FP Escapes: Chloe Kernaghan on Sardinia

As we take to the the Mediterranean seas this Saturday, yoga guru Chloe Kernaghan sheds some insight on the trip ahead…

Tell us a little about yourself — who is Chloe Kernaghan?

BIG Q! I’m first and foremost a mover. I joke that I speak in movement better than I do English. I’ve always been pulled towards movement: as a kid through dance, and now this world of yoga. I was born and raised on the island of Guam, a tiny slice of paradise in the middle of the Pacific. I was surrounded by an incredible community and was pretty much always dancing and performing. Upon moving to NYC, I started practicing yoga at studios around the village area as a way to complement all the dance and theater work I was doing at NYU, eventually leading to my first 200 hr certification. Two years ago, we started SKY TING YOGA…. So I guess if I were to compile all of that into a tag: I am a yoga teacher, a student, a small business owner and, most importantly, someone who lives to MOVE! 

Of all the paths within the wellness community, why yoga? 

I guess I didn’t even consider other paths as I began my yoga studies. I came to it because of the heavy emphasis on the physical (the asana practice) in group classes, which felt relatable with my movement background. But upon more in-depth studies, the greater questions and explorations that the practice brought up for me kept me wanting to go further, dig deeper. The braiding together and studying of the body, breath and mind continues to teach me on a daily basis. 

You’re about to embark on a seven-day sailing retreat with FP. What are you looking forward to most? 

Oh! So much!!!! What I am super looking forward to is just being on the water for 7 days. From getting up early to meditate and just taking in the expansive view, to falling asleep to the gentle rocking of the sea, it’s a real reset for me — a true break from city life! I also LOVE going to new places, and this trip is going to bring us to some incredible spots that most travelers don’t even have access to… small islands, secluded beaches, tiny Mom & Pop seafood restaurants… heaven!!!!! 

What are you most nervous about? 

It’s a funny thing to admit but, before every retreat, I always am a little anxious about meeting everyone! Basically we’ve all signed up for spending a week together on small boats traveling around foreign lands… and you have to wonder — will everyone like me?!? It always ends up great, but even as a teacher I want to make a good first impression! ;) 

How do you transition from teaching in the hustle of NYC to the open seas of the Mediterranean? 

The yoga locations on this retreat are way less formal than my studio in NYC, with some of the formality and maybe rigidity of a NYC class being taken away. We’ll still be practicing quality yoga, but there will be more room for playtime, workshopping a pose, asking questions, and gaining a greater sense of understanding for the practice. With this retreat revolving around water, I’m planning to incorporate how water can support a practice: in quality of movement, where the element of water is in the body, etc. 

What would you like our guests to take away from this retreat experience? 

I think every person comes on a retreat with a unique set of wants/needs/expectations. And generally, a retreat leaves you in a place you would never have anticipated. For this trip especially, I would love for everyone to leave with a greater sense of connection, maybe to the group of new friends they spend the week with, maybe with nature and our role in that system, maybe with the yoga practice itself, learning tools and techniques to bring home. This retreat will be intimate, so there will be lots of opportunity for exploring, sharing and relating — definitely some potent work to be done! 

What does free mean to you? 

I think, in some ways, we’re all part of systems and on paths that at times can feel inhibiting or limiting. One of the greatest lessons of the yoga practice has been understanding how to use the confines of a boundary to create more space and find more freedom. My teacher always quotes “paradise is a walled-in garden”, and I think there is power in using that to your advantage. When we surpass our own definitions of who we are and why we are and how we are, there is a one-ness that is unmistakable and liberating. However, we still have to exist on this Earth. So, to harness an inner sense of power over yourself, unlock any sort of limitation to use to your advantage! 

Be sure to stay up to date with Chloe and follow her on Instagram!

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Photo by Jana Kirn

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I love her attitude and approach to yoga. I’m still starting with the sport so it was nice to see a bit of insight from an experienced individual!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago


6 years ago

Nice post. Awesome article and great tips of yoga. Thanks for sharing it.

6 years ago

What an incredibly intelligent and articulate woman. She makes me wish I lived in NYC to take her classes!

6 years ago

Where can we find her outfit in the photo? I love the cut of top!