The Four Things You Cannot Find In Nature, No Matter How Hard You Look

Camp’d Out founder Kitty Medina confirms that yes, there are a few things that Mother Nature might be hiding from us on purpose… is that a bad thing?

In order to sell someone on the virtues of nature, the same tactics seem to be generally applied: “Where else but in nature can you find true solitude, peace, inspiration, fresh air, serenity, power, the elusive black bear (you can take or leave that one)?” 

We humans have a funny way of needing to always FIND something, even as we try to unwind/turn off/unplug. Maybe it’d be…refreshing?…to give in to the beauty that is Mother Nature because we’re sure NOT to find something? Kitty Medina, founder of the experiential event and rental outpost Camp’d Out, pondered the idea with us recently, crafting a group of four things that don’t come naturally when you’re “lost” in the great outdoors. Bear in mind (not that black bear mentioned earlier) that there may be some ever-so-slight exceptions to the following list, but we dare you to challenge our stance:


If you have or have ever been tempted to label the great outdoors as one big snooze, consider implementing a simple shift in your perspective — maybe “boring” is actually “reflective” or “meditative.” As all Camp’d Out experiences ensure that the hard work is done for you, you need only to first designate your location — anywhere in California — before mapping out as few or as many activities as you like. Pick whatever affords you the best opportunity to do YOU. After all, nature serves to nourish, challenge and cradle us. Boredom is never be an option.


It may help if we first define complacency: a feeling of uncritical satisfaction with one’s achievements. With Camp’d Out, you and the team experience life as one, so there is always a distinct air of trust, respect and mutual appreciation. Leave your ego at the tent entrance, and revel in building an intimate community with the local flora and fauna.


Mother Nature never takes a day off…a second’s reprieve is doubtful, at best. It seems befitting that Camp’d Out would adhere to a similar mantra. As a guest of Camp’d Out, there is no need to do any set-up, breakdown. The oasis of your choosing is a dream already fulfilled upon your arrival, with everything sustainably procured and removed from site once you’ve embarked on your next journey.


Though comfort is not at the top of nature’s checklist, it just may be under Kitty’s watch. With luxury tents and embellishments personally selected for your event (including pieces sourced artisans close by), your only requirement is to relax (if you so choose). Does a Camp Butler sweeten the deal? Because that is a REAL thing. Also, remember that the mere act of breathing in fresh air reduces your chances of pollutant exposure, ups your oxygen intake, reduces stress and can bolster your immunity. 

So, now that you’ve read through our list, take a trip — for the afternoon, for the night, for the weekend — into the great outdoors. And let us know if there’s anything YOU’RE unable to find?

Camp’d Out is an LA-based company (Venice, to be exact) that curates unique and unforgettable outdoor experiences for its customers. Kitty and team do all of the prep work for you, and ensure that you and your guests are truly living…off the grid, and free of boredom, complacency, laziness and discomfort.

+ For more of FP x Camp’d Out’s collaboration, go here.

Lead image by James & Jess Photography. Interior photo by Caitlin Walsh.


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I love this! Such an unusual blog post reminding us of some important messages. Never a bad time to take a walk outdoors!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Super neat, love this!

4 years ago

Love this! When ever I’m feeling a little off the first thing I do is kick off the shoes and stand in the grass. Being in nature is the best medicine!