FP Escapes: Health In a Hurry with Mikaela Reuben

Eating healthy doesn’t always have to mean hours of prep work and clean up…

For those of you who couldn’t join us on our FP Escapes to Nicaragua this month, take a minute and bring some of the experience back into your life! In the first of a short series, our onsite chef, Mikaela Reuben, takes us through what it means to stay healthy without the hassle of clearing the schedule.

Stocking your kitchen with key toppings and condiments empowers you to create a nutrient dense salad, smoothie or side dish in a flash. The key is to learn how to use health-promoting ingredients to introduce different flavors and textures into combinations that you like!

The amount of unnecessary sugars, artificial colours/dyes, preservatives and harmful additives that hide within toppings and dressings that you would normally find in store-bought “healthy” ingredients, salads or pre-made smoothies can be quite shocking.  

Preparing your own dressings, smoothies, meals and snacks using nutrient dense toppings helps you naturally eliminate unhealthy elements from your diet and take more control of what goes into your body. Not only will one’s overall health increase, but the flavor will too! The first step is to make sure that you’ve got the right tools to make your toppings their best!

Equipment to consider keeping in your kitchen:

Lemon press: use for quick juicing without the hassle of seeds

Small cutting board

Small mason jars: Very useful for shaking quick salad dressings together


Garlic press: Doesn’t necessarily eliminate the garlic smell from your fingertips but saves you a ton of time!

Food processor: Very handy to have in the kitchen if one is transitioning to a healthier diet. Mantra: blend together!

Lemon zester: Can be used for garlic and ginger, too!

+ Stay tuned for part two of a three-part series from Mikaela Reuben coming next week. Find out what ingredients are a must in your kitchen, not to mention their benefits!! 

Join us on our next FP Escape!! We can’t wait to adventure with you — book your spot today!

Photos by Emily Sellers

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I’ve never tried using the lemon zester for garlic and ginger – what a great idea!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Always happy for tips on staying healthy on the go! so tempting to go the fast food route