Chakra Sunday: Solar Plexus Chakra

Our greatest strength lies in our ability to believe in ourselves and simultaneously encourage others to explore their own unique set of gifts.

This post comes from our dear friend, yogi Nina Endrst.

You know that feeling of fire burning inside your belly? Sometimes is warm and nourishing – a soft, contained energy, created by pure excitement and joy. Other times it’s HOT and uncontrollable – anger that burns all the way to the surface, explodes upon arrival and leaves us feeling depleted and empty.

The flame that burns within each of us is fed by the choices we make and the experiences we have. It is sparked by the relationships of which we are part, boundaries we set, and the ways in which we speak to and about ourselves. We have a choice; to either feed this chakra with strength and softness or fear and doubt.

This fire has power — but it’s not meant to destroy or dominate. When in balance, it’s meant to nourish and sustain us. Make an effort to recognize when you are feeling empowered, capable and confident, notice where that energy is located in your body, how you feel and the quality of your thoughts while existing in that space. Our greatest strength lies in our ability to believe in ourselves and simultaneously encourage others to explore their own unique set of gifts.

The element of fire present in our third chakra center has the power to transform us and by extension the world we live in.

Location: Below the ribcage, above the navel.

Color: Yellow.

Mantra: I empower myself and others.

Element: Fire.

When in balance: We are independent and self-assured but not arrogant. We respect ourselves and others – we speak and act from love – even when nobody is listening. We take responsibility for ourselves and our actions and do not blame others for our mistakes or misfortunes. We stand on a sturdy foundation (root) and reach through our emotions (sacral) to act from a place of clarity and warmth. We do not tear others down — we live confidently and understand there is room for everyone.

When out of balance: We are in need of rest. We commonly see ourselves as the victim when in a distressed situation. We may be controlling, aggressive, and tend to be overactive. We may also have trouble understanding the delicate balance between effort and ease.

I hope these practices help melt the tension in your mind, body, and soul:

Fire meditation.

Find a safe and quiet place to go inward… light candles, perhaps create a circle around yourself. As you drop into meditation here, imagine a yellow flame is expanding outward and upward toward your heart as you inhale and contracting in toward your spine as you exhale. Start to visualize gentle yellow flames, dancing through your belly and up by your ribs. Visualize these flames melting the tension, stress, anxiety, self- doubt and fear away. Rest.


Hang out with a group of friends with whom you have a wonderful time, go to a comedy club and just laugh until you can’t laugh anymore.

Twist in/out.

Practice seated spinal twists, or twisted lunges to clear the negative energy from the space and make room for something that better serves you. Inhale, clear. Exhale, release. 10-15 breaths on each side.

Photo by Matthew Johnson.

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Love this post! Laughing always helps! :)

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

6 years ago

Absolutely love it!

6 years ago

Love it! I love doing chakra meditations. Truly beautiful <3

6 years ago

I love learning more about each chakra. thanks for sharing!

I empower myself and others.