Why Hydration Isn’t Just About Water

Water is incredibly important to our health. Immensely important. It’s absolutely vital in order for our cells to thrive. But the thing is: It’s not about the amount of water we drink. It’s about the amount of water that actually gets absorbed by our  cells.

Have you ever found yourself drinking glass upon glass of water, and still feeling incredibly dehydrated? Same. I recently brought this up to my wonderful natural doctor, as this has been really baffling – and frustrating – to me for years.

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Her advice was to add a pinch of high-quality pink Himilayan salt into every glass of water before drinking it. She informed me that sometimes a body doesn’t exactly know how to handle the pure water that it’s been given. The water seems to enter the body and go right back out, without giving the cells the hydration they need. When water has a bit of Himilayan salt in it, the body senses the minerals it contains and it absorbs them – along with the water – right into its cells.

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After doing a bit of research, I found that what hydration really comes down to is a healthy balance of water, minerals, and essential fatty acids within the body. While minerals help transport water to the cells, essential fatty acids help create healthy cell membranes, which hold in moisture.

In addition to using Himilayan salt in your water, you can make sure you’re getting the minerals, protein, and fatty acids you need by eating lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Chia seeds are especially helpful, as they can hold up to 12 times their weight in water! A perfect reason to make this incredible chocolate chia seed superfood pudding.

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+ Has anyone else ever struggled with keeping their bodies hydrated? Let us know your tips!

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5 years ago

Really? I always thought salt was even more dehydrating! Hmm,I’ll look into this!

FP Brigette
5 years ago

Cassie – Regular table salt is bad news, but high quality Himilayan salt is a whole different ball game! Definitely look into it — it does so many good things :) :)

5 years ago

Such helpful advice – I never would have considered this! I should probably start paying more attention to what happens.

Warm Regards,

5 years ago

Interesting. I drink a lot of water and don’t feel dehydrated, but to mix things up I’ll often add fresh lemon juice or a splash of apple cider vinegar to my water. I have himalayan salt in the kitchen cabinet so I might have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

Dee | http://www.daundra.com/blog

5 years ago

adding salt to every glass of water you drink sounds quite unhealthy to me. it can lead to hypernatremia, which can be quite dangerous in the long run. the salt balance in the body is very delicate and can quickly go out of balance. i’ve struggled with keeping hydrated and i’d recommend drinking coconutwater instead, which has a isotonic (same as the body) electrolyte balance.

5 years ago

I love chia seeds in my ice tea

The Artistically Challenged

5 years ago

I see! This must be why I crave salt :)


5 years ago

Just was reading some articles today on the importance of water… not something I drink enough of! Encouraged to stay more hydrated.

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5 years ago

Sandra – Water with just a little bit of salt is isotonic as well. It’s not like you’re supposed to pour in a whole spoonful. =]

5 years ago

My household uses a water distiller and then adds either a dash of pink Himalayan salt or mineral drops.

This is also why so many people have luck on a raw foods diet, it is all about hydration! I have a ton of free raw recipes on my blog!


5 years ago

I learned this in Ayurveda actually. Anyone who has some vata type in them usually needs extra salt. It’s a common prob to drink plenty of water but constantly have to pee so salt helps absorbtion.

5 years ago

Great Post. Always craving salt, constantly being thirsty despite of several liters of water daily – now I know why! .

5 years ago

I was always drinking and peeing, 24 hours a day. Due to low blood pressure I had to go on a high sodium diet. It helped my blood pressure, but not my constant thirst. A routine blood test was abnormal, and found out my constant thirst/ peeing was a symptom of kidney disease. With medication I am now fine. If you feel like your body is trying to tell you something, get it checked out. I have nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.

5 years ago

Ah this is so interesting!


5 years ago

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5 years ago

hydration is not all about water a wise man once said. then he spilt gatorade on his hand

5 years ago

needless to say he was given a bib from then on!

5 years ago

I love all these blogs on free people, they’re SO good! this blog was really useful thank you

1 year ago

Great insights you have shared here. The problem is most people don’t know about this. They drink a lot of water everyday, yet feel dehydrated. Would love to try this Himilayan salt and share my feedback.