Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of March 5–11

What does the universe have planned for you this week?


February 19–March 20

With Mercury and Venus exiting Pisces and segueing into your worth house this week, much of your attention turns to what you have and what you need. Your tastes could become more extravagant, but you should be able to figure out how to get what you want. When Mercury goes up against Saturn in your network zone, though, group expectations, the constraints of teamwork or your obligations to friends could weigh on you, and it won’t be easy to explain what’s important to you. Your peers can get you to prioritize more carefully and think about how best to use your resources. A Mars-Uranus confab suggests that using what you have going for you in an innovative way will fuel your progress toward a goal, and in turn, acting on your ambitions will give you a nice confidence boost. Jupiter will be backtracking in your expansion sector for the next four months, which may dampen your enthusiasm for learning experiences or stall travel plans, a publishing project or legal proceeding. If you’ve felt like you were on a roll, exploring new territory and becoming more aware of the broader world, this retrograde phase can take the wind out of your sails. It’s an appropriate time to ponder the knowledge you’ve gained in the last five months instead of striving to keep breaking new ground. Work on finding personal meaning in your latest adventures and lessons, and start to formulate your beliefs about what you’ve seen and learned. If the outer world isn’t cooperating with your wanderlust and hunger for experience, focus on the journey taking place in your mind and try to get some perspective.



March 21–April 19

March 21–April 19

Even though the sun is still hiding out in the last house of your chart for a couple more weeks, swaying you to rest and reflect, Mercury and Venus breeze into your sign this week, giving you the gift of gab and a yen to get out and connect with others. You’ll feel more attractive and amiable, and your positive vibe will draw people into your orbit. Mercury’s spat with Saturn can make communication with higher-ups challenging, but don’t take criticism personally and assume you’re being shot down. Use ostensibly negative feedback to flesh out your ideas. Saturn demands that you plug the holes and run your plan up the chain again when it’s airtight. So don’t get discouraged; get down to brass tacks. Your ruler, Mars, is doing a happy dance with Uranus in Aries, hinting that blazing your own trail will make you feel more alive. Whether you decide to take a big trip by yourself, lead a protest or try your hand at luge, the point is to take risks and break free from limitations. Banish “I’m bored” from your vocabulary and think outside the box, then jump into action with a liberating zeal. With Jupiter doing a U-turn in your sharing-and-depth zone, outside resources like a loan or grant will be less plentiful for the next four months. A thriving partnership, psychological growth or recovery from a loss or crisis won’t be on the fast track like it has been since last fall, and you might feel less hopeful. The pace will pick up in July; in the meantime, you’re meant to contemplate what support and change is truly needed.



April 20–May 20

You Bulls have been social butterflies lately with several planets parading through your group zone, but now that Mercury and Venus are sneaking into your retreat corner, you may start craving downtime in your cocoon. Your inner life of imagination, dreams, intuition, fantasy, emotion and spirituality takes on added importance, as the outer world loosens its grip on you. Surrender to the pull of peace and solitude, or spend quiet time behind closed doors with someone you’re close to. Mercury isn’t getting along well with Saturn in your expansion house, implying that your gut instincts might be kept in check by more established knowledge. Don’t discount your inklings, but do develop them into something more by also considering what you already know to be true. Mars in your depth-and-intimacy sector is playing nice with Uranus, generating a few possible scenarios. Sex is likely to be super liberating, bringing out your hidden kinky side—and you might be the one to make the first move. Or you could be digging around in your psyche and strike gold, discovering things about yourself that shed light on the past or how you tick. As Jupiter begins to backpedal in your one-on-one angle, you could grow less optimistic about a serious relationship or the quality of people you’re meeting in general. Since October, you’ve had more luck connecting with individuals who bring a lot to the table, but for the next four months, you’ll probably make fewer connections and begin to narrow down the contenders who possess long-term potential. Jupiter sometimes puts quantity over quality, and this is your chance to sift through the rubble and identify the gems.



May 21–June 20

Much of your attention turns from achieving your objectives and impressing influencers to getting back in circulation and enjoying life with your squad when your ruling planet and social Venus both make a beeline for your group zone this week. You’ll have an easy time getting people together and getting along with everyone, so in addition to hanging with your friends, you might do some professional networking as well. Your mind may be on new goals now, and connecting with others who share them will help you map out a road to success. But Mercury’s discord with Saturn can make it difficult for you to talk to a particular individual—maybe someone you’re trying to get close to. Trust takes time, and real intimacy is a joint effort. Try not to get frustrated if you hit a roadblock. There could be a gaping chasm between lighthearted banter and heavy-duty commitment that you can’t bridge just yet. Mars in your one-on-one angle is vibing with Uranus, though, saving the day. Doing something spontaneous with another person is the best way to keep things interesting. Give people a chance to surprise you—and also give them enough space to be themselves. A different modus operandi or lifestyle can be an eye opener. With Jupiter turning retrograde for the next four months, your daily life will be less fast-paced, giving you a chance to catch your breath. You’ve piled a lot on your plate, and it’s time to assess which duties mean the most to you and which skills will take you the farthest. If you’ve said yes to too much, start paring down to the essentials.



June 21–July 22

As Mercury and Venus climb to the peak of your chart this week, you’ll become more concerned with your public or professional image. Your mind is on goals, and you want to make a good impression on people who can help you achieve them. You might do more creative work or earn high marks for your ability to work well with others. Career-related studies and communication with authority figures are both favored, and you’ll also have success plotting your professional path. But given Mercury’s disagreement with Saturn, odds are you’ll reach a stalemate if you’re talking to a partner about where things are headed. You might feel like everything you’re saying makes sense, and this person is testing you. And you could easily get into a conflict over who’s the boss. Instead, let someone’s words sink in, and consider tabling the matter for now. Since Mars is gelling with Uranus, you have a chance to tackle some stimulating work and just need to look for the opportunity. Putting your nose to the grindstone could shift the tide and allow you to break through to the next level, so keep at it! But don’t do anything by rote. Invent new ways to get the job done or at least promote your efforts in a different manner so you’re seen in a new light. With Jupiter going into reverse until July, creativity, romance and fun may feel a bit harder to come by, but you won’t necessarily feel blocked, and your dating prospects won’t dry up altogether. This phase is about separating the wheat from the chaff, so take stock of the pleasures and forms of self-expression that have come into your life since October and ask yourself what (and maybe who) makes you happiest.



July 23–August 22

Now that Mercury and Venus are sailing into your expansion corner, the blinders come off and the appeal of difference grows. You’ll be less inclined to zero in on a particular project, emotion or relationship and more fired up to explore fresh possibilities. You want to learn about the world and expose yourself to a wider range of people, so go in search of new experiences and unfamiliar areas of study. Challenge your preconceived notions about what is valid, true, beautiful and lovable. Mercury is throwing down with Saturn, so health issues or everyday responsibilities could be a burden, preventing you from traveling or thinking as freely as you’d like. Or your opinion might be challenged at work, causing you to get frustrated or cynical. Try to use this tension by applying rigorous logic to your view or theory and see if it passes the litmus test. A combo of abstract thinking and more detailed mental work can be a boon. Luckily, Mars in your joy sector is clicking with Uranus, nudging you to do something fun you’ve never done before and see if it helps you look at life from a different angle. Familiar pleasures won’t cut it, and you might even enjoy a vacation fling or fall hard for someone totally unexpected. If romance isn’t in the cards, a spontaneous adventure will definitely hit the spot. Jupiter is going off the grid for the next four months, affecting your underlying sense of ease and security or stalling a positive development in your domestic life. Family support may not be as forthcoming, or you could start to question putting down new roots and wonder where you belong. This is a period for recentering yourself and mulling over what you need to feel at home and at peace.



August 23–September 22

Your ruling planet skips into your depth-and-sharing sector this week, and soon after, Venus follows suit. Companionship has been important to you lately, and now you want to experience closeness and be able to confide in someone you trust. A significant relationship could grow warmer or begin to have a transformative effect on you. You might also become more tightly focused on a certain project you’re passionate about or delve into some sort of investigation and not stop until you get to the bottom of things. Introspection is valuable this month because you can easily get in touch with hidden aspects of yourself and accept your complexities. Still, Mercury’s battle with Saturn alludes to the possibility that an intimate dialogue or self-examination won’t be all smooth sailing. A lover may seem cold, or you may build a wall around your heart out of fear. Getting past this block can give you the gift of deeper understanding. With Mars in your foundation angle syncing with Uranus, it’s clearly worth it to face your feelings head-on, because liberating revelations are within reach. This planetary combo also hints that sex in the privacy of your own home can be a revelation in its own right. As Jupiter heads into its four-month retrograde phase, you may find that your recent experiences of interacting with lots of people, making new contacts, thinking big, speaking freely and making optimistic plans can’t be sustained at the same pace. You might scale back your grand ideas and tone down your upbeat communication, as your critical Virgo side kicks in. Don’t let this period burst your bubble. Simply consider the people you’ve met, the thoughts you’ve had, the hopes you’ve conceived, the opinions you’ve formed—and choose what to invest in further.



September 23–October 22

With Mercury and Venus crossing your interpersonal angle, work won’t be taking up all your energy and focus this month. You can get back to being an other-oriented Libra and reach out to people for conversation and companionship. It will seem easy to get in tune with other individuals and express your feelings and point of view. It’s a good time to discuss issues in a relationship and make peace, consult others to get their feedback, connect with friends one-on-one and seek out people you’re fond of or find interesting. Mercury’s friction with Saturn in your foundation angle implies emotional baggage or private insecurity could inhibit communication, and you may need to overcome your fear or resolve something from the past to come to an understanding. Don’t let childhood rules and restrictions keep you from making yourself heard as an adult. Thanks to a positive encounter between Mars and Uranus, asserting your views can change a relationship for the better, so speak up! You might also sell a stranger on an idea of yours, track down info from a surprising source or do serious legwork to meet new prospects. Since Jupiter is going retrograde until July, a source of income could dry up temporarily or you might cut back on your spending. Money and possessions may be easy-come-easy-go these days, but they won’t flow so freely during the next four months. Get a firmer grasp on your personal values and priorities and decide what’s most important to you. Jupiter is all about more, more, more, but the question now is what do you really need and want more of? The answer will help you direct the flow better when Jupiter moves forward.


October 23–November 21

Less play and more work is the theme when Mercury and Venus segue into your productivity corner this week. You’ll gain satisfaction from a job well done and be able to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Getting along with coworkers won’t be hard, as Venus puts you in the mood to play nice in the sandbox. Sink your teeth into challenging mental work and find ways to make yourself useful to others. A Mercury-Saturn conflict suggests your attention to detail and thorough planning could be stymied by pessimism. It’s one thing to critique your thoughts; it’s another to only see the flaws. Focus on fine-tuning your ideas, and avoid getting stuck in a negative loop. Mars is gelling with Uranus, encouraging you to be proactive about finding new work that boosts your bank balance and using everything at your disposal to enhance your quality of life. A new financial strategy or use of your talents can give you greater independence and foment progress. With Jupiter shifting into reverse for the next four months, the tone of its trip through your sign will change, as the grandiose energy goes underground. You may feel less sure of yourself and catch fewer lucky breaks, but Jupiter is still on your side. Review your evolution in the past five months, and look for the blessings in disguise. You’ve been undergoing a growth spurt, and it’s time to examine the direction you’re heading in. Is it right for you? Do your aspirations reflect your personal standards? Or are you using society’s measuring stick? Your inner wisdom takes precedence over external circumstances during the retrograde phase. This is a year for exploring new ways of being you, but not all of them will be equally valid. Find the paths that feel truest to you.



November 22–December 21

According to Mercury and Venus, it’s time for you to get out of the house and have some fun! Their arrival in your pleasure zone indicates this is a month for enjoying life and expressing your personality, feelings and humor. You may lack self-discipline now, but you’re not meant to be conquering the world—just reveling in the joys it has to offer. So go out on dates, make time for hobbies and seek out satisfying creative activities. Mercury’s tussle with sobering Saturn could represent a momentary buzzkill, when limited funds interrupt your pleasant train of thought or flagging self-confidence stops you from verbalizing your feelings. You can listen to the voice of reality in your head without letting it get you down. Try incorporating its pragmatism into your wave of enthusiasm, and proceed on a modified course. Thanks to Mars in Sagittarius vibing with Uranus, you’re bound to put your signature on this week one way or another. A crush could come out of left field, or you might seize an opportunity for a spontaneous adventure. Skip your go-to pleasures and chase after unfamiliar experiences. The biggest mistake you can make now is to do what everyone else is doing—or thinks you should do. All of that being said, Jupiter has slowed to a crawl and is going retrograde until July, so you won’t have your usual tailwind for awhile. Use this time to reflect on what you’ve figured out about yourself lately, the new spiritual dimension that’s come into your life or the lessons you’ve learned about surrendering your will and seeing where life takes you. And try not to lose patience or hope if this period of drifting seems to drag on. When your ruling planet wants you to press pause, press pause!



December 22–January 19

There’s no place like home after Mercury and Venus take a nosedive to the base of your chart this week, putting you in the mood to nest and wander down memory lane. You need alone time to get in touch with your innermost emotions and sort through private thoughts. But you may also benefit from talking to someone about what’s going on inside you. And given Venus’s social nature, you might choose to play hostess and have people over for dinner, drinks, game night or whatever strikes your fancy. Since Mercury is needling Saturn, you could edit yourself when talking about what you’re going through. Don’t judge emotions! Feel them, process them, share them, but don’t judge them. It’s also possible you’ll shoot down a family member or roomie who’s trying to express their point of view, so be mindful of a harsh tone. Reflect on the past with a mature mindset and an interest in finding connections between your backstory and what you’re facing presently. This is the perfect transit for getting a handle on your mood and trying to manage it effectively. With Mars and Uranus in cahoots, facing what you’ve pushed down inside you can set you free and empower you to move toward the future with less emotional baggage. Jupiter will be backspinning in your network zone for the next four months, slowing progress with a group endeavor or narrowing the wide range of people flowing into your life. You might feel less supported by your crew and less enthused about recently hatched hopes. However, it’s an ideal time to look at which new friendships, professional contacts, group affiliations, social media accounts and new goals are a natural fit for you and which won’t mean as much in the long run.



January 20–February 18

The pace of your thoughts and daily life are likely to pick up after Mercury and Venus skip into your cognition-and-communication corner this week. You’re more interested in reaching out to people, gathering info, having upbeat conversations, expressing your affection and soaking up the beauty in your environment. You’ll enjoy lighthearted interactions more than big talks but will still want to show others you care. If you’re a writer, this can be a particularly productive period for you, and those of you who love to travel may enjoy daytrips and weekend getaways. Mercury’s fight with Saturn in your subliminal sector implies private fear, inhibition, guilt or self-doubt may cause you to hold your tongue. But on a more positive note, you can listen to your intuition and edit what you were about to say accordingly. Craft your words more carefully by heeding your inner wisdom. A Mars-Uranus confab inspires impromptu teamwork and pushes you to be more proactive about meeting new people, possibly via technology like dating apps. Group activities and collaboration will stimulate your brain and may even open your eyes. A humanitarian endeavor can take off in a new direction under this influence. As Jupiter grinds to a halt and reverses course in your ambition angle, you’re apt to lose steam in your pursuit of big aspirations between now and July. Slow down and review your goals. Are you barreling ahead in the right direction? If you’ve become a bit overbearing in your zeal to grab the brass ring, this retrograde phase can deflate your ego somewhat. Recognition won’t be as forthcoming for a few months, but the point is to define success for yourself and revise your objectives so they’re truly yours.

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Thank you for the horoscopes! Can’t wait for the week, seems like I have a great one coming up!

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