5 Simple Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Celebrate the coming season by brightening up your home with these simple tips

In like a lion, out like a lamb, March is a month of transition and rebirth. Winter gives way to spring, ice and snow ebb to buds and green shoots. The days grow longer and lighter and our hearts have a tendency to follow suit. With a new month just a couple of days away, I’ve set my sights on March 20th, the first day of spring. In many ways, this winter in Philadelphia was an easy one, light snowfall (save for winter storm Jonas), temperatures that — thankfully — didn’t often dip below 25F, but that doesn’t make my anticipation for warmer weather any less intense. I’m ready to shed my winter layers in favor of the lightness of spring. While it may still be a few weeks until I can confidently step outside sans sweater and heavy knits, my home has already began the seasonal transition. Brighter hues, fresher scents… today I’m sharing my tips for bringing spring indoors, even when the snow is still flying beyond our windowpanes.


Bring home some blooms. Last year I committed to purchasing myself a small bouquet of flowers every Friday, to enjoy over the weekend and brighten up my bedside table and kitchen counter throughout the week to come. It’s a small, inexpensive ritual, but one that can go miles for your mood and well-being. If you haven’t indulged in a bouquet in awhile, now is the perfect time. My personal favorite, when sunflowers aren’t available, are the small 5-stem cottage rose clusters sold by Whole Foods. At around $5 to $7, they’re affordable, and the blooms come in a wide variety of colors. I also love the gerbera daisy bunches sold by Trader Joes. Their bright hues and cheerful demeanor greets me at the start of each day, reminding me that a new season will eventually descend.

Sunflowers, roses, and daisies are excellent non-toxic choices for those of us with curious pets (be sure to keep highly toxic seasonal flowers like tulips, lilies and daffodils for the office) Or visit the ASPCA website for a full list of safe and unsafe flowers and houseplants.


Lighten up your scents. As the days grow longer and we begin to crave lighter fare in other areas of our lives, now is the perfect time to pack away wintery candles and scents that call to mind cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin. Opt instead for something light and gingery, like our Free People Candle. The perfect blend of wintery pine and bright, springy eucalyptus, it’s the ideal aroma for the seasonal transition.


Spring clean. Spend a weekend morning whipping up a batch of homemade cleaning products, then dust off the cobwebs, take down the curtains, and give everything a good once-over. You’ll be amazed at the difference washing your windows (inside and out) and laundering the curtains makes. Those nooks and crannies that may have spent the past few months collecting dust and outside grime. Go here for some easy recipes to whip up that will help you clean your whole home, naturally.


Bring some life indoors. Besides flowers, potted plants add life and beauty to a home unlike anything else. Hit up your local greenhouse for a refresh on faves such as cacti, succulents, snake plants and other air purifiers that will not only add a welcome burst of green, but help you with your spring cleaning, too.


Trade in your fabrics. Trade out the dark woolens and heavy knit blankets of winter for lighter and brighter fabrics in your bedroom and living room. If the air in your home is still too chilly, consider picking up a bright white vintage bedspread to drape over your darker blankets, or making some simple cases to cover your throw pillows with. A crisp white bedroom and cozy, soft-hued living room is like an open invitation for relaxation and creativity.


+ What are your tips for welcoming spring? Please share!

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8 years ago

I always get myself some fresh flowers and put them in a nice vase – for me that’s an instant mood enhancer and it really welcomes nature and spring into my home.

8 years ago

I love the idea of getting a houseplant, with it acting as an air purifier!

I’ve spent this past weekend having a total clear-out, accumulating bags and bags worth of unwanted items to donate. Getting rid of all the clutter in my room is definitely an essential end-of-winter ritual for me!

Shona x


8 years ago

How about the indoor lighting? It can match the brightness of your room and you can feel a fresh environment on the spring in your room.
Thanks for sharing this nice article.

8 years ago

Yes! So ready for spring. It’s definitely time to break out those springy candles!!


7 years ago

About a month ago I bought a yellow (my favorite color) bedspread. For $50 it was like I changed the whole room. It’s like an antique yellow (if there is such a color) and It has pretty white embroidery throughout it. Every time I walk in my room I feel spring has arrived a little early. And I find myself making the bed a lot more which can only be a good thing. Yellow and green are my favorite colors to decorate with. Happy spring to all!

7 years ago

I open my windows and clean my kitchen while listening to great music. A clean kitchen is always a fresh start. Did I mention that tall glass of mint flavored iced tea waiting on the counter for me. :)

7 years ago

I open my windows and clean my kitchen while listening to great music. A clean kitchen is always a fresh start. Did I mention that tall glass of mint flavored iced tea waiting for me on the counter. :)

7 years ago

How wonderful are these ideas??? Just loved all of them!! xx

7 years ago

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7 years ago

This was the beautiful post which gives the idea of decorating our homes with beautiful flowers which gives the elegant looks…

6 years ago

I love fresh flowers. I have grown many small fresh flower plants in my home garden, I enjoy to see them growing. Nice post with beautiful tips. Thanks, Julie O’Boyle for this wonderful post.

6 years ago

Love it! My wife and I have been looking for some new ideas for our home.

6 years ago

Your blog is more lovely.

5 years ago

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