A DIY Day in the Sakara Life

Join us for week 4 of our cleansing series with the inspiring folks of S-Life Mag, Sakara Life’s official online magazine!

This post comes to us from our friends at S-Life Mag, the official magazine of Sakara Life.

If you’ve stuck with us all month long you’ve learned quite a bit about the ever-so-mysterious cleansing process. We’ve talked about what it really means to detoxify your system, what ingredients you can easily incorporate into your everyday routine to live a cleaner life and what non-food rituals you can perform to cleanse your body, your environment and even, yes, your soul.

Now, it’s time to put it all together with a 24-hour foolproof plan to cleanse your body, inside out, head to toe. After all, you can’t manifest your dream body without a little bit of action.

Cozy Linen Dress

Wake up: Rise and shine! Flip your body’s “on” switch and get everything going with a big glass of water with lemon or ACV. For bonus points, follow that up with a chilled Beauty Water, which doesn’t just get us going…it gets us glowing with rose oil and trace minerals. Starting the day with quality hydration is the key to success.

Meditate: Welcome the day with some soul-love and “cleanse” your mind of any stressful or negative thoughts by meditating on your own personal mantra. Need one to get you started? We like, “I love” and “accept myself as I am right now.” If you’re new to meditating or find it difficult, use one of our guided mediations on The S-Life Mag. A few minutes of sitting quietly, clearing your mind and focusing on your breath is all it takes.

Ballet Fit and Flare

Breakfast time: A smoothie is a great way to pack in a pile of greens and superfoods first thing in the AM. And it’s always good to start out ahead of the game. Here’s one of our favorite recipes, starring vitamin-packed spinach, antioxidant-rich blueberries and spirulina, an awesome plant-based protein source.

Sweat it out! The endorphin rush you get from a morning workout will more than make up for the lost hour of sleep…trust us. We are big believers in finding an exercise routine that works for you, both mentally and physically — if it fuels your internal fire in more ways than one, you’ll be a lot more likely to do it regularly. Whether you love to bust a move, get zen in a yoga class or hit the you-know-what out of a punching bag, just do you.

Time for tea: A mid-morning mug will help rev your metabolism and keep you from snacking in between meals (and remember, your body needs this crucial break time to do its detoxifying thing). If possible, go for an herbal tea with cleansing ingredients like lemon, ginger, licorice root and dandelion root.

Lunchtime: A raw, plant-based, colorful lunch will replenish your body with hydrating fresh produce, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. And the healthy fat from avocado will keep you energized and satisfied until dinner, while sending your skin some love. Best of all, it won’t weigh you down. No one has time for a 3pm slump.

Tea again? Yes! We swear by swapping that afternoon latte for a cup of tea — it helps with digestion and won’t mess with your sleep cycle later on tonight.

Dinnertime: Time to slow down and settle in for a healthy, hearty dinner. We urge you to experience this meal with all of your senses: admire the bright orange squash and vibrant green avocado, inhale the smells of the spices and chew each bite slowly to enjoy the flavors and textures mingling in your mouth.  Allow the experience to be slow and sensual, and remember that your thoughts have a direct effect on your digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Eating consciously and mindfully will help raise your awareness of your own hunger and satiety.

Cleansing ritual — Sakaralite’s choice! Light up some sage and say a lil’ prayer, treat yourself to a round of dry brushing or run yourself a steamy Epsom salt bath. Or, do all three! Set the scene with some incense and soothing tunes, put on a facemask and bliss out. See? Cleansing can feel good.

Bedtime thoughts: Before you send yourself off to dreamland, take a mindful moment and end this day just how you started it — free of toxic worries or negative vibes. Grab a journal and a pen and jot down a few things you feel grateful for today. Then think about the goals you’re working toward in your life right now and write down three things you did today that propelled you toward them. Bonus points if you sip on a cool, superfood-infused Night Water to help your body heal while you sleep.

Ready to do this thing? Learn more about the Sakara Life program and sign up for meals here. And don’t forget to check out The S-Life Mag daily for all kinds of sexy, spiritual and scientific content.

Photography by Lianna Tarantin

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Hi to you both. Have a lovely year!


Hi to all
This is great and so very inspiring, thank you! It would be brilliant to have a similar guide for those of us that do not have time to work out in the a.m. and so do their workouts at the other end of the day… what to eat/drink with this change in routine. I can see that a lot of this advice is transferable, however. Thanks

How good is that beauty water?! I’m obsessed. Thanks for this review, I always love reading everyone’s perspectives on living the Sakara Life!