Mama Moon Candles: Awakening the Witch In Us All

British model and friend of FP, Rebecca Pearson, recently sat down with Semra Haksever, maker of Mama Moon Candles, to discuss magic in its many forms…

Crystals on windowsills. Tarot cards. Zodiac print dungarees. There’s definitely magic in the air, and the concept of ‘witch’ is having a moment. But is this more than just a trend, or a sign that we’re waking up to a wider consciousness? Is it a coincidence that more women are proudly calling themselves witches at a time when they are also using their voices more powerfully than ever?

Witchcraft has always fascinated me. As a girl, I memorised the Lord’s Prayer ‘just in case’ (the accused on witch trials often had to recite this as a test) and, when asked where they’d time-travel to, none of my friends would go back in time for fear of being burnt at the stake. Perhaps scars of the witchhunts that have gone on throughout the centuries, all over the world, linger in some forgotten part of our brains? I explored this with Semra Haksever, maker of Mama Moon candles, and learned more about her magic and what first steps a beginner witch might take…

R: Semra, you call yourself a witch, which used to summon up images of warts, cackles and cauldrons of evil spells. Do you think it’s a more positive thing to be now?

S: Well, a lot of it is about positivity: no one that I’ve come across is doing anything really dark. When I started Mama Moon, it was for my friends and I assumed it was really niche but I’ve just had the most amazing response from everyone who’ve come to my pop-ups. People have a really open mind and want to know about scent magic and how they can harness it.

R: What are you setting out to achieve with Mama Moon?  

I’m never pushy with my magic. It’s a simple, ritualistic tool, made in a ritualistic way. Whether people are simply getting aromatherapy benefits or whether they’re using it as a manifesting tool, I love the idea that it awakens people’s little witch.

R: Lots of people out there are intrigued by magic, yet clueless as to where they should start. What would you suggest? 

S: There are basic 101’s you can find on the Internet, such as burning sage sticks or black candles to clear negativity from spaces. But for now I’d say…Go with what feels right. Writing intentions is a nice, powerful way to start, because you’re setting up a ritual and you’re putting yourself in that mindset where you’re expecting to achieve what you’ve written down. The minute you’re doing that, things will start happening. I like to hold what I call Spiritual Tupperware Parties where we do this – everybody comes to me afterwards and it’s amazing! People are getting their jobs, their pay raises, booking huge commercials…

A candle possesses all the elements of a ritualistic tool. You have wax that melts for water, solid wax for sand, smoke for air and the scent is the ether for the 5th element, plus you’re very conscious when you light it in your house: it’s a naked flame.

R: I can see that. I bought your Focus and Clarity candle for when I need to work and avoid distraction, and it’s like the intention is set when I light it. 

S: Exactly. I call myself an eclectic witch: I’m into the psycho-spiritual vibes that are coming into witchcraft — yes, there are herbs and crystals — but setting intentions has a lot of psychological aspects to it.

I have a really effective, simple spell for you, actually. It’s perfect for the New Moon. I’ve brought you one of my ‘Moon Ritual’ candles, which has sandalwood in it — that’s always on a witch’s altar as it carries your intentions out to the universe. And there’s a ‘self-love’ mix of herbs here that were consecrated on the Summer Solstice so they’re super-powerful: rose for love, lavender for self-care, thyme for inner strength, cloves for courage, and frankincense and myrrh as an offering to your protective spirits.

Start out by perhaps burning a sage stick to clear negative energy. Then write down on a piece of paper something you want to banish — perhaps anxiety, or negative talk about yourself — and burn it on the flame of a black candle. Then light a charcoal disc on a heatproof dish and sprinkle a pinch of the herbs I’ve given you on it a few times. Breathe in the smoke, close your eyes and meditate for a while. When you’re done, light the Moon Ritual candle and write what you want to manifest in a letter to the Universe. Go big! Say what jobs you want to get, what you want to achieve and don’t limit yourself.

R: You say that your candles are made in a protective circle. What does that mean?

S: I’ll ring a bell, cleanse the space, and then fill it with my intention by burning sandalwood. I’m currently making them in my kitchen, and I’ll go to each corner and call in directions and ask for protection from my guides. I meditate before I make them and never when I’m in a bad mood. All the oils and waxes have crystals infused in them, chosen intuitively by me in that moment, although Love Manifestation always has rose quartz for universal love and Spiritual Bleach has clear quartz for cleansing.

Then when I mix them I put on some banging house music or disco, really uplifting stuff, and Oprah’s ‘Super Soul Conversations’ podcast for when I’m sticking on labels and polishing jars.

R: Do you think there’s a connection in women finding what you call their ‘little witch’ when they’re also using their voices so powerfully, for example with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements?

S: Yeah, I think that’s synchronicity. Women are speaking up and fighting back. A witch, to me, is a powerful woman. But I think we’re now having an uprising and connecting again, realising that there are more ways you can celebrate spirituality. When you think about it, it’s quite goosebumpy, isn’t it?

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Love the packaging of the candle and the quirkiness behind it! Something different and refreshing!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

I am so excited to unearth my inner witch! May have to make a little purchase myself soon…

5 years ago

Love Love Love.
I remember when in my teen years, I really loved all things related to witches. Even did some ceremonies in rain. Brings so much memories back and feeling that something is missing in my current self. Maybe my witch side want to re-born again.

TY Freepeople for bringing back my memories <3

5 years ago

I love the sound of the candles – especially the focus and clarity one! Thanks for sharing!