A Healthy 4th of July Cocktail (Booze Optional)

Celebrate your independence by choosing a fresh and healthy summer cocktail 

When it comes to summer sipping, not every beverage is created equal. While we should be turning to water to keep us hydrated and feeling healthy, often those warm, sunny days lead to celebratory nights, when you might find yourself with a glass or can in hand with something bubbly and effervescent inside. With July 4th looming large in our minds, today we’re sharing a healthy summer cocktail that will hydrate and nourish while still making you feel festive. And the best part? This summer drink is just as delicious served alcohol-free. Whip up a few for your next backyard party and let the good times roll… read on for our tips for creating a healthy summer drink and to get the recipe:

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How to Make a Healthy Summer Cocktail:

Choose a healthy base: What’s really in that cocktail you’re holding? Often, the answer is sugar, sugar, and… you guessed it, more sugar. Instead, opt for a healthy base, like coconut water, which yes, contains natural sugar, but also arrives complete with ultra-hydrating electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Plus, when you get it straight from the source (i.e. the actual coconut) you know exactly what you’re getting. No weird fillers or preservatives. Other great options include grapefruit juice and aloe juice, just be sure to check the label to ensure you’re purchasing 100% of the product advertised.

Skip the soda: Instead of topping off your drink with sugar-laden soda, choose a flavored seltzer or plain club soda. You get all the benefits of bubbles without the high fructose corn syrup!

Garnish with the good stuff: To spice things up, garnish with fruit, herbs, and edible flowers. Summer fruit — like watermelon, blueberries, late-season strawberries, and melon — hydrates while adding flavor and vitamins and herbs add interest and peak summer flavor.

Go high quality and clear: If you’re adding alcohol to your drink, choose a high quality, clear liqueur — like one of our favorites, Garden Flora Gin. Clear liqueurs, like gin and vodka, contain less sugar and none of the potentially harmful sulfites of wine and beer, plus they blend easily with fresh juices and seltzers.

Skip it all together: A great cocktail is a great cocktail, but if you’re not feeling it, take your drink booze-free, the recipe below can be made with or without alcohol, making it a great choice for all your guests.

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Watermelon Gin Fizz

serves 2


1 whole coconut, halved, coconut water reserved

3 oz gin

1 cup diced watermelon

Juice from 1/2 lime

4 large mint leaves

Club soda or seltzer


Blueberries, watermelon chunks and blackberries, to garnish

Divide watermelon pieces evenly between the two coconut halves. In a cocktail shaker filed with ice, combine coconut water, gin, lime juice, and mint leaves and shake vigorously. Pour into the coconut halves over the watermelon and top off with seltzer. Garnish with lime wedges, mint leaves, and fruit skewers.

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6 years ago

This looks so yummy!


6 years ago

this sounds and looks so nice, really need to try it!