My Perfect Yoga Space

I love yoga, and I especially love doing it at home.  After years of practicing and taking classes, I have found that now that I know the poses, I enjoy doing yoga most in my own space, by myself. I like to put on music, light some incense, and fall deep into my own little serene world.  With all of our amazing new FP Movement gear, I couldn’t resist setting up my dream yoga space (and my dream yoga gear!) in a quiet corner of our building. I chose a quiet mezzanine with beautiful wood floors, and just the right amount of natural light. I love doing yoga in a dimly lit space. For atmosphere I hung our Tie Dye Blanket and a small Dream Catcher, and scatted some large pillows on the floor.  I love adding some natural elements to a yoga space as well, so I included some plants and flowers. The only thing missing was one of our gorgeous FP Movement Printed Yoga Mats (I used my own) – I’m dying for the printed gray one!

free people yoga

dream catcher

Small Dream Catcher.

yoga space

free people yoga

free people yoga

This gorgeous Cobra Yoga Bag is on my wish list. I love that it has straps so you can wear it like a backpack, and tons of pockets to store your phone, wallet, or whatever else you need to bring to class with you!

free people yoga

free people yoga

To throw on after class: the Side Printed Legging, Russell Runner, Ikat Embroidery Baseball Hat and Large Friendship Bracelet.

free people yoga

Printed Sports Bra, We The Free Urban Cowgirl Henley.

free people yoga

Cobra Yoga Bag, Small Dream Catcher.

What would your perfect yoga space look like?

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Photos by Julia.

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8 years ago

love that you can have a dedicated space for yoga as i always have to move things around in my tiny apartment to make that happen…which dissuades me from ever getting to that session. what a lovely space.

8 years ago

so pretty, julia!

8 years ago

Oooo I love the space!!! I just started my practice and absolutely love it! Thank you for the beautiful inspiration!!!

7 years ago

I just love doing yoga and this space looks awesome – but I suppose you wouldnt be able to so something like handstands and stuff without destroying the place :D