Make: Art with the Earth

Get your hands in the dirt and make something beautiful!

This post comes from our blog intern, Emily.

You’re walking on a trail through the mountains and the sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky. Maybe you’re passing the park in your neighborhood and realize that suddenly everything turned green overnight. Or, you’re on your lunch break and the wind is dancing with the petals from the last of the spring blooms.



Make something. Let the soil be your canvas and nature’s little details, your paints. Take your shoes off, ground yourself, and survey what pieces of the puzzle are around you. There’s a lot more to find than you think… I only just realized how many shades of green there are within a 20 foot radius of me. Sticks, rocks, flowers, leaves, dandelions… What’s loose and fluttering? What has already been blown off of its’ stem or branches? Gather whatever catches your eye and find a spot for your canvas.



Make a mandala, a cairn, a driftwood dream-catcher. You can spend 5 minutes or 30 on your creation. Grace others who might walk by in an hour with something colorful, unexpected, and made with love.

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It might just brighten a passerby’s day. Or someone might add to yours and a communal art piece is now evolving… Take what our Mother Earth has already given us and make something beautiful with it. Connect, get off your phone, and touch ground with your hands. It feels really, really good.




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6 years ago

This is a beautiful idea, and the created art is wonderful!

6 years ago

So beautiful!

6 years ago

Beautiful post. It’s great to stop and enjoy the wonderful earth around you, and even better to make someone else smile… :)

The Wanderful Soul

6 years ago

The artist Andy Goldsworthy pretty much made this kind of art well known! check him out/ give him a mention!