating around in your head. The new moon in your sign is vibing with Saturn in your fulfillment house, prompting a personal reinvention that’s based on a commitment to take yourself seriously and be all that you can be this year. Work on expressing more of the real you and projecting an image of someone who knows they deserve love and respect.


July 23–August 22

Venus in Leo runs into trouble with Saturn at the bottom of your chart this week, calling for you to examine how private doubts, emotional baggage, childhood conditioning, domestic responsibility or feelings of isolation and insecurity might be blocking your blessings. You’ve been extra magnetic lately, but it might be more difficult to relate to people and get what you want right now. Take note of what’s going on in your subconscious, as Mercury is hiding out in your subliminal sector and quarreling with several other planets. With Mercury in this position, you’re particularly likely to say something you didn’t intend to. Give your intuition, spirituality and imagination their due. Pay attention to your dreams—and your daydreams. What you learn may surprise you. Confront something in your psyche, and avoid acting out in ways that undermine you. You could heal an old wound or resolve a dilemma in your head if you focus on your inner life. The new moon is a strong indicator that you need to let go of the past and rejuvenate your soul.


August 23–September 22

Be mindful of your communication with friends, colleagues and groups this week, with Mercury in your network sector sparring with planets in your self-expression and sharing houses. You may not like the feedback you get from others if you put your creativity or heartfelt feelings on the line. Or you could have a disagreement due to a problem with trust, personal space, money, intimacy or jealousy. Teamwork is important now, but you will probably need to shift back and forth between collaborating with people and pursuing your own fulfillment. Brainstorming will be particularly productive if you’re coming up with ideas that help others. Focus on interactions that seem to flow naturally rather than forcing connections that aren’t working so well. The new moon encourages you to make new contacts or join a group related to something you’ve studied or become interested in during the past few years. It may be time to prioritize solid friendships over more fleeting or superficial ones. After Venus enters Virgo, you’ll feel more social and agreeable and will have an easier time drawing in what you want.


September 23–October 22

Talking to an authority figure such as a parent or boss and figuring out how to achieve your goals could be problematic this week, due to Mercury in your ambition angle feuding with other planets. Problems at home, underlying anger, an up-and-down relationship or unreliable people could affect your thoughts and speech. With Mercury and Mars coming together, you have the initiative to take action on an objective. You just need to make sure not to step on toes or get too far ahead of yourself. You’re quite driven now and are capable of pushing for some kind of fundamental reform. A willingness to be of service and a holistic approach will work in your favor. With Venus in your group sector clashing with Saturn in your worth house, low confidence or funds might limit your social life. Focus on what—or who—is most important to you rather than spreading yourself too thin. The new moon invites you to set a goal that’s firmly based on your own core values and priorities, not on what other people think.


October 23–November 21

With Mercury in your exploration house battling Pluto in your mindset zone and Uranus in your duties sector, learning, discussing beliefs and looking to the future could be complicated. Optimistic thoughts might be overshadowed by darker ones, so notice what’s going on in your head and try not to think in extremes. A difference of opinion could trouble you, or something may come up in your daily life that throws you off track. Mercury and Mars are linking up, giving you the impetus to throw yourself into studies, travel or planning your next adventure. Abstract, creative ideas will appeal to you, and letting your mind wander is apt to be pleasant. Mars and Pluto are facing off, though, and they happen to be your coruling planets. You could easily end up beating people over the head with your runaway passion. Make sure you’re fighting for a worthy cause. Your public or professional appeal may be marred by your ambition, so be aware of how you’re coming across. The new moon encourages you to set a new course of growth for yourself that breaks you out of old habits.


November 22–December 21

Sharing could be tricky this week, with Mercury in your merging zone fighting with Pluto in your worth house and Uranus in your fulfillment sector. A power struggle, a disagreement over money, possessions or values or a discussion about trust, intimacy or jealousy might be taxing. If you need some personal space to do your own thing, try asking for it as diplomatically as possible. Mercury and Mars are coming together, lending extra force to everyone’s words. This would be a good time to delve into a project that requires deep thinking and research. If you’re in a serious romantic relationship, there will be sparks—possibly both good and bad. Seize the opportunity to work through a conflict, either between you and another person or within your own psyche. With Saturn in the last house of your chart, you’re clearing the decks before the next chapter begins. The new moon is syncing with Saturn, prompting an inner transformation of some sort. You may feel rather dark and serious now, but focusing on the challenge at hand will pay off.


December 22–January 19

Mercury in your one-on-one angle faces off against Pluto in Capricorn and skirmishes with Uranus in your comfort sector this week, so your strong will and your changing moods are apt to affect your interactions. Mars is also challenging Pluto, which could create a competitive—or even combative—atmosphere and lead to conflict with an individual. It can be difficult to compromise when all-or-nothing Pluto is influencing you, but negotiation and partnership are important when the planets are piling up in your opposite sign. Be aware of what you’re projecting onto others, and exercise self-control. Don’t try to manipulate a situation; be direct in your dealings with people. An empathetic mindset will ease communication. You may not get what you want from someone, but you should still make an effort to collaborate, because a lot of power will be generated in your interactions. The new moon is clicking with Saturn in your network house, coaxing you to commit to respectful, mutually supportive relationships. It may be time to work on a particular friendship or partnership that’s rooted in common interests or goals.


January 20–February 18

Detailed thinking, communication with coworkers, problem solving and analyzing something you’re worried about may be challenging this week, due to Mercury’s battle with a few other planets. Nervous energy or subterranean anger could disrupt your train of thought and impact your everyday interactions. Mercury is joining forces with Mars, facilitating vigorous mental work and making you extra critical, which could lead to harsh words, so be mindful of what you’re saying. Notice how repressed emotions are coloring your behavior and speech. If you’re convinced that you know the exact way that something should be done, focus on completing that task by yourself. Your ambition is likely to affect your rapport with others now, so you should try to temper any bossiness. You can accomplish a lot, but you might also find that you’re working against yourself. Physical exercise, losing yourself in a demanding activity and doing something to be of service to others will all help you channel your energy. The new moon calls for you to set a fresh goal related to your work or your health.


February 19–March 20

Mercury in your fulfillment sector is battling Pluto in your network zone and Uranus in your worth house this week, making self-expression more difficult than you’d like. Your personal feelings or creative ideas could be challenged by friends, peers or a group. And shaky self-esteem might make it hard for you to say what you want to say. Fortunately, Mercury is linking up with bold Mars, empowering you to act on your thoughts, assert your individuality and go after what—or whom—you want. Mars is also facing off with Pluto, so avoid pitting your will against the force of a group. If you can, find a way to enact a change that will benefit others, or join forces with people to fight for a cause you’re passionate about. Harmony between Mercury and Neptune enhances romantic, intuitive, creative, sensitive expression. Trust your sixth sense when it comes to communicating what’s inside you. The new moon invites you to find new sources of pleasure, love, happiness and creativity, in keeping with your commitment to broaden your horizons and keep growing.


March 21–April 19

Pondering the past, talking to family and sifting through your innermost thoughts could interfere with your urges to pursue goals, jump into something new and keep moving forward, thanks to Mercury at the bottom of your chart skirmishing with Pluto and Uranus this week. Mercury also has a rendezvous with Mars, which could cause you to fight about something you don’t understand. Strong emotions are being triggered, so step back and try to get a handle on where you’re coming from. Introspection can help you to let go of something that’s been floating around in your subconscious and bring you a sense of inner peace. A Mars-Pluto opposition will tempt you to go up against an authority figure or a system. Figure out what you can and cannot change, to prevent yourself from wasting energy. Working from home will be productive, especially if you’re aligning yourself with a shift in your career or life direction. The new moon is encouraging you to put down new roots in accord with a commitment to closeness, even if that makes the independent side of you nervous.


April 20–May 20

With Venus in your comfort angle being challenged by Saturn in your one-on-one house this week, you may not get the warmth and nurturing you’re after. If others aren’t giving you what you need, concentrate on simple pleasures that you can give yourself, like a good home-cooked meal. Mercury is skirmishing with various other planets, making communication and daily interactions potentially troublesome. Try to stay away from pointless arguments, but don’t hesitate to fight for something you believe in strongly, especially if you’re determined to make a positive difference. You shouldn’t have a problem persuading other people if your cause is a worthy one. This is a good time to push for just reforms, but you need to be careful not to be self-righteous, as your passion may lead you to think you know what’s best for everyone. Practicing what you preach will prove your integrity. The new moon nudges you to continue to work on expressing yourself clearly and respectfully, to keep learning and to incorporate intuitive flashes of insight into your thinking.


May 21–June 20

Disagreements over money, values, possessions, priorities, sharing, jealousy, trust or intimacy are possible this week, due to Mercury in your worth zone conflicting with several other planets. Try to be aware of the temptation to engage in power struggles, and focus instead on compromise and self-sufficiency. Mercury is joining forces with doer Mars, enabling you to take action to address what’s most important to you now. Keep your mind on what you can do to make money, meet your own needs, boost your confidence and utilize your talents and resources. Work with what you have, and strive to improve your security; don’t obsess over what you are or aren’t getting from someone else. If you’re finding others to be unreliable, rely on yourself instead of trying to change people. This is a good time for combining thoughts about your material needs with a professional dream. Use your imagination, and you might hit upon a new idea to get where you want to go. The new moon urges you to set a financial goal that hinges on hard work more than outside support.

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8 years ago

I hope that my Sagittarius fate works out. I don’t see myself necessarily fighting over possession, but rather an idea with my family and friends.

8 years ago

Wish me and all the other Sagittarius luck! It’s going to be a tough week.