#MovingTogether: ABS-olute Workout with Megan Roup

The Sculpt Society founder curates an abs-focused routine especially for women (and men) on the go…

(Megan suggests feeling the full burn of this routine using her Sculpt Society Sliders. If they’re not handy, a towel will certainly suffice.)


Start in a plank, with both feel on your sliders or towel. Make sure your shoulders are over your wrists and your navel is actively pulling toward your spine. Shoulders remain square throughout all exercises and arms are engaged as you press out of the floor.  



Bend and slide your right knee into chest and slide foot back to plank. 8-12 reps, then repeat on left side.



Bend and slide your right knee into your chest, then slide and straighten leg cross body toward the left side. You will not only feel your front abdominal wall, but your obliques will engage as you cross.  8-12 reps.



Right foot is crossed over left foot, hips face the left side. Actively engage your obliques as you curl your spine and bend knees into chest. 8-12 reps. Repeat 2 + 3 on the left side.



Squeeze both legs together, and transfer weight into hands as you pike your hips up. Low abs are engaged and arms press out of the floor for this full body exercise. 8-12 reps.


GIFs by Lianna Tarantin. Location: Project by Equinox.

+ Look for Megan in our #Moving Together campaign here!


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I love the fitness GIFs! I find them so much better than videos because I can just look into them quickly. Thanks! ❤️

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

What does “Repeat 2 + 3“ mean? Exercises 2 & 3, French twist and cross body?

3 years ago

Everyone wants to get flat abs, but everyone fails to reach the fitness goals, either because of a faulty nutrition plan or a faulty exercise plan.Motivation peppered with determination and perseverance is the key to get those washboard abs. Make sure you have liberal doses of all three when you include these ab exercises.