No Gym, No Problem: Part Three

The final installment in our series with Tanya Poppett — bodyweight workouts you can do on the go. 

This post comes from our friend and Aussie fitness instructor, Tanya Poppett.

Getting in shape doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym. Just get out, be active and move your body. Here are a few simple workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere. No machinery necessary — all you need is your mat!

Here are a few of my favourite moves for toning and shaping all areas of the abdominals. Your breathing becomes especially important when performing any abdominal or core exercise. Make sure you exhale and draw your belly button in when you contract (or crunch) and inhale as you open back up. Perform each exercise for 35 seconds with a 25-second rest in between. Complete 3-5 sets.

Move #1 Seated Scissor Crunch


Sit back on to your hands, keeping your shoulders rolled down away from your neck and your chest lifted. Engage your legs and glutes when squeezing your legs into the scissors position and remember to exhale as your draw your knees in towards your chest.

Move #2 Heel Taps


Keep your back pressed down on the mat with your feet about hip width apart. Draw your belly button up and in towards the spine and exhale as you reach to touch your heels, alternating sides.

Move #3 Figure 4 Crunch


Use your top leg crossed just above the knee as a pillar of resistance. Push down on the the lower leg as you bring it up to a 90 degree angle and slowly lower it down. Perform 2 sets each round to alternate sides.

+ Check out Part One and Two of the series!

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5 years ago

It was good to know that we can still go for fitness workout and it doesn’t need any machinery, rather it is healthier than working with machines, for fresh and healthy body all you need to do is to go for morning walk and practice the entire steps told above.

4 years ago

You shared good information. I like you article. Thanks for it.Such a nice blog…