Weekend Workouts: Anywhere, With Amanda Bisk — Arms & Back

Congratulations — you made it to the fourth and final installment of Amanda’s workout series! How are you feeling? Ready to get those arms in the mix?

In addition to being a Qualified Exercise Physiologist, Elite Athletics Coach and Yoga Teacher, Amanda Bisk is founder of freshbodyfitmind, a digital platform that allows you to practice yoga and work out anywhere, anytime, on any device you like.

What can’t this woman to? EXACTLY our point. And she’s been gracious enough to share with you a few of her favorite on-the-go workouts to keep you in top form in this new decade! In the last post of her Anywhere seriesAmanda is all about arms and back!


Arms & Back 40/20

40 seconds of each exercise with 20 seconds rest between. Complete 4 rounds.

Advanced variation: 1 minute of each exercise, no rest between.


Push Up Reach Walk Back

Tricep Dip

Plank Drop to Elbows

Lying Wipers

Mountain Climbers





Start standing and touching your toes. Walk your hands forward until you come into plank position. Lower your body to the ground, keeping your core tight. Release your hands and reach them out in front of you keeping them lifted off the floor. Place your hand back under your shoulder and push up back to plank. Keep your core tight and don’t allow your lower back to sag. Walk your hands back to your toes and repeat.

Beginner Variation: Push up to knees first, then straighten to plank.

Works: Chest, Arms, Shoulders, and Core.


Start sitting on your bottom, feet flat on the floor in front of you and hands behind you with fingers pointing forward. Press through your feet and hands to lift your bottom. Roll your shoulders back and open your chest (avoid sinking in the shoulder joint). Lift one foot from the ground by straightening the knee. Keep knees together and hold this position for entire exercise. Bend elbows until bottom touches the ground, then straighten to lift. Do 20 seconds with one leg elevated, then 20 seconds with the other.

Advanced Variation: Have hand elevated on 2 yoga blocks, or on a chair. If using a chair, only lower as much as you can with keeping chest open and lifting up.

Works: Triceps and Back (if lifting through chest correctly).


Start in plank position. Hold your core tight, drop to one elbow, then the other. Push one hand at a time back up into plank. Repeat.

Beginner Variation: Perform on knees.

Works: Chest, Arms, Shoulders, and Core.


Start laying face down, forehead touching your mat and fingertips touching your ears. Squeeze your back until both elbows lift. Make sure your body is squeezed and feet are together. This is your start position. Reach your arms wide (keeping them lifted off the ground and lengthening through your neck). Return to start position and repeat.

Works: Back and Lats.


Start in plank position. Press your fingertips into the ground to release any pressure in wrists. Bring one knee into your chest, then change. Keep the pace fast to be light on your feet. To avoid over-activating the hip flexors, aim the knees towards the elbows.

Works: Arms, Shoulders, and Core.


Wearing the Lightning Synergy Top and the High Rise 3/4 Length Out Of Your League Legging.


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Thanks for sharing this! Can’t wait to try it out! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

3 years ago

Thanks for sharing! I’ll be bringing my bag from LeoTherese with me! Amazing dansk taske design <3