Moving For Health with How You Glow: Week 1

Part one in a 3-part series: A grounding yoga sequence with How You Glow.

This post comes from Jessie and Tara of LA-based health and beauty blog, How You Glow.

Practicing yoga is our favorite way to stretch, wake up the body, release stagnant energy and connect with ourselves. Practicing yoga with a partner adds an extra element of connection and playfulness that we encourage you to try. Here are some poses and sequences that are fun to do with a friend or loved one, ideally outside in nature with sun streaming through the trees!

Double Tree Pose ― This balancing pose is grounding and stabilizing. We find that practicing this empowering pose with a partner strengthens trust and a sense of support. Read pictures left to right.


  • Partners stand tall, side by side, in Tadasana (Mountain Pose). Feet are rooting down into the earth, arms down by the sides with the palms rotating outward. Feel the crown of the head lifting towards the sky.
  • Take the sole of your foot (furthest from your partner) to the inner thigh.
  • Join hands and reach the arms up.
  • Focus your eyes on a still point to help with balance.
  • Breathe together as you balance.

Salutation Squats — This movement is great for strengthening the lower body and centering oneself. When we pull the hands in towards the heart, we are bringing focus and light into that space. When this pose is done face to face with a partner, it is a wonderful way to mirror someone else, getting lost in the rhythmic, meditative movement and sharing a heart-centered experience.


  • Begin in a high lunge with your front knee directly over your ankle, the back leg strong with the heel lifted.
  • Bring your hands together at your heart as you bend your back knee, gently tapping the ground.
  • Inhale as you straighten both legs, reaching your arms overhead.
  • Exhale as you re-bend your knees, bringing your hands back to your heart-center as you tap the ground with the back leg.
  • Continue to flow through this sequence, linking your breath to the movement.
  • Switch sides after 10 reps.


Double Plank Post — This pose is all about strength and heart opening. Focus on creating one long line of energy running through your center while in plank. Try to synchronize your breathing with your partner so that the flow becomes meditative and fluid.


  • Start in plank pose with your hands directly below your shoulders, your legs strong, pressing through your heels.
  • Lift your right leg a few inches above the ground with the foot flexed, keep your shoulders and hips evenly squared.
  • Lower the right leg back into plank.
  • Repeat on the left side, lifting the leg a few inches above the ground.
  • Keep your elbow hugging in and your belly engaged, exhale as you lower half way down towards the ground. Keep your hips even with your shoulders.
  • Inhale as you press yourself back up to plank in one smooth line.
  • Exhale, lower down again, coming onto the top of your feet.
  • Inhale your heart and chest forward into upward facing dog.
  • Exhale the hips up and back into downward facing dog.


Moonshadow Bra, Moonshadow Legging

Thank you Jessie and Tara! Follow them on Instagram and check out their blog.

Photos by Jessica Foley.

+Check in next week for part two, strength training!

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6 years ago

I LOVE tree pose!! That pose is so empowering– I would love to start my day with something like this. It sounds great to begin on such a positive note!!

6 years ago

These photos are so beautiful!


6 years ago

Planking is a great pose to strengthen the core.