Styling Story: Total Eclipse + A Passion Potion Recipe

Ignite passion with a new fashion story and a magic potion.

Mystical, lush and romantic, with a little hint of magic — our newest story, Total Eclipse, featuring ethereal model Cora Keegan. Inspire your November wardrobe and read on to see how to ignite November’s new moon. Learn a new love and magic spell, energized by this month’s moon, from the popular Los Angeles-based practice of spiritual ethnobotanist Myla St. Crispin.


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The month of November begins its moon cycle in sensual, intense Scorpio. A new moon in this bold and deeply feeling sign is the perfect time to magnify the ecstatic blessings of passion. With the added auspicious, manifesting vibes of 11/11, this is an opportunity for amplified powers! Whether enhancing the rapture of a relationship, journey or creative project, this spell will aid in opening up new channels of sensorial inspiration, which in turn will plant powerful seeds of good fortune!

The Elements:
1 red rose
1 red/orange candle
1 garnet stone
1 pomegranate

In a sacred space, begin your enchantment by arranging your items in a line in front of you.

With your left hand over your heart, and your right hand extended over your elements, make a statement out loud of your intention, feeling the energy move from your heart into your hands and out, “charging” your items.

To further your practice, take your rose, and standing up, begin to pinch off petals, one by one, as you imagine what your request looks like materialized. As you imagine, arrange the petals one by one in a circle around you.

When the circle is complete, light the candle, feeling the lightness and bliss of magick.

Focusing your eyes upon the flame and your thoughts upon your intention, place your right hand over your heart and your left hand towards the flame, feeling the heat of the flame upon your palm and imagining its warmth moving up from your hand to your heart, receiving the flame of passion and your intention materialized.

To deepen your intention, take a single pomegranate seed and anoint your lips, stating out loud:
“From my mouth my words create my world,” then, “Infinite passion is my will towards and within (state your intention). Eat the pomegranate seed. Feel the bliss and power of your statement.

Take the garnet stone, place in between the palms in prayer pose against the heart, creating slight pressure between the palms as you take a deep inhalation, experiencing the warmth within you charging up the stone with your vision. Exhale. Keep the stone with you for the next 40 days. (Or longer if you like!)

Gather the petals and place around the candle. Give thanks. Let the candle burn until it’s out. (Place candle in a dish of water or burn responsibly. If you must blow the candle out, do not use your breath, but snuff out with a candle snuffer or non-flammable dish.)

Enjoy the Passion Play!


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Get the look: Glitter Girl Slip, Day For Night Platform Boot


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For all things in love and magic, follow Myla on Instagram, check out her website and email to schedule accurate clairvoyant readings and healing sessions via phone or Skype. Available in person in Los Angeles!

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Photographed by Anthony Nocella, assisted by Ryan Treitel. Modeled  by Cora Keegan. Hair by Tony Vin. Makeup by Jenna Kristina.

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5 years ago

I love this. <3

5 years ago

this is weird. FP is into witchcraft now???

5 years ago

Gosh, she’s gorgeous, truly enchanting :-)

5 years ago

Those pictures are beautiful, I’m in love with her looks and the dresses!

5 years ago

Myla is truly an angel sent. Known her for a year and she’s so gifted! I highly recommend her! True blessing! ✨✨✨✨✨

5 years ago

Beautiful photos and outfits <3
➳ Jessica

5 years ago

Amanda we’re all witches darling, it’s written in the stars across time. Embrace it.