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time to win your wishlist!!!

click on the image above to enter and for more info. good luck!

Post image for wanna work at one of our new stores?

we have stores opening in the following locations in 2011 and are looking to fill all positions!

coming to city centre in january 2011!
to view open positions in houston and to apply, click here.

coming to the village at corte madera in march 2011!
to view open positions  in corte madera and to apply, click here.


coming to santana row in march 2011!
to view open positions in san jose and to apply, click here.

Felicia -Nov 10, 2010, 3:36AM
I'm dying for you to open a store in South Florida! Pretty please and thank you :)
Britt -Nov 09, 2010, 11:30PM
Atlanta!!! :)

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there’s a very cool show opening at space 1026 in philly tonight – featuring the work of chrissy piper, an amazing photographer who shot our upcoming december catalog!  the show consists of portraits from her 3 records series, in which she asks the people she photographs to name three records that changed and/or inspired their lives.  i think its such an amazing concept, and makes the portraits so much more personal.

also, two of our very inspiring fp girls were photographed for the 3 records series, so i wanted to share their portraits and their responses with you :)

our creative director:

doub records

and our videographer:




here’s a preview of the show from the space 1026 website:


also check out more of chrissy piper’s work on her website – i can’t wait to show you some shots from our december book, she did such an awesome job!

this of course got me thinking about how i would respond to the 3 records question. my answers are probably pretty typical but i think i would have to say…


bob marley’s legend, not because i think its the best collection of his music, but because that album to me represents my happiest childhood memories, being at the beach with my family. the beatles rubber soul, which my best friend in grade school gave me (on cassette), and sparked my obsession with the band that is still going strong. and bob dylan’s blood on the tracks because it got me through a really difficult time, and still does when i’m having a bad day.

what are three records that changed and/or inspired your life? i’d love to hear :)

Maux -Nov 08, 2010, 3:27AM
1. fleetwood mac, rumours. actually, ALL fleetwood mac 2. "africa" by toto 3. all kings of leon 4. all josh ritter 5. and the song "can't you hear me knocking" by the rolling stones.
Linda -Nov 05, 2010, 10:43PM
Ani difranco changed my life, too ::sigh::! So did Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes and The Cranberries!! It is way too difficult to narrow it down to three :/

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Post image for holiday fashion show

a couple of months ago we had a big meeting at the home office with all of our store managers from across the country. as part of the meeting we had a free people holiday fashion show featuring some of the looks from our november catalog on models and on some of the girls who work here in the office. it was so fun seeing everything go down a runway – and now that the catalog’s out i can show you some pictures that one of the managers snapped during the show!













they all looked amazing – but wee people stole the show :)

our holiday displays are going up in all of our stores next week and i can’t wait to show you photos, they’re breathtaking!

elaine -Nov 06, 2010, 3:34AM
what an excellent show!!! thank you lots for sending me the holiday catalog in the mail! :) i'm all sorts of giddy over it! xoxoxo
-Nov 05, 2010, 6:52PM
these looks are excellent!!!!!!!! thanks lots for sending me the holiday catalog in the mail!!! xoxo

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Post image for holiday boutiques featuring blogger picks!

have you guys checked out our holiday boutiques online yet? it looks so beautiful- i am in love with the lookbooks, which i’ll post about later on – but also we (jemma and i) got to do something fun and pick our favorite items from the november catalog, which are featured in the blogger picks section of the holiday boutiques! here are the collections i made featuring our picks, which you can also view in the holiday boutiques right here.

my picks:

“my favorite thing about the holiday season is the smell of fresh pine…it reminds me of going to the christmas tree farm to cut down our tree each year when i was little.”

jemma’s picks:

jemma collection

“holiday season brings warm feelings for me – a time that’s reminiscent of great family love. i get really nostalgic when i start to smell the season’s scents; cinnamon, mulled wine, figs and the crispness of the air. i also like that i can get away with wearing a little bit of sparkle almost every day during this season too!”

stay tuned because we’ll be adding picks from some of our favorite bloggers soon!

Post image for free people @ space 15 twenty

on our last day in cali we did some shopping in hollywood and stopped by the free people store at space 15 twenty. i was stoked to see the store because i’ve heard so much about space 15 twenty. it’s a cute little spot with a courtyard where they hold monthly flea markets and live music – there’s also an urban outfitters, an art gallery, and umami burger, which i didn’t try but is supposedly a must when in LA.

and i really can’t say enough how awesome the girls are who work in our stores. they are so warm and friendly and have amazing style – it was lovely meeting you ladies!





















check out space 15 twenty’s blog here!

Boho Diva -Nov 02, 2010, 2:56PM
Are there any plans to open up a store in/near Sacramento? I think The Fountains in Roseville would be a perfect location! I'm dying to shop you guys somewhere other than online! xoxo,Boho Diva
-Nov 02, 2010, 11:01AM
any chance we see Free People shops opening in Montreal?? :)

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this is too cute! one of our customers made this adorable video of her dogs visiting the free people store on 5th ave in NYC :)

i think their owner might need to get them a shag rug!

Edmund Waite -Dec 23, 2010, 1:58AM
Hey , rofl?! Aphrodisiac Foods
-Nov 07, 2010, 3:35PM
Shiba Inu! I have one, They're snuggly little independent, fluff balls. Akitas are the larger breed.

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Post image for november calendar!

hope everyone had a happy halloween! november came out of nowhere… click on the image to go to our flickr page and download the large calendar :)

Lea -Nov 04, 2010, 11:38AM
Beautiful calendar for my month, thanks Free People! :)

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Post image for happy halloween!

a friend in cali had these amazing wings for his adorable pup.  my cat jam needs a pair of these. needs them.

happy halloween!

Colby Legall -May 31, 2011, 7:59PM
This really is certainly Awesome experience having writing and lots of because of yahoo search engine pick up me on here. I loved reading your content material and added to the e book marks. The ideas you used to position up was clearly understandable. My husband also appreciated after reading this post. Let me undergo for more earlier.
SK -Nov 01, 2010, 8:13AM
Best costume ever!!!

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Post image for free people santa monica

while in santa monica i of course wanted to stop by our free people store, located on main street, to say hello. the store is adorable and the girls could not have been sweeter. i wish i could visit every single fp store!

true to free people form, a doggie bowl outside :)





love this!!






love this outfit.



fp julia -Nov 01, 2010, 10:01AM
carolyn- its the fields of lace dress right here: :)
carolyn -Oct 30, 2010, 2:29PM
What black lace dress is that! I must have it!

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Post image for wednes-diy

you may have noticed these lanterns hanging in our new university village store…they were made by one of our fp girls who works for our west coast display team, and she was kind enough to write up a little tutorial for the blog!

what you need: wire framed lantern, fabric scraps, trims, needle, straight pins, and thread.

lantern: the lantern we use is custom made in india. it is a simple wire frame with a mylar cylinder in the middle for good light diffusion (these lanterns are more about style than a good light source :)). with this raw form, fabric is attached.

i suggest going to a thrift store and looking for lamp shades with a wire frame and taking off the pre-existing fabric – the lamp shades you will find in a thrift store will be a more common kind of shade but the following sewing/ fabric assembling treatment will make it look much more enchanting and wild!

fabric selection: having great fabrics is the key to a great lantern! i had a lot of amazing fabrics and trims to choose from. i choose to mix sheer, vinyl, cotton, and decorative trims. you can find these trims and fabrics from any fabric district or thrift store, but the fancier more elaborate trims we got from India.

i suggest going to a large fabric wholesaler and digging through their bins of scraps. if you happen to be in los angeles, there is only ONE place to find trims: shana-tex!!! they have sooooooo many trims stacked in high piles which you have to dig through…but so worth it because you can get huge spools of lace, sequins, and bright colored trims for pennies.

if you aren’t in los angeles, look up your neighborhood fabric wholesaler or thrift store for great rare finds. i have used thrift store table clothes, eyelet linens, etc.


sewing/ aesthetic: i just pick out the scraps of fabric and trims that i like and begin placing them on the lantern. i prefer to start in the middle at the widest part and work out from there.

fold the fabric over a part of the wire form and do a whip stitch to hold fabric to frame and itself. from the FIRST piece of fabric, i placed another piece of trim or fabric. to keep it in place I used the straight pins and then sewed the piece of fabric. repeat this process and soon it grows into a solid lantern.

sometimes i worked in different areas of the lan-tern, but always made sure that the composition felt right and was well balanced. the look i was going for was a loose, organic assemblage of fabrics and trims….so, i just mixed sewing and tying ends in knots. the pictures tell this story. you will see sewn edges and knotted pieces. i even left holes in places to maintain the “loose” aesthetic :)

electrical hook-up: this is the easy part! i just bought a cord socket combo from home depot and threaded it through a hole (part of wire frame) and screwed in a light bulb.

so beautiful and creative!

Debbie -Aug 08, 2012, 1:14AM
Unique.... Could use two umbrella attached together, remove handles Cover umbrellas with fabric or just use as is. Attach light before you attach them together. Use velcro or snaps so it could be taken apart if needed. Just food for thought
Forrest -Nov 07, 2010, 10:13AM
These are beautiful! thanks for sharing! <3

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Post image for happy birthday toby!

we love you :) -Jun 25, 2014, 3:19AM
This small group may have excessive head sweating problems as a result of an underlying medical condition and it is advisable to consult a doctor. Because commercial antiperspirant, like many commercial hygiene products, contains several ingredients which have been shown to cause blood disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease. He will conduct a few tests and will check sweat drops at times when you aren't anxious or emotional stressed.
Stephanie N. -Nov 05, 2010, 8:06PM
I absolutely love this dog. I always check the blog & get extra excited when their are Toby posts! He is just so handsome! <3 <3 <3 Hope to see more of Toby amongst all of the other amazing Free People Posts!

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