Some Things Are Cuter When They’re Teeny Tiny

The shrunken face mists, deodorants, and moisturizers begging for a boop boop boop…

Tiny things are adorable. It’s why we scroll through images of baby animals to decompress (which Japanese studies show could ALSO make us happier and more apt to care for others). It’s why dollhouses and delicate miniatures ever existed. It’s also part of the reason that beauty products are shrinking to wonderfully teeny-tiny dimensions. 

The appeal of “pocket edition” proportions is ever-spreading. In LA, Dover Street Market’s aspirational beauty curation offers only travel-sized products for customers who want to test drive formulas before committing. Worldwide, the itsy bitsy movement has built momentum in the actual travel space: Wanderlust is at an all-time high and flexible work arrangements level-up the opportunity to jet-set with a carryon and a laptop while staying fully clocked in on the job. And for anyone committing to traveling less this year in an effort to recognize fuel’s impact on climate change, there’s a utility in portability. Gym lockers still need a mini-me set of every hero in your routine, without the bulk. Same for overnight bags and office desk drawers. And what’s the point of the return of cargo pants if we aren’t filling their wearable compartments with little treasures? Below, the cutest baby-sized beauty buys to ooo and ahhhh over while cradled in the palm of your hand:


Apto Skincare Face Healing Mist and Antioxidant Mist

Face mists are meant to be reapplied throughout the day, so portable options are essential. These tiny – ounce bottles offer pomegranate-packed antioxidants for protection and anti-inflammatory turmeric to encourage skin healing, respectively. 

Youth to The People Adaptogen Mini Duo Kit

A one-two punch for prepping skin with adaptogenic powers. Consider these your ultra-compact quest for a calmer complexion

Pai Skincare Mini Rosehip Oil

Lock in moisture with organic brightening powers that rosehip and natural vitamin E bring to the table. Plus, rosemary oil in the mix offers a mini brow boost. 

R+Co Balloon Travel Dry Volume Spray

The dry finish, touchable formula lifts and tousles while the TSA-approved can means you won’t be left with travel-pillow hair after touching down. 

Kopari Mini Coconut Deodorant 

The cult-favorite deodorant’s cool baby sister. Smooth application, clean scent, small enough to fit into a front jean pocket. Yes, that small. 

cote Travel Top & Base Coat

Just when you thought a bottle of nail polish couldn’t get any more portable, they introduced this tiny tube. Plus, doubling as a base and topcoat makes this the mightiest mini for glossing nails on the go. 


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Smaller things are cuter indeed – thanks for these recommendations! Perfect to bring when travelling!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

O So cute, I have also a little pug. Nice blog thanks for sharing the info..