Garden Gin Fizz

On our recent UK FP Me shoot we were lucky enough to spend the day in the most beautiful Suffolk countryside cottage. When driving to the village we realized there wasn’t even a road name…because it was literally at the end of a tiny little grass track hidden by trees and flowers. To toast the end of a successful shoot we sat down to a well-earned cocktail (we had been up since 5am!). So, to jazz it up a bit, we foraged around the gorgeous gardens for tasty fruit and herbs to add in. There was a huge blackberry bush, lemon tree and more herbs than you could ever hope for.  Here is what we ended up drinking, and boy did it go down well on a beautiful Summer’s afternoon. Cheers!

garden gin fizz

Garden Gin Fizz:

3 x blackberry

1 x shot of gin

1 x tsp of sugar syrup

Squeeze of lemon

2 mint leaves

2 basil leaves

Top off the glass with Prosecco*


*To make the drink non-alcoholic, simply replace the Prosecco with soda water!


Squash everything together before adding the Prosecco. Top with ice and enjoy!

garden gin fizz

garden gin fizz

Photographs by Emma Sweeney

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yum yum yummmm

This looks so delicious !! :)

nothing beats the british PIMS and lemonade though… its like a fruit salad/ cocktail 2 for 1

I love the vintage looking pitchers… vintage/antique house ware always makes for a better looking photo shoot!

This looks absolutely phenomenal!
Will definitely make this soon!

Beautiful drinks! & i love those pitchers.

Warm regards,

Oh my goodness I want this now!!!

This sounds delicious, yum!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

To make it non-alcoholic, would you just take out the gin altogether as well? Looks delicious!

Looks very refreshing. Summer is winding down so I will have to make it fast.