Must-Do: Our Soho Wellness Events Happening Now!

No better time than the present to be kind to your self!

And in the blink of an eye, it’s April. How many of those New Year’s intentions have you embraced? I know I have…not…really embraced…very many. Chalk it up to conflicting priorities, laziness, allergies… Whatever the case may be, we’re offering, with the help of some very well-respected beauty/wellness ambassadors, the opportunity for you to connect with fellow seekers of self-improvement. What was once our Soho FP store (fear not — our store has moved just a few blocks away to West Broadway!) will now stand to serve you each Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday during the month of April (and onward) with guidance on meditation, movement, beauty and nutrition.

Head to the bottom of this page to RSVP. Refer to the below calendar and opt in for the class best suited to you and what you’re craving. IF you’re experiencing any difficulty in signing up, it may be that both the particular class and waitlist are at capacity! The hyperlink will provide details of each class, but you must select the “sign up” button in order to secure your spot — this button will appear only next to open classes!

***Please arrive within 10 minutes of start time to keep your spot for all events.

NOTE: Every Saturday in April beauty education & consultations with The Beauty Chef will be available from 1-4PM, walk-in only; no need to reserve a spot! 

To book a makeup consultation with Jill Freeman on 4/26, please use last sign-up field.

Refreshments for all events provided by the Pressed Juicery.

If you’re curious about the instructors leading our workshops, check out their IG accounts below:

Desiree Pais, Benshen Yoga (hosting meditation workshops every Sunday)

Ruby Warrington, The Numinous

Hayley Wood and Tara Curran, Skin Food Talk

Jill Freeman Makeup

Beauty Chef (with special appearance by founder Carla Oates on 4/7!)

RMS (with special appearance by founder Rose-Marie Swift on 4/8 only!)

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It sounds like a wonderful event. Have fun!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Hey having trouble RSVP’ing to the event on 4/12. Is it already booked? Or are you unable to RSVP yet?

5 years ago

Hey Guys,

Agreed, where is the RSVP?

5 years ago

I’m having a hard time registering for the full moon class. It doesn’t look like there is a link for the actual class or waitlist.

5 years ago

I would love to be at the nutritional beauty workshop! Any way I can reserve a spot for me and my friend Nicolette?


5 years ago

There’s no link to RSVP!

Rachel Baptiste
5 years ago

Trying to sign up for Wednesday but can’t rsvp! Please fix the link!

5 years ago

Well(ness), this looks fun. I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying having more fp around me! I used to shop for fp in a small section in department stores. I love the whole store experience and especially because I am a ballet dancer, appreciate the catalog that features dancers.

5 years ago

Hi! I love the wellness events that you are hosting in the store! I just graduated with my yoga teacher certification and would love an opportunity to get involved, at whatever capacity available. Is there someone that I can email to ask some questions? Thanks!

5 years ago

Hello, I believe I just signed up for the waitlist on 5/27. How will I know if I get a spot in the class? As well, how much is each class? :)

Thank you

5 years ago
Reply to  Katie

Hey Katie!! Classes are free (yay!) and you will receive a notification via email if you are taking off the waitlist and added into the class… we hope if you don’t make it into this one you keep checking back with us!! <3

4 years ago

I’m trying to sign up for yoga classes but the signup button isn’t working. It says that the MINDBODY widget has been deactivated?