Your Guide To Hosting Friendsgiving

A quick and easy guide to ensure your Friendsgiving goes off without a hitch…

Thanksgiving is next week, and, for those of us who aren’t or can’t spend time with family, why not consider the opportunity to round up our closest pals and host a little Friendsgiving? Because, let’s face it, we only have one week left to plan, I present a guide to hosting your best Friendsgiving ever…

Get prepared

As host, you may likely be responsible for the “main dish”, so start sifting through recipes as soon as possible (ahem, today.)

Send invites to your friends via Facebook, email, text, or an online e-vite site like paperless post. It’s best/easiest to keep all communication in one place or in one email/text chain. Make sure your guests RSVP at least five days prior to Friendsgiving. For a potluck Thanksgiving dinner, ask your guests what dish they will be bringing, and if they could include proper serving utensils.

Don’t forget the little things like ice, napkins, garbage bags, wine or cider for a pre-meal toast, wrapping for leftovers, games, and enough seating for guests. Clean out your fridge to ensure you have enough space for all of the food. Have your most musically-inclined friend make you a playlist or listen to this one.

The morning of…

Send out final invite reminders, including any last-minute dinner needs, parking instructions, or party reminders.

Set your table. Mismatched silverware and dishes are very ok — no need to compete with your Grandma’s fine china. Mason jars make for great glassware if you are need of cups. Don’t forget your centerpiece, but please don’t spill your entire checking account on large glitter pumpkin centerpieces, grandiose flower arrangements, or a thousand white tapered candles. Natural and simple centerpieces are perfect for any occasion, especially Friendsgiving. I recommend finding about 5-10 unscented candles of various heights and widths, possibly a few mini pumpkins, and 3-5 small flower arrangements (in previously mentioned mason jars) from your garden or neighborhood. Keep it light and simple.

Set up your cocktail bar or drink table. Make sure you have enough glassware, bottle openers, and a place for an ice bucket.

Cook, cook, cook!

When everyone arrives…

Get the tunes going and your candles lit. Designate a safe place to put your guests’ bags and coats. Show your friends to the cocktail bar is and let them know what’s on the menu for the evening.

As food arrives, add appetizers to a designated area near the cocktail bar.

Get a little crafty! Make foil, paper or flower crowns to wear during the feast.

When it’s time to eat, invite everyone to serve themselves and sit. Begin the feast by giving a toast of thanks to all of your friends and ask if anyone else would like to say anything. Dig in!

Wrapping up…

After dinner, relish in the food and fellowship. Cleaning can wait. Play games, make a fire, connect with the friends around you.

Pack up any leftovers in to-go cartons like these wire handle boxes and send your happy and full-bellied guests on their way. Kick your feet up, relax, and rest your eyes.


+Hey, party planners and hosts! What would you add to this list? Please share in the comments.

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7 years ago

Love this! Thanks for this awesome guide, Joanna!

7 years ago

Do you know where to purchase sparklers?

7 years ago

What games would you suggest!