We Heart Earth: Reuse

Follow the “five R’s” to a better Mother Earth…

In celebration of Earth Day, we will be introducing an “R step” each day this week through Friday… shining light on the ways we impact Earth, and how just a few small steps can minimize these effects and help you take a better stance in protecting her.

Today is all about — Reuse!

Fact: Every year, about 20 million trees are cut down to make paper cups.

Tip: Skip the paper cup and bring your own reusable mug!

The average American office worker uses about 500 disposable cups every year. Each paper cup manufactured is responsible for 0.24 lbs of CO2 emissions… that is 120 pounds of CO2 emissions per average American, per year!! By reusing, we can can easily cut down on our CO2 emissions, providing cleaner air for all and saving our scared trees which are home to hundreds of species. Keep a mug at your desk and in your car so you are always prepared!


Have tips on how to reuse yourself? Let us know in the comments below, lets go green together…

+ Check back each day this week to learn more about the Five R’s, and the benefits of going green!

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Photo by Maisy Weiss.

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I always use my own mugs anyway, because for some reason, to me, it feels more glam and it cheers me up when I use my own pretty cup. Haha, it’s a stupid reason, but it gets me reusing!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Great tip! Can you imagine how many cups Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts + all other coffee shops go through?? So crazy. I always think about bringing my own mug and then I ALWAYS forget before I leave the house. It’s a terrible excuse, but I just can’t seem to remember as I’m rushing out of the house!
Thanks for sharing, FP!

Joanne D
4 years ago

Just wash your cup and put it back into/next to your handbag each day, or leave it next to your keys, its pretty simple. How can one person use 500 disposable cups per year? There aren’t that may days!

4 years ago

If you forget your cup, then just don’t order coffee. This way you sure will remember the next time.