Making Queen Moves + A Ride or Die Playlist

Brat + Guerdley Cajus talk expression and the power of woman…and share an exclusive Spotify playlist. Check them out at our upcoming #MovingTogether event on 9/30!

Your zodiac sign (as you share the same bday):


Tell us about the birth of Queen Moves.

Queen Moves was born out of two touring dancers, BRAT + Guerdley Cajus, having heart-to-heart conversations about the dance industry and the world outside of it. Questioning the “norms” and wanting to do something so womxn have agency over how they are viewed, express themselves, and confront their struggles. Queen Moves was our answer to that — an opportunity for women of all walks to reclaim our narratives and tell our stories in body language.

How does one unleash her inner Queen?

One unleashes her inner Queen by loving herself, flaws and all. And in doing so, inspires other Queens to follow to do the same.

Worst advice you were ever given:

Brat: “Always have a Plan B.”

Guerdley: “A little too intense. Try to tone it down a bit.”  

Best advice you were ever given:

B: “Go through life with open hands.” 

G: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

10 words that describe the power of dance:

Fun, Immortal, Spiritual, Transformative, Communal, Divine, Cultural, Introspective, Contagious, Revealing.

Your top 3 go-to beauty tips:

Water is your friend. Drink lots of it.

Always wash off your makeup.

Smile from the inside.

Song that you can’t live without:

B: “Dollar Wine” by Colin Lucas.

G: “Never Dis The Man” by Sanchez.

To quote you, “when women come together, amazing things happen.” Tell us about your most amazing experience in a group of women.

B: My amazing experience with women was when I self-produced & curated my first dance show, “HomeBody.” My whole squad was filled with amazing female artists who each brought her own brand of brilliance to the table and the community loved it. Word spread like wildfire and, even though it was in the dead of winter in Chicago, the show sold out!

GA few years back, a group of us decided to celebrate our birthdays in Thailand. We had a lot of dope moments on that trip, including a “Formation”-inspired group shot that was later featured in a popular magazine. Above all, I remember us getting dressed up in all white for my friend Cece’s dinner and then heading to the beach that night. We lit paper lanterns and watched them disappear over the ocean and into the night sky while sending our birthday blessings into the universe. I remember feeling incredibly beautiful in that moment and thinking about how lucky I was to have such a magical group of women to my call friends.

Your mantra:

B: ”No Fear! High Five!”

G: “Do it with passion or don’t do it.”

+ Register for our MovingTogether event, benefitting Girls Inc.,  here!


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I love the enthusiasm and attitude of Queen Moves! You can really feel it in the interview!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Gorgeous women!

5 years ago

Love this! :)

Yancy Greene
5 years ago