Chakra Sunday: Third Eye Chakra

This chakra is about tapping into our intuition and trusting that we “know” the way. So what does that mean?

This is the sixth post in a series of 7 from our dear friend, Nina Endrst.

The third eye is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds – here we begin to “see” more clearly. The light revealed illuminates our path forward and allows us to move beyond conscious reasoning and the logical mind. When we go inward and sit quietly in a meditative state, we are able to dream, visualize, and develop our imagination. With practice, we are capable of actually rewiring our thought patterns and becoming more positive, alert, and aware of the beauty that surrounds us.

This chakra is about tapping into our intuition and trusting that we “know” the way. So what does that mean? While it is certainly up for interpretation, I believe knowing is partly about releasing the need to control what lies ahead. There is little room for dreams to manifest and magic to happen when we are rigid and closed off in this way. I find it helpful to practice grounding breath, becoming quiet, and following our inner wisdom. This allows us to open energetically in unexpected ways and walk through doors we may not have been able to see before.

Location: Center of the head behind the eyebrows, pineal gland.

Color: Indigo.

Mantra: I am led by light.

Element: Light.

When in balance: We are perceptive, open-minded, and in tune physically and energetically. We understand that we are all connected and view the world in a mostly positive light. We trust our instincts and follow our intuition without overanalyzing. We regularly drop into meditative states, have strong mental recall, and experience vivid dreams and visions.

When out of balance: We tend to be cynical and close-minded. We have trouble getting past our ego and see ourselves as separate from others. We exist mostly in our logical minds and find it difficult to practice being still. There is a tendency to be judgmental and negative toward ourselves and others, even disconnected. We have a hard time remembering things and may experience headaches regularly.

I hope these practices help you to recognize a beautiful new world inside of yourself.


Soft Focus/Meditation.

This means different things to different people. For some of us, sitting and bringing attention to our third eye (space between our eyebrows), breathing and remaining still, works. Don’t get discouraged if this isn’t your thing. I usually meditate throughout the day when I’m walking and soaking up natural light, washing dishes, writing, brushing my hair or simply standing still and breathing mindfully. In for a count of three, out for a count of three. So many people avoid meditation because they are intimidated by what it “should” look like. Practice in a way that works for you — there is no right or wrong way to meditate.

Dream journal.

Write down what you want out of life and be specific! Let yourself believe that the universe has your back and dream big! What would you like to invite into your life? Love, a successful and meaningful career, good health, financial abundance etc. Before I partnered with Free People, I dreamt about bringing these practices to more people. I wrote in my journal: “I am working with a brand that is passionate about health and wellness that I love and respect.The next morning, I received a general email about FP Escapes retreats – shortly after, I led one in Palm Springs and now here we are. Don’t underestimate the power of your dreams.

Focus on what is beautiful and right within.

We are hard-wired to latch onto negative experiences while positive ones seem to fade faster. There is a lot of anxiety running through our culture and we often exist in survival mode. Next time you find yourself focusing on what isn’t working or what could go wrong, try reframing and reflecting on all that is RIGHT within and around you. Write it down or simply remind yourself of the amazing blessings in your life. This kind of shift in perspective allows for more light in our lives. Over time, I promise you will see your life change for the better.

+ Follow Nina on her journey here.

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I’d love to start my own dream journal. It’s not usually my thing but it’d be interesting to try!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Yeah you are right we need to focus on this third eye for getting the insights and making long lasting relationships.

3 years ago

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