Chakra Sunday: Understanding Your Sacral Chakra

Continuing her series on the healing power of chakras, here is friend and yogi Nina Endrst to tell you about thinking and moving with fluidity…

The unknown is a scary place for many of us, those dark corners of our minds. While some of us tend to visit more frequently and stay a little longer, every human can relate to falling down the rabbit hole once or twice. To being consumed by unlikely stories we’ve convinced ourselves are happening or are bound to happen – making it difficult to stay in the natural flow and enjoy the moment.

By nature, I tend to be more on the free-spirited side, but that doesn’t mean I am without fear and anxiety. That is, in fact, where a lot of my work lies – grounding myself first, deepening my breath and floating on.

Life can throw some intense and unexpected curve balls, but what about all the beautiful moments when we are healthy, happy and enjoying the simple pleasures of our existence?

The second chakra (sacral) is associated with the element of water. It is here we are encouraged to think, speak, and move through life with graceful fluidity.

Sacral Chakra

Location: Hips, sacrum, lower abdomen, womb, sexual organs, inner thighs.

Color: Orange.

Mantra: I witness my feelings with compassion and understanding.

Element: Water.

When in balance: We are open to people and the world around us. We accept and welcome change, movement – and are relatively comfortable with impermanence. We are in tune with our emotions and grounded in how we express them. When this chakra is open, creativity is available to us in many forms. We likely have a healthy relationship with our sexuality and are able to give and receive love freely, without fear.

When out of balance: We may feel overwhelmed by our emotions and have poor boundaries, making it difficult for us to feel comfortable and happy with ourselves and others. There is also a tendency to form unhealthy attachments in relationships and experience feelings of jealousy, distrust, envy, etc. Creative expression can also become blocked, leaving us feeling stagnant or uninspired.

Practices to heal and energize:

Write and speak a gratitude list every morning, as a ritual. Look at yourself in the mirror and state, “I am grateful for my health, family, safety, etc.” Notice how something so simple can change the course of your day. It will also help quiet negative thought patterns.

Let yourself have fun! Focus your attention and time on activities that makes you smile and laugh! Make it a priority to engage with people who are supportive and loving. A great place to practice healthy boundaries – it is more than OK to firmly and politely say no to people and things that bring you down. Leave the drama behind and enjoy your life.

Practice hip openers on the daily. The physical practice of yoga is incredibly valuable — spending a few minutes in bound angle or pigeon pose is a great way to stay emotionally balanced. While here, close your eyes and imagine that your breath is a beautiful shade of orange, imagine your breath as water — filling and clearing the space around your sacral chakra. Allow yourself to rest and feel however you need to feel. 


+ Also, Nina has just created these magical mantra candles!

Photo by Mitchell Hoffmaster.

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I always write a gratitude list at the end of the week. Would be nice to move it to a daily thing like you suggest!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Great post! x

4 years ago

Thank you so much for your support. I’ve been stressed out these days and I wanted to know ways to heal myself <3