Chocolate Chia Seed Superfood Pudding (Gluten-Free & Vegan)

This post is part of our restricted diet series from Beth of Tasty Yummies.

There are few things in this world that I absolutely crave, but a good quality chocolate treat is definitely one.

With all the Valentine’s Day chocolate recipes floating around the interweb, my chocolate cravings have been crazier than ever. After making some brownies last week, I decided it was time to come up with a creative and healthy chocolate recipe, to satisfy the cravings and give me some other goodness in the process.

This simple to make raw cacao chocolate chia seed pudding is decadent while being totally good for you. That’s a combination I can always get behind. Chia seeds have a high density of omega 3 fatty acids, they are high in protein, they are full of antioxidants and minerals, like calcium (surprisingly up to 3 times more than a serving of milk), and they are naturally anti-inflammatory. The consistency of a chia seed pudding is very similar to tapioca — gelatinous, thick, and creamy — and the seeds themselves produce a really great texture. This pudding is great as breakfast, a snack or dessert.

To really amp up the superfood qualities on this pudding, you can really have fun with the toppings or add-ins, see the suggestions below.

chocolate chia pudding

Chocolate Chia Seed Superfood Pudding – Gluten-free and Vegan

serves 2

1 1/4 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk (almond or coconut are my personal favs)

1/4 cup chia seeds

3 tablespoons raw cacao powder (baking cocoa will also work)

Dash of pink Himalayan sea salt

1 tablespoon organic maple syrup or raw honey

Dark Chocolate shavings for garnish

chocolate chia pudding

Add all of the ingredients to a large glass jar with a lid, give it a quick stir, then put the lid on. Shake it like crazy to mix it all up. Refrigerate until very thick and pudding-like, at least 4 hours or overnight, shaking or stirring occasionally. Serve the pudding chilled with whatever topping you’d like. See my suggestions below.

Optional add ins/toppings: crystallized ginger, goji berries, nut butter, coconut, fresh citrus, bananas, nuts, pomegranate seeds, whipped coconut cream.

chocolate chia pudding

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  1. This is almost the exact same as the recipe this here gluten-free lass has cherished since discovering it! It is sooo very tasty!
    3 little recommendations:
    Add 1/2 to 1 banana (frozen is extra fun) in there – it gives it this subtle extra of flavor and thickness in texture that is divine.. you can blend it together with all ingredients except the chia seeds, then hand mix those in after
    – Also, if you use the frozen banana, it helps speed up the process of the pudding developing, and you can eat a small portion of it after only 1 or 2 hours usually – ’cause sometimes a girl just wants to indulge her craving asap! ;)

    Add vanilla and/or a dash of cinnamon.. yum! again, more delish complexity of flavor if you desire..

    For sweetener, you can also use (maple) agave syrup or even stevia if you want to stay away from natural sweetener w/sugar in it altogether. That said, honey as recommended, has its healthy benefits and amazing taste as well!


  2. This looks amazing, but I think I’d add some chocolate protein powder to this to give it some really great health benefits, because after looking up nutritional info this is mostly sugar!

  3. Just made it. Thanks :) Felt the energy. I felt it needed to be sweeter so I added an extra tblspn of honey.

  4. I made this yesterday (as soon as I read the post I went to whole foods for chia seeds) and I can’t get over how good it tastes and completely guilt free!! If you like the taste of dark chocolate like me, the amount of honey added is perfect, but my husband preferred a little bit more honey in it for added sweetness. He also suggested adding raspberries in it, which I will be trying. Thank you so much for sharing this, it is awesome!!!

  5. So glad everyone is loving this recipe!! <3

    @lamenting lizzie – DUH!! :)

    @ashley – thanks for all the lovely suggestions, I love the idea of adding the banana and blending. Yum!

    @katie – it shouldn't be *mostly* sugar if your almond milk is unsweetened and the only sweetener you add is maple or honey. Outside of the dark chocolate shavings, the pudding just as is, isn't all sugar at all.

    @letty – it is totally vegan, when made with the maple syrup, the raw honey is just an alternative.

    @sabrina – yeh it is so hard to account for everyone's sweetness preference, and if the non-dairy milk is sweetened at all. I don't love overly sweet things so it is definitely possible that one may want this sweeter. I am so glad you liked it.

  6. Love chia pudding! I have it for brekky most mornings with fruit & switching between green tea matcha powder & cacao powder.

  7. This recipe is SOOO delicious! Added some cinnamon and used Califia’s Coconut Almond milk blend. Thanks FP :D

  8. So I tried this recipe with cocoa powder instead of raw cacao pwder because I didn’t have any, and it didn’t taste good… The cocoa taste was way too strong. Is it because I didn’t use raw cacao? I’ve never tried it so I don’t know the difference… I think 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder would have been enough.

  9. I am about to make this, because after reading it how could I not?!

    Is there a place I can click for a print friendly version? I’d love that.

  10. Ooh la yum! I’m so excited to make this healthy dessert but I’ll use vanilla almond milk and stevia. I’m literally signing off to make it now, thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I made this today and it is delicious. Made it with Agave and raw cacao will also be adding raspberries to it. So easy and a couple of spoons really satisfies those chocolate cravings. Think I will try a vanilla version without the cacao and with some mango next. Thanks a mil xx

  12. i am so sorry but my chia pudding turned out awful
    i dont know if it was the cacao powder that i used but oh my it tasted so powdery
    I probably should have added a banana and vanilla extract but i wont try making chia pudding again
    i am traumathized

  13. Hm, can we use something different than pink Himalayan sea salt?

    I don’t have much knowledge in cooking, I’m just starting out so I don’t know if I could just use normal salt?
    Because I don’t have any -and- I can’t find any nearby ._.

    Thank you for the recipe, it looks so yummy!

  14. Just one look at this and I was hooked, probably much due to the dark chocolate shavings. I’ve just begun trying to make simple puddings, so even the slightest deviations from traditional ones, mean business. The omega-3 acids part was different, dont really get to see much food content valuing when it comes to puddings. Whoa!

  15. My daughter made this for me today for Mothers Day lunch dessert. I loved it so much I made up the recipe this afternoon & had some for tea as well !!!. Yum. I also made it with my Thermomix using the reverse button. Worked really well, my daughters had a few lumpy bits in it whereas mine was mixed really well. And it was so quick & easy to make. I also found that it started thickening quite quickly & didn’t need any extra stirring. Thanks so much for sharing these healthy tasty recipes.

  16. This is my favorite recipe right now. I heat up coconut milk and add everything in so I don’t have to wait long to eat it. I use raw organic honey and a touch of chocolate flavored stevia to sweeten. I put some in a bowl and refrigerate it and leave the rest of sit. Thanks for the great recipe!

  17. You say “serves 2” and show two jars; but the instructions say to add all ingredients to “a” jar, shake and chill. When do you divide it into the two little jars–after you mix/shake it? Or did you divide up the ingredients between the two jars? Also, what’s the size on those jars? Looks like the Weck 4.5 oz jars? Usually people have a 4oz or 8oz mason jar handy. A little more info on the yield and portion size would be nice.

  18. I used coconut milk, and a drop or two of vanilla extract. I added some organic cocoa powder and a little instant coffee to bring out the chocolate flavor. To sweeten it, I used stevia and coconut sugar. It definitely satisfies my sweet tooth!

  19. DELISH!! I used cocoa powder because that’s what I had on hand but used half regular and half dark chocolate. Oh my goodness was that amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  20. Ooh, this sounds amazing. I only have baking cocoa, hope that works ok. After reading the comments I need to try about a hundred different variations. I think I’ll be adding cinnamon and cayenne at least once. I like the sea salt idea – I even have pink Himalayan sea salt!

  21. This was delicious! Made it last night and my hubby and I had it for breakfast, topped with sliced banana.
    I used coconut milk, and added a dash of vanilla extract. My sweet tooth required a bit more honey, so added an extra tablespoon, like others have mentioned.
    Will absolutely make again!

  22. @Michelle – I make it as one large batch in a large glass jar, quart sized. Then after it has set up, I transfer it to two jars or bowls for serving. The jars in the photo are 8 ounce Weck jars. You could certainly mix it up in two jars from the start if you’d like, but it just makes for extra work.

  23. I made for my breakfast and I absolutely loved it , I added fresh strawberries and banana with a little dollop of honey because I found it a bit unsweetened . I can definitely see my self doing this again in the future , possibly with different variations

  24. I have made a different variation of this but will try the one above. I am soaking hazelnuts right now to make it with my home made hazelnut milk because this just screams “Nutella” flavor to me ;) I have the raw cocoa powder and maple syrup and can’t wait to try this !! My previous version included Fage yoghurt which obviously makes it non-vegan. Thanks for the post!

  25. I made this using Juice Plus+ Complete Dutch Chocolate Powder, Coconut cream (reconstituted with water to make coconut milk), and dash a cinnamon and a dash of cayenne pepper. It was divine and substituted as my breakfast.

  26. Read above. She already said that with maple syrup it is totally vegan but honey was just a suggested alternative.

  27. I made it exactly, and mine came out a very pale, unchocolatey version of what is pictured above. I will need to add more raw cocao or actual powdered cocoa. Conclusion, first batch, disappointing. PS I do find a lot of food pictures to be like real estate photography…really pumped up and deceiving.

  28. spotted this post on pinterest. clicked on it because it looks delicious and beautiful and gluten-free. saw it was beth. said to myself, “of course, because she’s awesome.” :)

  29. PennyGirl – Did you refrigerate it before serving? The chia seeds need time to soak up the liquid, so we recommend allowing the mixture to sit overnight.

  30. Hi, made this and it’s delicious but coconut milk I buy always separates so I made whole thing in a Vitamix to combine coconut cream and liquid and it came out very thick. Will try the just shaking next time. Also, when you use goji berries, do you soak them first? Always find them to hard and chewy. xx

  31. I just made this earlier and I love it!! Definitely going to share it with my vegan friends. I’m not sure if the people complaining followed the instructions completely because I made it and it turned out AMAZING. I used rice milk, cocoa powder, maple syrup, and obviously chia, but omitted the salt part. It was perfect for me because I LOVE really dark chocolate and it was thick and creamy but also had that cool chia texture! I finally found my chocolate craving solution. (:

  32. I did mine exactly as directed and it was so good! So happy to find a good chia pudding recipe.

  33. I was looking through recipes for a chia seed “porridge” which some people enjoy for breakfast. I came across your recipe and because I love chocolate I thought “why not”? I had it for breakfast this morning and it was yummy. Only just realised now that it’s actually a pudding hehehe! But for me I will have it again for breakfast! It is filling and lasted me through to dinner (half the recipe). So anyone who is tired of eggs for breakfast I highly recommend this as an alternative!!

  34. My husband and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing. I topped mine with a little shredded coconut and ground cinnamon

  35. I love this recipe. I’ve made it several times and it turns out perfectly every time. It isn’t too sweet, which is perfect for me!

  36. Loved this recipe and it’s now a weekly ritual. However, I made my usual Sunday night batch before having guests and didn’t eat it as quickly as I thought I would. Does anyone have any idea how long this will keep in the fridge?

  37. I made this two days ago because I lost my go-to chia pudding recipe. The flavor was great but it was too watery for me, so yesterday I made it with 1/4 cup less milk and it was wonderful!

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