Three Ways To Help You Slow Down

It’s October (October!) next week — time just doesn’t seem to slow down, does it? How can we make the most of time when it seems to be moving faster than ever?

I find myself having a very similar conversation with people these days. “Can you believe it’s almost October?” “Where has this year gone?” “It feels like I was 20 only yesterday.” As we grow older, it seems as though time only speeds up. With October quickly approaching, I’ve been asking myself why that is. Why is it that, when I was younger, days seemed longer? Back when I was a kid my days were abundantly full — school, sports, games with friends, playing outside, homework… even naps were squeezed in. Nowadays, I’m lucky if I get to even ponder the idea of a nap.

So how, how do we get back to the days of fun without feeling the pressure of time rushing by? How can we feel fulfilled each day without feeling burnt out? How can we slow down?


Be self-aware. There are moments when I find myself so deep into social media or a website that, in what feels like seconds, time has completely disappeared…I’m all-consumed by a digital rabbit hole. Or, and I hate to admit it, I’ll watch episode after episode of a Netflix series and, before I notice it, hours of my day are lost. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s healthy to zone out sometimes, but I also believe we lose awareness of ourselves and what we’re actually doing. When we become self-aware, we have the ability to choose to do something different with our time. Self-awareness has the potential to be a catalyst for allowing us to savor our time, minute by minute.


Hustle, don’t hurry. A friend recently made the point that, in life, we sometimes find ourselves hurrying from one place to another. These “places” differ yet all share a common link. For me, at various times in my life, it’s included my career, relationships, accomplishments or location. When we hurry, we tend to run past things because we’re so fixated on leaving our current situation. Hurrying is moving for the sole purpose of moving. Hurrying means running away. Hustle, however, means you’re running toward something. Hustle is applying yourself. Hustle has a lasting goal. There’s a fine line between the two, so it’s important to remain honestly self-aware.

Unplug. We talk a lot about unplugging here on the blog, but I really can’t emphasis the importance of detoxing from the static of everyday life. Work, bills, a packed social calendar, technology…it’s all day, every day, and it can take its toll. So I suggest setting aside just ten minutes during the day to unplug from the static. Use that time to explore your heart, ponder your feelings, ask yourself honest  questions, set your intentions…meditate. It will give you a clearer sense of self and slow your pace.


+Does anyone else echo my feelings about time rushing by? How are you trying to slow down?

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  1. Thank you for those tips, they are really helpful! I, too experience times when I wonder how fast another month has passed and then I suddenly I see Christmas candy at the supermarket and realise it is too close to Christmas time again. I think you sometimes blend out certain days when you look forward to a vacation or a special event. I think we need to focus more on those days in between special events, and we also need to appreciate bad days, because when we don’t we are losing a valuable days of our life.

  2. Beautiful photos!! And i completely agree with the conversations! Time goes so quickly and we don’t realize until we actually have time to look back and see just how much has happened:)x

  3. I’ll be 69 next week so you talk about how time flies by in the blink of an eye. My mom used to say it seems as though time speeds up the older you become….I believe her now! LOL LOL Instead of lamenting over times pasted be grateful that you are “making memories” to rehash in your later years. But……the MOST IMPORTANT THING HERE IS BEING PRESENT……so you are able to really focus on what you are doing so you can have CLEAR memories….at least that is what I believe.


  4. Yes to everything! I feel this way all the time, and finding a way (or the time) to slow down is tough. I’ve been trying to plug my phone in overnight away from my bed. It keeps me away from the rest of the world while I’m trying to fall asleep or wake up in the morning. I even bought a regular alarm clock to avoid using my phone as an alarm. It helps a little!


  5. @Admin

    Delightful photographs!! What’s more, i totally concur with the discussions! Time goes so rapidly and we don’t understand until we really have room schedule-wise to think back and see exactly what amount has happened:)


  6. Totally agree to the points of this great post! Nowadays we find less and less self care time, but instead get lost into our doings until we find ourselves in a continuing loop. That time to reflect can be a body, soul and mind cleanse, when just taking the moment to focus oneself.
    Love the pictures! x

  7. Thoroughly consent to the purposes of this extraordinary post! These days we find less and less self consideration time, however rather get lost into our doings until we wind up in a proceeding with circle. That opportunity to reflect can be a body, soul and brain wash down, when simply taking the minute to center oneself.

    Love the photos! x

    Marie Pierce

  8. Hi,
    From all the three ways I’m able to do these two better Be self-aware and Hustle, don’t hurry. So can you tell more about Unplug?

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