Post image for wait a sec, is that BOB?

our beloved customer service manager is pictured on this year’s eagles season tickets! to show their appreciation for their biggest fans, the eagles put their photos on the tickets, saying “we reached out to you to share your eagles stories with us and we were touched by the depths of your passion for eagles football.  all ten of this year’s tickets feature fans with a unique perspective on what it means to be an eagles fan.”

bob’s story? “i painted E-A-G-L-E-S on my neighbor’s roof for the planes flying overhead. now did she know about it? well…”

i love it! bob will also get to be on the field at game one to start off the eagles chant :)

-Jul 30, 2010, 2:23PM
E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!

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Post image for this week’s office style








the last photo was taken by our videographer and is such a great shot it was posted on jeffrey campbell’s blog!

fp julia -Aug 02, 2010, 5:27PM
she got the skirt at portobello market in london!
bellaMUMMA -Jul 30, 2010, 3:31AM
LOVING those shoes!!!!!!!

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Post image for thursday poll – edition 103

i’m all about slips right now.  they’re light and airy for summer and perfect for carrying over into fall and winter as layering pieces. i have my eye on a couple of these… which one is your favorite?

the loving tulle layering slip:

the fields of lace dress:

the chiffon and lace tiered ruffle slip:

the sleeveless ruffle up solid tunic:

or the pointed maxi slip:

the winner of last week’s poll was the vintage mandala bag with 42%!

nini -Aug 09, 2010, 7:07PM
love the new vintage line..sure you need some amazing pieces to add to your store, I have been hording vintage on the lines with the same distinctions of a lot of FP looks. please email me if you are interested in any. I have A LOT! I will only accept emails from FP buyers or stylist, not the public. thanks nini

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Post image for style file

this week i thought i’d share these posts fp jemma put together about what our stylists are into right now!

first, our assistant stylist:



I am going through a fashion rut right now – I just want to start styling for fall already and start layering! These are some things that I currently love for fall…

Rag and Bone Fall 10

Knee socks, fairisle sweaters, great wovens. Tons of layering. Gothic jewelry. Very much inspired by the Craft right now.

Erin Wasson from November 2006

and our associate stylist:



So I’m currently obsessing over an array of things!  Fall is just around the corner and my closet could use some fresh new pieces!  Top on my list is crazy big vintage bell bottoms (the bigger the better) and funky graphic tees!  I need need need these custom hand knitted bell bottoms from the Etsy designer, Jane Oh.

I’m also loving the lingerie as outerwear trend that happening right now!  It’s a great transitional trend that can easily be updated for fall with over the knee socks, big chunky sweaters and boots!

Can I also just say how freakin cool all the August accessories are!!  We can’t wait to style with all the Navajo inspired jewelry, bags, and shoes!!  Some of my favorite Fall 2010 runway shows so far are Sonia Rykiel (personal fav) and of course Ana Sui with her crazy color palate, mix of texture and print and those crazy printed tights! Oh yeah and last but not least….def jumping on that funky color hair trend!  Just need to decide what color…blue or purple???  Ok, I’m rambling now…gotta go!

-Jul 29, 2010, 4:15PM
awesome collages, great styling x

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Post image for free people august catalog sneak peak

“we went back to morocco for 7 days to shoot the august catalog. we traveled from marrakesh to morocco’s “hollywood town” of ouarzazate and then 7 hours into the sahara desert from there. it was an amazing trip… we laughed a lot, slept under the most stunning stars, rode camels… i will never forget this adventure.”








much more to come…

sofia -Mar 15, 2011, 1:03PM
OMG! i can't believe you were in my country and i didn't know that! So happy that you choose one of our moroccan girl Hind ! love pleace kiss from casablanca
anna -Aug 05, 2010, 5:29AM
and the styling is extra amazing in this catalog. in love with all of the layers!

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Post image for hot and cold

on the trek to building 25, sunlight filters down from the sky and presses summer gently on the shoulders. walk through the double doors and you enter a different season entirely. while i was sitting in on a meeting yesterday, i found myself casting wistful glances at the cardigan/sweater/jacket/blanket clad shoulders around me, all the while struggling to banish the impulse to hurl myself at a sweater sample and disappear inside of it. it seems that spending the day in such a boldly air conditioned building has tricked me into thinking that it is winter.

everywhere i look i see plush cardigans and deliciously cozy knits. the we the free navajo cardigan that i have had my eye on since it first appeared on the web has done more than turn me onto the navajo-inspired trend. i now find myself feverishly looking up sweaters and moccasins, dreaming of the warmth and comfort they would bring. from what i have seen of what’s to come, i think free people reads my mind.

i decided to take a walk around the office to see how FP girls keep warm…






roger snug and warm in his fur coat :)

here are some lovely pieces to wrap yourself up in:


left to right: we the free navajo cardigan, desert drifter cardigan, southwest poncho.

be still, my heart, a cozy blanket with sleeves…

- post by our concept intern stacey.

animated gif source.

Karla -Jul 29, 2010, 4:00PM
Julia, you really should think about writing a book. You are a terrific writer. You have a magical way of describing things which really goes with the FP ethic. Thank you for inspiring me!

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Post image for a few from facebook








love our fan photos :)

Angela -Jul 27, 2010, 5:10PM
Jamie -Jul 27, 2010, 11:34AM
All pics are beautiful! The second pic is my fav too! ;-)

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Post image for flea market score

fp jemma came in today wearing the cutest outfit – and the best part is she got it all for under $30 at the punk rock flea market in philly this weekend. here are the items she scored:




long smocked maxi dress $5, native indian feather necklace $1, heart bracelets $1, moon stone ring $5 and moccasins $15.


Liah -Jul 28, 2010, 3:34PM
Wow if I knew you could score finds like that at a punk rock flea market, i woulda checked it out. The name alone kinda turned me off to visiting it, because I'm not in the punk rock scene.
kristina -Jul 27, 2010, 3:18PM
maggie, i have those too. you mean they're just leather on the bottom? the leather will get dirty and turn black, but the leather hardens as you wear them. they'll eventually wear out, but they're pretty easy to come by at thrift stores.

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Post image for how-to style: buttonfront lace back tank

we’re back with another how-to style session! this time jemma took the photos, i was the model, and our assistant stylist and jemma put together some great looks using the buttonfront lace back tank.  i’m sold- i’m absolutely going to buy this top because there are SO many ways to wear it.  i think my favorite is wearing it backwards so the lace is in the front and the buttons are in the back!

first up, here it is worn as a vest and dressed down with jeans and a tee:

here it’s dressed up with some over-the-knee boots and tucked into a skirt:

my favorite look- worn with the lace in front:


and this was jemma’s look- worn over a cute summery dress with hiking boots:


read more for more photos and for details on each look!

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Kristina -Jul 26, 2010, 11:13AM
I love this vest -- and this post. I thought it was beautiful before, but this post introduced me to other ways to wear it that I didn't think of before. Please do more how-tos with styling your gorgeous pieces. So inspiring!
-Jul 25, 2010, 8:02AM
Great photos, beautiful model!

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free stylin

Post image for free stylin

this week’s pick from our stylists is the eternal sunshine shirt! our assistant stylist says “transitioning into fall i love the idea of wearing woven button downs as layering pieces. it’s great for adding pattern and texture to your outfit.”

here are some styling ideas:

worn here with the needlepoint cami, we the free colorblock cardigan, slouchy chino and lace up peep toe wedge.


worn here with the printed lace tank (colorway coming soon), fp skinny textured jeans, muu baa leather jacket and strasborg heeled hiker.

i love this shirt, i just can’t decide which color i like better!

amelia -Jul 23, 2010, 2:37PM
What are the qualifications to be a stylist for free people?
anna -Jul 23, 2010, 2:33PM
These are great! Though, I love the way it was styled in the July Catalog. I love the "black combo" color.

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Post image for office style

i love this look from head to toe!




she’s wearing the free peoplesolid ruffle tap short and scandalous lace top.

-Jul 24, 2010, 10:35AM
i think the feather bracelet is from alex and ani, or at least they make one that is just like it.
fp julia -Jul 23, 2010, 11:15AM
the shoes are from free people but they're no longer available :( sorry!

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Post image for thursday poll – edition 102

we’re crazy about navajo accessories right now. i love the colors and the beading! they’re such a great way to accessorize a simple outfit. which of these do you like best?

the wanderer necklace:

the navajo beaded cuff:

the ciara hat:

the totem bead belt:

the navajo beaded earrings:

or the vintage mandala bag:

i love them all!! take your pick:

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