pixel coasters

I am such a sucker for this pixelated stuff! It looks so cool! If I can figure out how to read the language the site is in, I might have buy some coasters

Connie -Oct 14, 2008, 9:45PM
The store/site is based in Taiwan, if that helps!
heather -Oct 10, 2008, 12:20PM

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fpgirl -Oct 10, 2008, 9:48AM
Hi B! No! We are not replacing Free People, we're just giving you even more designs from the Free People team with a different focus of our aesthetic and new design processes. Check out the new catalog and the older blog entries about We the Free to see more about how this collection is different...
B -Oct 09, 2008, 11:03PM
Is We The Free replacing Free People?

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stitched map postcards

I love this idea for postcards! Traveling around a particular area? Get a map of the area, some thread, and stitch in the path of your travels. This would make great postcards, or something to stick in your own journal or scrapbook.
Image from Contor Design
Found via swissmiss

Rebecca Purecell

This jewelry, which I saw on Design Dig, is so fantastic! It was created by Rebecca Purecell, apparently for our sister-brand Anthropologie, though I can’t seem to find the jewelry on their website right now. (Which is too bad, because I want that necklace at the top especially!) I love how Rebecca uses all kinds of random patches and charms and other sort of sewing-box stuff on the jewelry! She has a pretty cool little website, but watch out when you go to it because it will resize your browser window, which is kind of annoying. Maybe just open it in a new window altogether…
Anyway, love this jewelry!

These images have been floating all around the web lately, but the attention is well-deserved, and I wanted to make sure you all saw them too!
These silhouettes are from The Adventures of Prince Achmed, which is the oldest animated feature length film that still survives. It was released in 1926, and though there were older animated films, those are lost to us. As you might have guessed, The Adventures of Prince Achmed was created using silhouette animation – and these silhouettes are pretty exquisite!
Via 2 or 3 Things, via Smile…

fp luren -Oct 14, 2008, 9:25PM
I once saw this movie with a soundtrack performed live on the piano as it would have originally been seen. It was really amazing. And in case you didn't know, the story is based on the stories of Sheherazade, who wed an evil Shah who was infamous for having one night stands with beautiful ladies and having them killed the next morning. Sheherazade kept an exciting story going with a cliffhanger every night so the Shah would have to keep her alive to find out the next chapter. And thats where the collection "A thousand and one nights" comes from.
Clover -Oct 09, 2008, 9:59PM
Not to mention Lotte Reiniger was the first woman (or person ever, as far as historians know) to create a full feature-length animated film! Kudos to her!

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Check out this awesome photo essay by David Friedman! He tells about it best: I shot these photos at a denim factory in Kentucky that specializes in distressing high-end jeans for a few top designers. I used to scoff at paying a premium for jeans that come with holes in them already. Then I saw just how much work goes into distressing jeans, and I realized that these people are artists. You can’t just have any loose threads, you have to have the right loose threads. They can’t just be faded. They have to be the right color. A lot of work goes into making these jeans look just right.
I put my favorite shots below – click here to see the whole essay on David’s blog!


We went to Lexington, VA…we stayed in that big beautiful house!!! (owned by our Art Director’s friend) We didn’t have to go far for great photos, and we got to have a cook out with the whole “family”… We made some new friends…..Stoney (the husky) and Noodge (the kitty…because he likes to nudge you with his head)…Virginia was gorgeous. Nobody wanted to leave!
See the whole catalog here.

elo boost -Apr 10, 2014, 2:29PM
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yttr -Oct 09, 2008, 12:32PM
mack, did you really have to put a pic of my duct-taped boot on here? jeesh...

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Apparently these awesome self-portrait photos by Sam Taylor-Wood are actually from about four years ago, but I just found them on WeHeartIt! Aren’t they just so cool? There is an interesting, though probably also a little old, article about her here on the Telegraph.

fun with neckties

I once worked for a while as a waitress at the ‘fancy’ Italian restaurant in my hometown. As with any serving job, there were many things to like and dislike about working there, but one thing I always really liked was our uniforms- black pants, white buttoned shirt, and a necktie. We looked good, and I found that I really enjoy wearing neckties. Neckties of any print or color were acceptable for our uniforms, and in time I amassed a pretty interesting collection!
Lately I have been thinking about my neckties, and aside from wanting to pull them out and wear them in the classic style, (I sometimes think a woman looks better in a necktie even than a man,) I have felt the urge to do something with them… what, I wasn’t sure.
But today I am brimming with inspiration thanks to some great ideas found on the internet! People have found so many things to create using neckties!
This cute dress, made totally of neckties, was created by a student at Tampa Academy of Design & Technology.
RickRackRuby on Craftster made these fun little necktie daisy pins! You can find a tutorial on this page- it’s down a few scrolls from the top.
I found this amazing quilt (and the cool dress!) on Artful Ties, which is a little blog all about sewing with ties! I bet a quilt made of ties would be so warm!
This skirt is so awesome! There are so many possibilities with a skirt like this too – color choices and length choices while making it, and ways to wear it when it’s finished!
This cute little necktie bag has a tutorial on CraftBits!
These are just a few of the sewing with necktie ideas out there! I’m definitely inspired to do something with all those ties now!
I found many of these links thanks to this Metafilter post.

Jeff -Jun 08, 2009, 4:57AM
Just wear them. You'll get some stares, but I think they look great on women/girls. Don't care for those who say it's not OK and dress up like everyone else. Be yourself! :)
Rob Caldwell -Nov 19, 2008, 5:49PM
I used to work at Macaroni Grill and everyone wore ties there too. I don't remember any of the women saying that they liked to wear the ties too, so it's interesting that you did. I don't think I've ever seen a woman wear a tie outside of an Italian restaurant environment. Why isn't it more accepted? Nice post.

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Erinzam makes these adorable little notebooks out of discarded library books and old card stock. Way to reuse and make something cute! I love them! See more here.

virtual collage

Just a quick note because I can’t find an image to illustrate – I found a really fun little virtual collage maker, with seemingly endless clippings! Check it out if you need a little break from whatever you may be doing… :)

Today we release our October catalog with the complete line of We the Free. We the Free is a new collection of vintage inspired product that features relaxed fits and superior fabric qualities. It consists primarily of knitwear but also includes sweaters and accessories. We the Free includes the newest print techniques paired with both classic and edgy graphics, applique, hand-embroidery, and trims.
We the Free has a boy sensibility borrowing from military, athletic, work wear, and surf wear.
Check out the new book, the video and the new product!

Ulika Schuppert -Oct 13, 2008, 3:17PM
Hello, This is my first time doing this and i just wanted to say this is really cool. I'm a big fan of fp!!!!! I'm actually working toward a career in fashion so who knows maybe one day I can be so lucky to work for you!

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