Weekend Workouts: Anywhere, with Amanda Bisk

No matter where you go this holiday, there you are…working out like a champ thanks to Amanda Bisk’s new movement series, Anywhere.

Say the name Amanda Bisk around Home Office, and there’s a good chance that the word “hero” or “inspiration” will soon follow. In 2011, Amanda, a professional pole vaulter in Australia, was diagnosed with chronic fatigue. After doctors prescribed several different (and unsuccessful) treatments for her, she sought out a holistic approach — whole foods and yoga — to which she attributes her healing.

Today, in addition to being a Qualified Exercise Physiologist, Elite Athletics Coach and Yoga Teacher, she is founder of freshbodyfitmind, a digital platform that allows you to practice yoga and work out anywhere, anytime, on any device you like.

What can’t this woman to? EXACTLY our point. And she’s been gracious enough to share with you a few of her favorite on-the-go workouts to keep you in top form during the holiday season (and beyond). Today, we’re going to start with The Pyramid, a Whole Body Cardio Workout.


This workout is a countdown workout. Starting at 20 reps, and dropping by 2 reps each round. Example: Do each exercise for 20 reps, then the next round 18 reps, next round 16 reps…and so on until you get to 2 reps.

Advanced variation: Once you get to 2 reps, work your way back up the pyramid until you get back to 20 reps!





Start standing with your feet wide.

Place 1 hand on the ground between your feet.

Jump your feet out to plank (keep them wide for balance), then jump them back in and stand up.

Repeat on other side.

Beginner variation: Step your feet out and in instead of jumping.

Works: Core, obliques, and shoulders.



Start in Plank. Finger spread wide and pressing firmly into the ground (to remove pressure from the wrist joint). Push the ground away and round upper back to the sky. Lengthen through the neck (look up) and pull the shoulders away from the ears. Pull the core in and squeeze the bottom (no saggy back!)

Bring left knee to elbow, slide down to wrist, then back up to elbow (the up phase in super important and really fires up the deep core!). Then step back to plank.

Repeat on other side.

*Each side = 1 rep (eg. left side = 1, right side = 2, back to left side = 3…)

Beginner variation: Just bring elbow to knee (no slide).

Weak wrist variation: Do on elbows.

Works: Shoulders, lats, core, deep core, and obliques.



Start with your feet together.

Jump feet wide, toes out slightly, and sit your bottom down and back into a squat. Touch one hand to the ground in between your feet.

Keep your chest up, back straight, and press firmly into your heels (to fire up the glutes).

Jump your feet back together and stand up.

Repeat on other side.

Beginner variation: Keep feet wide and do low impact Sumo Squats.

Works: Quads, hamstrings, adductors (inner thighs), and calves.


Wearing the Happiness Runs Onesie and Bounce Back Long Sleeve Top.

+ Here’s FP Movement on IG! And come back next week for more from Amanda Bisk.


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Thanks for the tips! I appreciate the GIFs, they’re easy to follow without needing to watch a long video!

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