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4 years ago

I love these moon calendars — have been using them all year! Thanks Holly and FP! :)

4 years ago

moon calendars are probably one of my favourite things ever along with dream catchers. I love how mystical they make the year feel


4 years ago

thank u ! the moon calendar is the best !

4 years ago

I’ve missed these and am so glad they returned!!

4 years ago

I love the moon calendar. To me, waiting for the full moon is exciting. I count the days when I can go outside at night and look up and see such a beautiful sight. Such a simple, free and spiritual event every month. Anything that takes place in the sky with the stars and the moon and the sun grounds me. It takes me away from the hecticness of everyday life and reminds me of the bigger world out there. Thank you Mother Nature.

4 years ago

Thanks so much!