Sustain your Energy with “Bulletproof” Coffee

This post comes from our blog intern, Aubrie!

What if you walked into a coffee shop and kindly asked the barista, “one large coffee with two tablespoons of butter please.” It may seem absurd at first, but the latest coffee innovation has almost everyone shocked with its unbelievably nourishing results. We have it set in our minds that butter can’t be good for us… right? Coffee is just another unhealthy addiction of ours… right? Wrong.

The high fat content in grass-fed butter may actually be the best ingredient to add to your morning cup of joe. Coined “Bulletproof“, this new caffeine elixir came into light thanks to business executive and entrepreneur, David Asprey. He first discovered the secret to sustaining your energy levels when hiking the massive peaks of Mt. Kailash in Tibet. There, a rejuvenating local tea recipe introduced him to the surprising power of butter. When he returned home he tried adding grass-fed butter to his morning coffee and the results improved his mind and body’s performance in unison. No caffeine jitters, no fluctuating moods, just sustained energy throughout the entire day. Since his revelation, people across the country have been reaching for natural grass-fed butter to prepare their coffee the healthy way.

When I got word of this alternative coffee drink, I probably had the same reaction as you. What? Ew. Why? Upon reading further into the science behind the trend, I learned that real, grass-fed butter is loaded with healthy saturated fats and necessary doses of Vitamin K2. After consulting a few friends who had already made the switch, I decided why not. Instead of breakfast one morning, I blended myself one mug of Bulletproof coffee. Not only did I find the simple recipe to be so delicious, but one cup kept me full until lunch! I didn’t get the energy spike that caffeine normally inflicts and felt fully satisfied and energized. After only one trial, I was addicted. Trust me, once you try this drink your fat-starved body will already be craving another.


I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen lately and created this healthy “Mocha” for a slightly sweeter variation. I’m so curious to see how this easy coffee recipe affects others, so share your experiences in the comments below!

Bulletproof Healthy Mocha Recipe


1 1/2 cups boiling water

4 tbsp organic ground coffee

2 tbsp unsalted grass-fed butter*

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp raw cacao powder

1-2 tsp natural sweetener (I use liquid stevia)

*It is very important that the butter is grass-fed, because normal butter does not offer the same vitamins and nutrients. Also make sure to use quality coffee that hasn’t been treated with pesticides for maximized results.

Choose your preferred method to brew the coffee, I use a french press, but any coffee machine will work just the same. Pour the freshly brewed, hot coffee into a blender. Add in the remainder of ingredients. Secure the lid of the blender tightly and blend together for about 10 seconds or until the mixture is frothy. Pour and enjoy!




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8 years ago

This sounds really strange and at first unhealthy but I’m very intrigued.
Now all I need to do is to find some grass fed butter.
Thanks for sharing.

xx Cheyenne

8 years ago

This does seem a little outside of my coffee comfort zone but I will try anything once. However, I am wondering if a vegan alternative butter would have the same results.

8 years ago

I’m also wondering if there is a vegan alternative that would give you the same sustainable energy?? I’m thinking you could probably just use double the amount of coconut oil, or maybe coconut butter. Also some non dairy milk to make it frothy! I’m going to have to experiment :) Thanks for the post!

8 years ago

Everyone should do a bit of quick research about this first to determine if it’s actually beneficial for you, it’s not for everyone. I’ve been putting coconut oil in my coffee for a year now, and noticed a sustained energy instantly! When I tried with the butter, I didn’t notice a difference, but I also didn’t put the suggested TWO tablespoons of butter (too much butter for me to swallow!), just one tbs. I also read a lot of articles about how this can do more harm than good to some people so that kind of scared me away. I’m going to stick with just coconut oil :)

8 years ago

Guys I really really LOVE your blog! but butter in coffee just sounds gross hehe I think it would work the same with coconut oil for us vegans :) AMAZING photography as always! One of the best fashion brand blogs and my personal favorite! xx


8 years ago

I’ve heard about this but haven’t been brave enough to try it! I think coconut oil would be a better start for me. Awesome job on this post, Aubrie!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

For a vegan alternative, I’ve been blending my coffee with coconut oil and agave nectar. It’s by far my favorite way have coffee , it’s very creamy. frothy, sweet and take away that caffeine jitter.
Down sides are it really cools down your cup of joe because of the blending process (which is necessary for that froth) but I also cracked my blender because my brew was too hot *oops!
I’m sure the grass feed butter is great, but I think I would only try it before doing some major physical activity.

8 years ago

I drink this every morning, and have been for the past two years. I lost weight when I started – 3% body fat in the first 2 months! I wasn’t overweight to begin with, so this was quite profound for me.

I use 1 tbsp. ghee (clarified grass fed butter, 1 tbsp MCT oil (the beneficial fatty acid chains in coconut oil), 1 tbsp cacao butter, 1 tsp cacao powder, and 1 tbsp collagen protein. It is the only thing that keeps me full until lunch and has all but cured my sugar and carb cravings. I recommend this to every one of my nutrition clients, and am so happy to see such an influential blog and brand enlightening their readers on the merits of consuming more (high quality) fats. Kudos to you!

8 years ago

I’ve heard about bulletproof coffee before, but haven’t tried making it myself. Maybe one day! ;) I did have Tibetan tea at a restaurant recently (with butter, milk, and Himalayan salt), and it was savory, creamy, and very interesting. I’m guessing that’s where David Asprey got the inspiration, but decided to make it a little more palatable for us in the States!

x Samantha

Blizzard Girl
8 years ago

This is awesome, I’m a coffee lover so I’m definitely going to try this recipe:)


8 years ago

Bulletproof coffee has definitley been popping up everywhere lately, but I think this mocha version might be my favourite one yet!
I love adding coconut oil to everything and anything, and I’m not the biggest coffee drinker, but for this recipe I’d happily have a cup of coffee!

8 years ago

I have been hearing about coffee with butter for a while now, and to me it doesn’t sound that weird.
Most people put cream in their coffee, in the Netherlands anyway.

Usually I drink my coffee black, but I have a soft spot for mocha. Good recipe, I was pleasantly surprised!
I accompanied it with a carrot-date cake, loosely adapted from your raw carrotcake recipe (only mine isn’t raw) and they go well together.

Devin R
8 years ago

Hm! I will definitely have to try this. I have a love affair with coffee. My mother use to always let me have a sip out of her cup in the mornings as a child. Slowly, I grew to take a few sips. Suddenly, some mornings half the cup would be gone seconds after she had set it on the counter. She then decided to give me my own cup every mornjng, and she has continued to do so since I was little. Today, I find myself lagging at school. On top of being stressed and anxiety ridden, I am sleep deprived and can’t seem to have energy when I need it. I will definitely have to try this and see if it helps! I would have never expected butter to be good in coffee, let alone for ANY type of butter to somehow be good for you!

8 years ago

Butter on my coffee!? This is just one of the weirdest ideas I’ve ever heard. But reading your blog was interesting. So, out of curiosity, I tried it (although I’m not a “butter” fan) and, low and behold, it tastes good! Thanks for sharing! I’m now introducing this to my friends. Let’s see how they’ll react upon knowing there’s butter in their coffee!

8 years ago

One of the best coffees .if You want to amaze your guests, make this coffee.Rich,smooth chocolaty flavor!

4 years ago

I use 1 caffeinated cup of coffee, add 1 tbs unsalted grass-fed butter, 1 tbs brain octane oil then mix with a frother. I feel great after drinking my butter coffee, it boosts my energy and improves my brain function too. Thanks