All Hail the Queen V

If you’ve been on the hunt for vaginal self-care products — and even if you haven’t — might I suggest Queen V?

Let’s be real: you probably also talk a lot about how you treat your skin. Whether it’s a friend asking for a moisturizer recommendation or a knowledgeable salesperson in your favorite natural skincare store or that shared Google doc making the rounds at your office, you are more than happy to dive deep into the conversation topic of skin and caring for it.

But what about the other parts of your body you take care of on a regular basis — or should maybe show a little more love? Are you as happy to celebrate self-care when it comes to your vagina? There’s no right answer here, but if you thought, “hell no” in response to that last question, you’re not alone…and that’s a shame. When you experience something funky with your skin, there’s no hesitation to ask friends or colleagues or even total strangers for advice and then run to the store to buy a new product. But if something funky is happening with your vagina, you’re probably more likely to open an incognito browser window and search your symptoms than to actually vocalize a question to a trusted source, let alone head to the store and shop for your issue in public.

But what if there were a line of feminine care products that didn’t make you feel weird or embarrassed or like you need to wear sunglasses and a hat to shop for? (Side note: these are not embarrassing products to begin with and they do not treat embarrassing problems! The stigma associated with “being a woman” and all that comes with it is incredibly dated and people need to get with the times and accept the vagina in all her glory. Ok, rant over.) What if you could care for your vagina in the same way you care for your skin, with products you actually want to use and talk about? Products that actually make it fun to take care of your vagina?

If you’ve been on the hunt for vaginal self-care products — and even if you haven’t — might I suggest Queen V? Not only is the packaging incredibly fun, but the products work, are way better for you than conventional drugstore stuff (thanks to a focus on more natural ingredients), aren’t confusing to use, and have you covered from all angles, literally.

Just looking to maintain your vagina’s already glorious health? Opt for the V Bar, a cleansing bar that’s gentle enough to use daily. Because it doesn’t contain ingredients like glycerin (which is known to trigger yeast infections), the bar keeps the pH of your vagina totally balanced (in the healthy 3.8-4.5 pH range). The inclusion of aloe and rosewater also help to ensure it won’t mess with your natural settings.

Interested in treating your vagina to a little R&R but afraid of what kind of havoc a bath might wreak? Pop the Bubbly is designed to let your whole body luxuriate — including your vagina. Also pH-balanced, this bubble bath is infused with green tea, chamomile and mango extracts, and formulated without the parabens and irritants so many other bubble baths have that mess with the health of your vagina.

Need to deal with a yeast infection but not in the mood to skulk through the drugstore in search of a chemical-filled, messy, confusing cream treatment that’s probably only going to provide temporary relief? The Eraser is a homeopathic approach to relieving the worst symptoms of a yeast infection, no messy creams required. With boric acid as its sole ingredient, this suppository gets rid of bad bacteria and rebalanaces your vagina’s pH levels after an infection.

Take control of your body by taking control of what you put in your body.


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5 years ago

Love this!

4 years ago

yaaas! i did’t take bubbly baths for years now because i was too afraid to get another yeast infection! Best idea, wish it was available in Austria though

4 years ago

Love this product! Queen v is so easy and fun to use . Especially love the gentle soap and spray ! Bubble bath, I just started using, such a light sent and lots of bubbles! I love that free people now Has queen v !! Yay so easy to shop !