Soho Pop-In: Meditation with Biet Simkin

Looking for help when blissing out? Let Biet Simkin be your guide — she’ll be in our Soho pop-up on July 16th at 10am… Or, read on to get an intro to Biet and quieting your inner self…

Star sign: Aries, but I use a completely different system to understand myself.
5 words that best describe you: Witty, easygoing, bright, unique, blissed-out.
What motivates you: The meaning of life. Finding out exactly what it is, relating it to others.
Your ideal dream state: Being in love. The state I am in right now. Divided attention with one eye on my beautiful soul and another hand on the pulse of this wild, wild world.
How meditation changed your life: I mean, I don’t know where to start. The truth is, I’ve meditating my whole life since I was in diapers, studying with my father. Meditation has led me to be one of the happiest people on the planet. I am malleable, open, vulnerable, lucky, present, grounded and magical. All these qualities come from my inner world. To get to your inner world, you gotta meditate. Period.
Can you tell us who/what is the 3rd self? The third self is the all-knowing, super quiet and super calm part of self. I have found in my own work that, unless I pay mind to this part of myself and ask it for help, it won’t be able to help. So by giving space for this other part of me to open up, I create a birthing ground for higher consciousness. Remember this third part of yourself is like a compass.
How do you find her? You find this part of yourself by meditating daily and connecting whenever you are upset or disturbed, by stopping and saying something internally like, “Please help me, please be with me and show me my next step?”
How often should one do this? I would start by doing it every morning and then progress into doing it whenever you feel stressed or sad or disturbed in any way.
Are there any rights/wrongs to meditation? Yes, I believe there are right and wrong ways. That’s why it is important to find a teacher, read books, throw yourself into the study of those who have awoken before you. I know that, during my search, this surrender helped me. 
Meditating with your cat is not wrong.

Beginner visualization: Sit with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a scented candle, and observe the beauty of these things. As you sit and gaze, focus on your breath. In this silence, observe your senses for 15 minutes (time it so you know). When time is up, I like to employ a technique I like to refer to as “asking.”

Ask your 3rd self (with first two selves being the body and mind) what you should do with your day. Say to this 3rd self, “please be with me and direct my thinking and reactions as I move through the day and help me see what my next action is to be.”
You’ll be pretty amazed at what comes back to you! <3
+ Follow Biet’s journey at @guidedbybiet on IG!
Photos by Jana Kirn.
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I have always wanted to dip into meditation. Sounds like a plan!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

5 years ago

Love this!

5 years ago

I prefer to call it higher self or ask my Guardian Angel :) I do love the meditation suggested, simple and powerful! I just think that this kind of questionaire interviews leave so many good stuff because there is no continuation, I was intrigued by the first answer: what system does Biet uses to know herself (behind meditation :)!) ?

5 years ago

this sounds like a good plan! Love this. The meditation is simple and great

5 years ago

Enjoyed every bit of your article post. Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.