4 Wickedly Good Products We’re Loving This Month

As All Hallows Eve draws ever closer, we’re eyeing a few enchanting essentials to add to our self care routines.

It’s not just Halloween that lends a spooky, ethereal air to this time of year. A changeling of a month (ôctō is from Latin and actually means eight, hinting at October’s original place on the Roman calendar), it’s the month most often associated with autumn and crisp air, when old wives’ summer days become fewer and farther between (read about what that means here), replaced with glittering frosted mornings and hastened nightfall. It’s when we often turn inward, get cozy, and begin to hunker down in anticipation of the chilly months ahead. As All Hallows Eve draws ever closer, we’re eyeing a few enchanting essentials to add to our self care routines. From black batting lashes to bewitching bat masks (yes, really – you’ve gotta see this one), these are the wickedly wonderful products you’ll want to add to your October wishlist to use all year long. Ready to be bewitched? Read on, then be sure to click *add to cart* to add a little magic to your day:


The Spellbinding Book: Everyday Magic: Rituals, Spells & Potions to live Your Best Life 

Learn how to channel your inner power all year long with this enthralling book by Semra Haksever. From crafting your own spells to constructing an altar to swirling together essential oils to promote calm and welcome luck into your life, “Everyday Magic” is about more than simply modern witchcraft. An essential for the self care junkie (aren’t we all these days?), this gorgeous book features beautiful illustrations, simple instructions, and content to please just about anybody — it’ll be right at home on your bookshelf, but we’re willing to bet you won’t be able to put it down.

For Lashes Worth Batting: Lily Lolo Big Lash Mascara

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, this organic, vegan jet black mascara really does exist – and it has the power to transform your lashes from unclad to mystically masked. Swipe on the creamy, quick drying formula for stay-all-day wear to take you from morning meetings to Halloween ball – no clumping or smudging in sight.

A Mask to Make You Go Batty: Wish Formula Bat Eye Mask

The newest superhero to add to your masking routine, this bat-shaped mask is all treat, no tricks. Featuring Centella, also known as Asiatic Pennywort, a botanical rich in amino acids and phytochemicals and fermented honey, this spooky mask hydrates, brightens, and illuminates the cheeks, nose and under eye area. Simply apply it across your nose and under your eyes and curl up with your favorite Halloween movie for a night-in that’s all about you.

The Bewitching Berry: Zenchi Black Goji Berries

Make your morning magical by adding a dusting of these antioxidant-rich jet-black berries to your acai bowl, overnight oats, or tossing them into your favorite smoothie for a boost of light berry flavor. With the power to potentially support immune functions, promote anti-aging and be supportive of calm, these lovely little gems are lovingly sourced from indigenous farming groups dedicated to sustainably.


Julie O’Boyle is a freelance content creator living in Portland, Maine. Follow Julie on Instagram & check out her blog!


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The bat eye mask looks so cute, and sounds so lush to use! Would love to get my hands on it!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

2 years ago

Love this!