Santa Monica Pop-In: Your Radiance Is Contagious

The HeartRise Movenent’s Jessie May Wolfe reminds us that it’s our choice to be radiant and glowing…

Your heart is attuned to the same powerful energy that moves the tides and radiates the sun. A frequency you can learn to connect with, which returns you to the natural rhythm of your being. When you ignite it, like revving the engine of your being, you can actually re-pattern your thinking and all the entrenched behaviors conditioned by your environment, your habits and your mind’s non-stop chatter. You can cultivate passionate purpose and creative vision beyond what your busy thoughts have programmed you to believe.

Imagine how powerful it would be if you could plug into that electricity as your source?

Imagine if you could ignite the most radiant version of yourself? How would you feel? What kind of glow would you be putting out there?

Well, get ready… it’s time. You can and we WILL. On Wednesday, 2/21, we’re bringing you Electric LOVE with Jessie May Wolfe, a HeartRise workshop to Ignite your Magnetic Radiance.

Once ignited, your radiance is contagious and captivating. You will generate vibes that are irresistible to those around you. 

When you learn how to access, recognize, empower and trust your Heart Power >> Radiant Integral Soul Energy (aka Heart Power/RISE), you can repurpose your stress through your heart engine inside, transforming it into inspiring energy!

Ready for LOVE. Watch out. Game ON


+ As a special gift to you, here is a link to Jessie’s HeartRise meditation. And, feel free to take a listen to her High on Heart podcast.


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Sounds like a great class coming up! Hope it turns out to be a successf!!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Lovely post!

4 years ago

Superb choice of photo! The light is so uplifting, I hope the class went well today!

Chris Bell | Webmaster

4 years ago

LOVE THIS! So inspiring, I cannot wait to go!!

4 years ago

Lovely post! Thanks so much!

4 years ago

Ready for LOVE!