Journaling Your Next Vacation

Allow us to share some of our favorite vacation-worthy journaling ideas. 

I have a few essentials that must accompany me on every vacation: a new book, my camera, music and a journal. As someone who writes nearly every day, journaling on vacation can begin to  feel like work. When the choice between a mai tai on the beach or journaling for an hour presents itself, I will choose the mai tai preeeeeetty much every time. But I know how good writing is good for my soul, mind and emotions so I remain disciplined and stick to it. See you soon, mai tai.

While traveling recently, I noticed that I was a little bored with my writing routine. It felt forced… dull. I considered new and different things to focus on and, as I explored these ideas, I became inspired all over again. Won’t you allow me to share them with you? Next time you feel like your writing’s taking a phony turn, try these options.


Write an ongoing letter to someone you love. Turn your journal entries into a letter to someone you love, someone who is not on the trip with you. Write to that family member, friend, or significant other about the things that you would tell them if they were sitting right next to you. Be honest, vulnerable, completely yourself. You have the choice to give it to them… or not.

Keep a health journal. For those battling health or emotional challenges, a wellness journal is a great idea. I love writing about how I am physically and mentally feeling, day in and day out. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Draw what you are feeling. This idea falls on the abstract side, but still fun nonetheless. When I draw, I am completely removed from my comfort zone which allows me to explore more creativity. You don’t have to be an artist to draw — only you know what your drawings represent and that’s a very cool thing.


+What do you like journaling about? Please share in the comments.

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4 years ago

Great tips! I love journaling about my feelings. It helps me get a snapshot of my emotional state at that moment, especially when I look back and compare the writing to the art I was making during that time. I think making a journal for someone you love while traveling is one of the best souvenir ideas I have come across so far. Imagine welcoming a loved one back home and receiving a book with their drawings, impressions and storytelling of each step of their journey! I would be blown away.

4 years ago

Brill article. I’ll be adding a blog to my biz website AND creating a personal one too soon so thanks very much for the advice :)

4 years ago

creating a journal for future plan is useful sometimes :)