3 Easy Arm Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Our three favorite arm exercises you can literally do anywhere. Any. Where. 

I have always had a thing for arms. I’ll explain. Growing up with celebrity crushes Cameron Diaz, Cindy Crawford, and Tina Turner, I had an early appreciation for fit and healthy-looking arms. I noticed how attractive good arms were at a young age and they eventually made their way into my highly creative and elaborate daydreams. (Odd, yes. But I’m still explaining…) I was an exceedingly imaginative kid and I remember dreaming about the dress that I would eventually wear to the Oscar’s (once I was an adult. Obviously. Please stay with me.) It was a floor length simple black gown, fitted and cut on the bias for extra sleekness. I made it a point to design my dress sleeveless so I could show off my impending adult, svelte arms a la Cameron, Cindy, and Tina. I would walk the red carpet, flip my Pantene Pro-V hair, and strategically place my hands on my hips to highlight my imagined gorgeous triceps.

Well, cut to last Friday, when I was packing tanks for a weekend away in the desert. It has been a minute since I have worn something sleeveless so I pulled the tank over my head hoping (and sadly half expecting) to see something kind of fit looking. Alas, (and ooooooooph) svelte tan arms were not in the building. As I have gotten older, my arms have taken a turn towards soft, comfy, and less defined.

If I am allowed to keep daydreaming about my Oscar’s dress, then I better get my arms in shape. Or on a practical note based in reality, summer is just around the corner, hence one more reason to focus on my upper body. Below are our three favorite moves you can literally perform anywhere. As an avid traveler, working out can be a challenge. But with the addition of the resistance bands, staying fit is easy and it adds variety to any workout. Lightweight, economical, and easy to pack, these bands can be thrown into ANY bag or car (or pocket!) and provide an instant workout. Check out the ultimate upper body workout below, focusing on the three major muscle groups: biceps, triceps, and deltoids.


Paradise Palms Short

Bicep Curl: Stand on the band with both feet hips width apart. Stand up straight, with your back and head straight, chest up and stomach tight. Hold the ends of the bands with hands by your side. Curl your arms as you bring your hands, palms facing up, towards your shoulders. Keep your elbows tucked tight. Slowly lower your arms to the starting position. Do three sets of ten.


Pull Aparts: Hold the band in front of you at shoulder height, and shoulder width apart. Gently lock your arms as you pull the band apart without bending your elbows until the band touches your chest. Do three sets of 10.


Black Moon Bra

Tricep Extension: Hold one end of the resistance band in one hand. Place your other hand behind your back and grab the other end of the band. Bring the arm that is not behind your back above your head as pictured. Bend your elbow so it is pointing to the ceiling and your hand is behind your head. Straighten your elbow and bring your hand to the ceiling. Slowly return to the starting position. Do three sets of ten.

+How do you keep your upper body strong?

Photos by Tina Deleon. Modeled by @howyouglow.

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Need to get myself one of those bands!
Jabeen x