A hearty congratulations to the winner of the Free People Best or Worst Date Ever Video Contest, Molly! Check out her video below!
All of the entries we received were so special, it was really really difficult to pick a winner! You guys have had some crazy dates, good and bad! Thank you so very much to everyone who participated!
And if you weren’t a winner, fear not! There are more contests and giveaways in the making! Stay tuned!

Comments are now closed for the February catalog giveaway. The lucky winner is Priscilla! Her comment was randomly chosen by random.org and she wins these trinkets our creative director brought back from the photoshoot in Mexico.
Here was her answer to the question “What is your favorite thing about the beach?”
My favorite thing about the beach is the sounds. Obviously, the ocean waves, the screech of seagulls and small children, pieces of conversation… I am so ready for summer to be here already. :P
This was fun! The answers to the animal question were hilarious. Scroll down a few entries and read them all.

Priscilla -Feb 13, 2009, 3:50PM
Hourray! :D And thanks (again)!

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Happy Thursday everyone! The week is nearing a close and that means it’s time for our Thursday poll!
For last week’s poll, I wondered which of our new swim suits was your favorite. It was actually a really close vote, with the Rubix Cutaway One Piece winning by 15 votes, with 139 votes total!
Lately I have been loving all the printed tights we have, they really make a dull outfit a lot more exciting! So, this week I wanted to ask you about our printed tights and see which ones you find most appealing!
First take a look at our Pondi Cherry Paisley Tight, shown here in grey.

Now, see our New Wings Footless Tights below.

Next, check out our Rainbow Fade Footless Tights.
Finally, shown here are our Courtneyrose Footless Tights.
So, which of these tights do you like the best?

olive -Feb 12, 2009, 2:40PM
Love these tights. I can't wait to buy them at Olive-couture.com or just in their store. They are the only store in Chico CA that carries the awesome Free People line. Love the first pair by the way!!!!!
Shelley -Feb 12, 2009, 2:22PM
The Pondi Cherry Paisley Tights are really cute they almost look like tatoos!

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Do you have a couple minutes? (Just a couple!) Do you like filling out surveys? Take our blog survey!
We came up with this survey to see what you think of the blog and of Free People, so that we can keep coming with what you like, and improve too! Needless to say, we are really anxious to see your survey responses because we really want to know your opinions! So please, if you have a moment, take our survey! We’d really appreciate it!
P.S. The cute picture of the kitty with the Atari (I like to think he’s trying to take a survey,) is from here.

DEZ -Feb 13, 2009, 12:19PM
the kitty is so flippin cute, he looks like a stuffed animal...what a cutie.

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Post image for Free People’s Breaking Up Playlist!

Today I bring you the second of our trio of Valentine’s Day playlists: the Breaking Up Playlist! Sad as it is, the fact of the matter is that sometimes love stinks, and sometimes we dump or get dumped. So, we asked everyone at Free People to tell us their favorite breaking up songs, and have compiled them into this playlist for you! Don’t miss our Falling in Love playlist from earlier this week, also!

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Having trouble viewing the playlist? Click here to be whisked away to a page where you can view it!

Timothy B. Shutt -Feb 15, 2009, 12:16PM
?, of ? and the Mysterians, was actually Rudy Rodriguez of Bay City, Michigan, a classmate of one of the FP Girls' uncle. For the record.
cp -Feb 13, 2009, 9:57AM
96 tears, such a great song

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I love the print on this tote! It reminds me a little bit of Elsita’s papercuts, and it would be pretty cute for keeping valentine’s too! Agree?

Cadah -Feb 11, 2009, 2:51PM
In case you ever wanted to try making your own paper cuts... http://craftstylish.com/item/9660/how-to-make-an-impression-extraordinary-thank-you-notes

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Post image for Free People’s Falling in Love Playlist!

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is in just a little more than a week! It seems like New Year’s and the inauguration were so recently!
We have put together three different playlists for Valentine’s Day, and today I bring you the first: the Falling in Love playlist! We asked everyone in the company to tell us their favorite falling in love songs, and here they are! Enjoy! And click here if you want to see it on Playlist.com!

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It’s time for our Thursday Poll!
Last week I asked which drapey top out of four that we are currently selling appealed to you the most. Your favorites were the Double Drape Tank, with 164 votes, and the Embroidered Floral Hoodie with 136 votes. Excellent choices- especially the Embroidered Hoodie I think, since I have one myself! ;)
This week, I am trying to get myself out of this wintry mood and into a more springy frame of mind. We recently started coming out with our beach line for this year, and I am obsessed! I have been perusing all of our bathing suits with interest as they come out, and of course I want to know which one is your favorite so far!
First, have a look at the Sandy Dot Cut-Out One Piece below.

Next up is the Full Fringe Bandeau Bikini.

Below, check out the Stardust Fringe One Piece!
Next is our Feather Frill Bandeau Bikini.
Finally, see our Rubix Cutaway One Piece below.
So what do you guys think? They’re so cute, right?! Which one is your favorite?

P.S. Ever wanted to know more about our model Jenny (above), since you see her around so much? A few months ago we profiled her and made a fun video! See it here.

One Piece Bikinis -Feb 28, 2013, 4:35PM
Those One Piece bikinis are to die for ! must own before summer !
Alyssa Mrozek -Feb 06, 2009, 7:34AM
Hey I was just wondering what the brand name is for the Feather Frill Bandeau Bikini, because I love it sooo much, but I think it sold out already! Thanks!

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The West Virginia University has created this awesome online library of vintage Valentines! There are three categories: cards, 3-D cards, and postcards. The postcards are some of my favorite. You can even send one of the vintage Valentines via email from the website.
I love the hot air balloon the best! Do you have a favorite??

g! -Feb 05, 2009, 2:23PM
i love vintage valentines! i have a tiny collection myself (mostly pop-ups)
Nike -Feb 05, 2009, 10:29AM

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I know I’ve mentioned the indie craft DIY documentary Handmade Nation. There has been a lot of buzz and some clips released, but the official screenings are finally happening!
In Milwaukee at Oriental Theater 2230 N Farwell Ave. on February 5th!
If you’re near New York, the film debuts on February 12 at the Museum of Arts and Design.
Following the screening, Faythe Levine (the filmmaker!) will be joined in a post-film panel discussion about the indie craft movement by artist Mandy Greer, and Kate Bingaman-Burt, Handmade Nation typographer. The discussion will be moderated by essayist Callie Janoff.
There are some other screenings listed on the blog (including Canada and Spain) so check it out. I can’t wait!

Don’t forget, there is only one day left to enter a little video clip in our Best or Worst Date Ever Video Contest!
What was the worst date you have ever had? How about the best? Tell us about it for a chance to win a Free People Valentine Goody Box, including some cute Free People intimates wear and many other treats!
Click here for all the information, and a video of Free People employees talking about their own dates!

My friends, it’s time again for our Thursday Poll!
Last week I asked for your opinion on a number of harem pants we are currently selling, and the majority of you responded that harem pants are not for you, with that option getting 283 votes! Very interesting! Those of you who did like the look of harem pants favored the We The Free Crinkle Jersey Harem Pants, with 95 votes!
This week, I’ve been thinking about drapey, voluminous tops. I love them right now, and I actually have not yet talked to anyone that does not! They are definitely a major trend right now! I think it may be because they are flattering on so many body types.
We have a number of drapey tops in our collection right now, and I’d be interested to know which one you find most appealing!
First, take a look at our Angel Dolman Top shown here in white.

Next, check out our Double Drape Tank, also shown in white.

Shown below is the Embroidered Floral Hoodie in oatmeal.
Finally, have a look at the Drapey Muscle Tee, here in black.
Which one of these do you like the most?

Bebe -Nov 01, 2014, 11:46PM
Ciekawe spojrzenie na sprawę, każdy winien przeczytać oraz zaznajomić się z tematem.

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