5 Infused Water Recipes To Keep You Hydrated

Staying hydrated doesn’t have to mean gallons of plain water. Spice things up with these three fruit-filled recipes!

This post originally ran on May 27th 2014, but we can’t get enough of these amazing infused water recipes for summer, so we’re sharing it again!

This post comes from our Australia contributor, Miann Scanlan. Follow along with her on Instagram @freepeopleaustralia!

While we mosey on into winter down here in Australia, it’s important to remember that while the seasons change, our healthy habits shall remain the same. Well, almost the same. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, and I could rattle off a number of facts about why it’s vital to keep up our daily water intake. But sometimes the same lessons can get boring, much the same as carrying out those monotonous lessons learnt. Which is why I want to share with you my love for fruit infused water. Not only does pretty fruit floating around in your glass make sipping away all day a feast for the eyes (and belly), but the number of holistic benefits are astounding. Here are a few refreshing recipes that taste great, look great, and make you feel even better. Enjoy!

Blueberry + Pomegranate + Mint (above)

This one is great for those of you just starting out. The water seems to dissipate the bitter undertones of the blueberry and pomegranate leaving you with a lightly sweetened flavoursome drop. Dark berries and pomegranate seeds are rich in antioxidants which help clean free radicals out of your system, while fresh mint stimulates the metabolism to aid in digestion.

infused water recipes

Kiwifruit + Coconut Water

I like to think of this combination as the “green juice” of the infused water world. With that deliciously recognizable green flavor, the kiwi fruit has much the same advantages of other greens in that it’s highly alkalizing, meaning it has a rich supply of minerals to replace the excess of acidic foods we eat throughout the day. As for coconut water, it’s extremely hydrating, lightly sweet, and tastes amazing. I like to serve this one with chilled kiwi and ice!

infused water recipes

Orange + Grapefruit + Lemon + Cucumber

This combination has got to be my favourite, with the strong dose of citrus being balanced out by the cool tones of the cucumber. The citrus fruits pack a dynamo punch of amazing natural properties, mainly vitamin C, which means an immune system boost perfect for us headed in to winter. The sliced cucumber is not only refreshing, cooling, and delicious, but it can also help reduce bloating caused by high sodium intake. Your glass can be refilled many times throughout the day, even re-using the fruits the next day if you keep them chilled in the fridge over night.

infused water recipes

Raspberry + Strawberry

Another combination rich in antioxidants – this one is simple, looks beautiful, tastes amazing, and best of all can be reused! When I’m finished with my infused water for the day I like to strain the berries (including berries from the other recipes here too) and pop them into the freezer to later add to a smoothie – that way you also get the fiber content which is important for digestion.

infused water recipes

Blueberry + Lemon + Rosemary

I thought I’d save the best till last with this heavenly combination. I always have rosemary sitting on my windowsill and the scent it gives off when I water it in the morning is intoxicatingly beautiful, so I thought I’d try adding it to my water. Et voila! Rosemary has anti inflammatory properties and is commonly
prescribed to aid and improve overall digestive health, but most of all I find having the scent near me very calming without being too punchy and floral.

infused water recipes

Find Miann at miannscanlan.com & instagram @miannscanlan and @freepeopleaustralia.

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9 years ago

How long does it sit in the bottle for before it is ready to drink?

Beautiful photos!

9 years ago

This looks so incredibly refreshing! Perfect for hot summer days.


9 years ago

These looks so good. Can’t wait to try the coconut one. Here is a GREAT one to help you detox and it taste good:


9 years ago

Hah, good timing. If you saw my latest blog post, you know I love infused water! These all look delicious!


9 years ago

I love infused water! So delicious!


9 years ago

Must try them all! Beautiful images!

9 years ago

How long do they need to infuse? Fresh or frozen berries? How much fruit for how much water?

9 years ago

You can drink it right away! But the longer the fruit sits in the water, and the more fruit you put in, the more powerful the fruit flavor will be – totally depends on what you prefer :) I recommend fresh fruit but you could use frozen as well!

9 years ago

Yummy!! So great for those hot summer afternoons!
Xx, Tiffany | http://www.sunshinedaydreamphotography.com/

9 years ago

This is exactly what I need to keep me from drinking soda (those bubbles ugh). I like to feel like I’m drinking something fancy so I’ll be enlisting this post!

9 years ago

I’m obsessed with infused waters! Can’t wait to try these combinations.

9 years ago

Any suggestions of what you can do with the leftover soaked fruit?

9 years ago

love these ideas and pictures! I like pureeing yellow peaches with some water, it makes a delicious and healthy juice


9 years ago

Definitely trying these! Also- beautiful photographs! I wanted to ask though.. Do we really get health benefits like antioxidants and vitamin c without actually consuming the fruits?

9 years ago

I love doing these on summery days! http://rosebeautynow.blogspot.co.uk/ x

9 years ago

I’ve recently started infusing my water in the morning with lemons. I can’t wait to try these new recipes…

9 years ago

I am definitely going to try these! They are beautiful and healthy.

9 years ago

I’m thinking that I need to get a mason jar and take these to work for a nice drink. I’d also get a good snack out of it by eating the fruit and veggies after drinking the water :)

9 years ago

I tried a strawberry, lemon and mint combination.. it was awesome! but my favourite so far has to be watermelon + lemon combination.. natural sweetness of watermelon was heavenly!
will definitely try the combination you recommended… blueberries, lemon sounds awesome!


9 years ago

where can I found this pots?

9 years ago

i am so thirsty now

9 years ago

What a great idea! I tried the the blueberry + lemon + rosemary water and what can I say…it was devine! Especially after a long gruelling workout at the gym. Thank you so much for posting these amazing recipes. I have set up a scheduled post to share these with my twitter followers and will be keeping my eye on your blog.

Best wishes,

9 years ago

I just found out about this today! I love it! I’m always searching the internet for new and healthy things since it’s summer and just to keep myself feeling great about my health and wheat I put in it. I’m going to read Free People blog more often!

9 years ago

Those are some lovely combinations! I usually stick with lemon and lime but the blueberry and pomegranate one looks delicious!


9 years ago

I love this! I really enjoy strawberry basil infused water, so I am curious to try to rosemary. I never thought of using other herbs. What a great idea for summer, thanks for this post. :)