5 Things I Learned at Wanderlust Aspen

Get an insider’s look into the beautiful four-day celebration of yoga and mindful living in the mountains of Colorado. 

This post comes from our Southwest/Mountain Social Media Specialist, April!

Most only think of winter when Aspen is mentioned, yet when the snowflakes melt and the days grow longer, summer comes out to play in this gorgeous Colorado town. Mountains stretch thousands of miles, river and lakes come alive, and meadows fill with wild flowers. Snowmass Village is about 20 minutes off the highway, right before you hit the town of Aspen. Nestled perfectly beside the mountain, its highest peak reaches over 12,500 feet. This is where you can find Wanderlust.

Hundreds of yogis — from seasoned teachers to beginners — head to the mountains of Colorado to celebrate the practice of yoga, or as Wanderlust likes to call it “a four-day celebration of mindful living”. I couldn’t agree more. With a motto that’s all about finding your true north, it could not have been a more perfect fit. The weekend fell during the holiday of the 4th, which made the festival even more festive. Live music, meditation, self-massage… even paddling-boarding on hidden lakes could be found. It was a weekend that brought so much knowledge as well as motivation to welcome yoga more into my daily life, read on for 5 things I learned from this incredible experience:

wanderlust 12wanderlust16wanderlust4

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1. It’s OK to go it alone
For some of us the thought of going unaccompanied to a festival is a frightening one. That sense of security we feel having someone we know with us is something most of us crave. Heading to Wanderlust alone was something new and a bit nerve-wracking, but in the end I was glad I did it. I partnered with other yogis in class, went out of my way to talk to new people and even made a new friend! So don’t hesitate to try something different and experience it alone. It pushes you to try new things and you never know where and who it will bring you to!

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2. Listen to yourself
This is a phrase I heard over and over again throughout the weekend and it couldn’t be truer. I first heard this from a yoga instructor who was teaching us a new pose in one of my early morning classes. Many of us were looking around at other students to see if we were doing it correctly, she asked us all why we are looking to others when really we should be looking and listening to ourselves. Even though she was talking about the pose this relates to our everyday life. Stop looking to others, we know ourselves better than anyone. Listen to yourself.


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3. Everyone has the ability to re-center
In the yoga culture you have your body or, as some may call it your vehicle, and then you have your center, better known as your spirit or soul. When these two are out of alignment usually our whole world is as well. I learned that sometimes to re-center yourself one must let him or herself break down, to let it all out and to re-build. Life is tough and sometimes we need to decompress, scream or run a million miles but know it is ok whatever your vice may be. Know that everyone has the ability to re-center or rebuild and if you’re feeling off or in a funk take the time to do just that!

wanderlust 15 visualizing

4. Visualization is a gift
Did you know that humans are the only species able to visualize? Something so powerful that some believe that if you visualize a thought enough you will be able to manifest it. With this being said we should use the act of visualization purposefully. Don’t waste this gift for negativity but to create a positive world for yourself and others.

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5. I need to do more yoga
My biggest learning from Wanderlust was discovering that I absolutely love the practice of yoga. I have always been an athlete, but never really delved into the world of yoga besides a few classes here and there. A weekend spent at Wanderlust where the whole environment is dedicated to something so sacred really puts things into perspective. Not only did I love the way yoga made me move and stretch my body for benefit, but it also taught me to let go and to just relax. It taught me ways to bring one’s self back together and for that I made a promise to myself to always keep yoga as a part of my life.


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7 years ago

I REALLY wanted to go to Wanderlust this year :( it looks so fun! The photography is stunning!

7 years ago

Oh, Aspen looks beautiful. I think I need to attend Wanderlust one day. But, for now, I’ll stick with my beginners yoga.


7 years ago

Beautiful pictures!
Seems like a wonderful experience :)

7 years ago

Your commentary on visualization is so beautiful. I was unaware that humans are the only ones with that skill. You learn something new everyday!

7 years ago

I’ll be attending wanderlust Tremblant this year!
Judging by your photos of the Aspen festival, I don’t think I will be disappointed! :)

7 years ago

Wow! That has brave of you to go alone. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is how you change your life. I would love to go to one the these yoga retreats. Thanks for sharing!

7 years ago

Wow! You are brave to have gone alone. It looks so gorgeous. Your inspiration and rejuvenation come bursting through your words. Makes me wanna unroll my mat right now! <3

7 years ago

Wow this place looks incredible! I’d love to go on a yoga retreat some day, would also love to try SUP yoga – looks like great fun!


7 years ago

Wow so beautiful almost like Alaska :) , your commentary
Was wonderful so very proud of you for doing this
I think Yoga is a great way for healing in in our mind and body
I might have to try it :) I have a friend that teaches yoga
This Might inspire me
Love you Granddaughter

7 years ago

This post is so inspiring! I’ve never been into any kinds of sports or exercising, but I really want to get into yoga. Really need to sign up for some classes and try it out!


7 years ago

I am going as well to Wanderlust Tremblant! Super excited! Great pics, I totally feel like it will be lots of fun and relaxing.

7 years ago

I always love doing yoga but I usually just do it alone in my room. But I wish I can someday join a group of people practising yoga together! xo