Does Your Workout Need a Makeover?

Yes, your workout can be fun again! A workout to put the rhythm back in rhythm and inspire!

Let’s be honest — working out can be hard. Not easy to re-acclimate to the gym after a week-long vacation; though I lack the desire (and discipline) at the moment, I know a good run or yoga class would do me good.

One of the challenges in my current state is finding a workout that will mentally reinvigorate me. In all honesty, guys, I am bored of the elliptical trainer and cannot fathom taking another step on the treadmill. Don’t get me started on the plank position, and sit-ups?… UGH. I think we can all see that I am in dire need of a workout makeover. (Please tell me I’m not the only one. Please?) Hence, my new call to action: find a workout that will get me back in rhythm and inspire me. Check it out below.

BEFORE: Running on the treadmill
AFTER: Trail running

Running on the treadmill at the gym, sucking in all that gym air, can get boooooring. Take your run outside to a hiking trail next time. What’s better than fresh air, natural inclines, beautiful scenery, and your daily dose of vitamin D? Be sure to wear proper shoes and drink plenty of water.

BEFORE: Pilates
AFTER: Barre Method

If you are looking to make over your Pilates routine, swap the former and mat work for a few barre classes. It is as tough mentally as it is physically, and will still tone all those hard-to-reach places. Check out FP Madisyn’s article on barre here.

BEFORE: Stationary bike
AFTER: Any cycling class, anywhere.

Have you guys ever been to a cycling class? (Obtuse question, sorry.) Cycling classes kick my butt every single time I go. There is never a dull moment… mental focus is a huge factor, and you work up a sweat like no other. Check out your gym’s class schedule or spots like YAS or SoulCycle.

BEFORE: Squats and lunges
AFTER: A day at the beach

Squats and lunges are some of the best moves for our lower halves but, man, can they be dull. Next time you want to work your legs and bum, head to the beach. Walking, running or jumping on sand is much more difficult than working out on a hard surface. The natural resistance of the sand is a great challenge and will tone you up in no time. Also, this, from our friends at How You Glow.


+Now it’s your turn — I’d love to hear how you spice up your workout. 

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4 years ago
4 years ago

I love boxing! It’s such a good change of pace from regular workouts and it really gets your heart rate up! Plus, who doesn’t feel like they can conquer anything after boxing?!

Mandie Fae
4 years ago

My favorite workouts are hula hooping, dancing, taking long walks in random parks, hiking, and playing catch with a football with my hubs. Pretty much anything that feels more like play and less like “work” :)

4 years ago

My go-to’s are trail running, boxing classes, and Barre! So fun and effective.

4 years ago

For me, trail running, cycling, and freedive keep me rounded. Been super interested in some aerial silks lately!
Can someone please let me know the model of the adorable, green tennis shoes in the image above?? Love them!

2 years ago

A workout can be fun again! It’s True