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Post image for Letting Go of “All or Nothing”

Some days, we’re just not feeling 100%. People, events and obligations are tugging at us from left and right, each taking bits of our precious time and energy one by one. On these days, it just doesn’t seem possible to put in our usual “all”… so we choose to put in nothing.

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G$ -Oct 16, 2015, 3:31PM
This is beautiful and so inspirational. I feel calm reading this.
Tabea -Oct 12, 2015, 4:50PM
wonderful article, just calms me down.

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Post image for Step Behind the Scenes of Free People’s October Catalog

Our catalog team traveled to Paris and Stockholm to bring you this month’s catalog. Take a peek at what went down behind the scenes.

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Saphoona -Oct 07, 2015, 10:19PM
I enjoyed reading this but was hoping to hear more about the models who really aren’t just models, but who are also making an impact in the world through music, art and charity. It would be nice to have details on all the wonderful things they are doing.
Alison -Oct 06, 2015, 11:06PM
Stunning! I'm excited for the season. A DIY Blog 

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Post image for Spicy Sweet Potato Salad + Ginger Dressing

Sweet potato, kale, and ginger come together to make the best salad you’ll ever have!Read More

Siobhan -Oct 11, 2015, 1:09AM
Hi fp Julie, Thank you for listening to and being sensitive to readers such as Ana. I appreciate that you deleted the sweeping generalization and replaced it with appetizing, accurate description! This salad looks so delicious, I will definitely be saving this recipe for later.
fp julie -Oct 09, 2015, 12:01PM
Ana - Thank you for reading and for bringing this oversight to our attention, the title and all usage of that particular word has been edited.

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Post image for A Few Things with Caroline de Maigret

Get to know Caroline de Maigret — model, producer, street style icon and one of our October muses.

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fp julie -Oct 06, 2015, 9:56AM
Miss - It's not :) You can find this beautiful FAUX fur jacket right here (it's on my wishlist)
Miss -Oct 06, 2015, 9:35AM
I hope that isn't real fur..

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Post image for Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of October 5–11

See what the universe has planned for you this week!Read More

Post image for 5 Steps to Overcoming Injuries

What do you call a surfer who does not surf? A runner who does not run, or a yogi who does not practice yoga?Read More

roxalena -Oct 20, 2015, 3:15PM
Thank you so much for this post. I'm struggling with chronic pain and recovery from multiple surgeries. The emotional tole I let it take upon me has opened my mind to what I can do about this and the best thing about it is, it's a learning process. How amazing to learn anatomy through one self, not just a textbook and teachers. It has inspired me to know that a career path in healing is my calling, but I also have let it make me think I'm not worth healing others. It's a process of facing myself which I need. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and thoughts with us.
Alexis -Oct 12, 2015, 12:51PM
I completely understand your pain and what you are going through. I used to workout doing the P90X program, and snowboard, ride horses, do Muay Thai kicboxing etc. When I was 27 I was doing P90X Plyometrics, and all of a sudden my leg gave out. I have 4 herniated discs in my low back, 3 in my neck, Scoliosis and Degenerative Disc Disease. I have had 2 back surgeries since then, both of which have failed. I have been through PT, the chiropractor, injections, pain meds (which I am working to get off of now... it's a long process), etc. Through the last 5-6 years (I'll be 33 this year) I have struggled to snowboard (I don't know if that will ever happen) and I have my good and bad days. I picked up paddleboarding this year, and I began the Tone It Up program, which I do in moderation when I can. I have good and bad days... today is a bad day, and on those I struggle to even walk my dog as the pain shoots down my leg and into my hands. I also lost my little brother a few years ago, and I know the stress and pain of that alone has definitely hindered my heeling. I am going to take what you have written to heart, because I beat myself up way too much for feeling like a failure, so I thank you for writing this article. Maybe your words will help me find my way to the best place I can, even though that will never be the same as before. I think my brother would tell me the same thing as you, and until today I think I forgot that. I wish you a speedy and healthy recovery, and as they all say, it really does get better over time, no matter how long that may be.

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Post image for A Simple & Delicious Costa Rican-Inspired Smoothie Recipe

 A Costa Rican-inspired smoothie recipe – it might just be your new favorite treat.  Read More

Sarai @ Confessions of an ex-ballerina -Oct 03, 2015, 10:04PM
This looks amazing!
Len -Oct 03, 2015, 11:14AM
I can't believe you were here!!! I hope you had an amazing time! Also, you're absolutely right, we do eat lots of fruit, my favorite is pineapple, maracuyá, banana and coconut water.

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Post image for Photo Diary: Trans Pecos Festival of Music & Love

There’s something magic in the Marfa air… Read More

Rose -Oct 23, 2015, 2:26PM
so cool! I love your pics! I really wanted to play this festival! Maybe next year....looks like an incredible place.
Kiss & Make-up -Oct 03, 2015, 5:54AM
Looks fun!

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Post image for The Five: Best Albums to Get You Ready For a Night Out

Going somewhere tonight? Here are our favorite five albums to get you ready for a night out on the town!Read More

fp joanna -Oct 06, 2015, 4:40PM
Thanks 1121 and Madalyn -- I gave them a listen, very cool. Madalyn, I found Your Friendly Neighborhood really dreamy! xx, Joanna
madalyn -Oct 05, 2015, 1:10AM
Your Friendly Neighborhood on Soundcloud-- great vibes to start a fall weekend

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Post image for Fall Décor DIY: Build a Haystack

Haystack season has my heart.Read More

le ho -Oct 13, 2015, 11:07PM
Good work. Thank you so much for article.
Katrina -Oct 05, 2015, 10:25AM
Pumpkins looks so adorable, mine are still in growing process. :) But beside that worderful inspiration.

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Post image for FP Me Stylist Of The Week: Beegilbz

Be inspired by our FP Me stylist of the week! Read More

Jodi -Oct 01, 2015, 7:06PM
Love her style and her photos are so great. She's definitely a spitting image of what Free People is all about.

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Post image for Going Home: The Mountains of Utah

Living far away from home. It makes you reflect on and realize the things that truly matter, the things that make your heart sing, and the places from which you seek refuge and comfort.Read More

Mekenna -Oct 09, 2015, 7:04PM
I live in Utah also! Anyone who hasn't been should visit. We've really got it all here.
Faiza -Oct 05, 2015, 9:50AM
For me, I believe it's the trees that connect me to home, but the universe as a whole. I'm in love with how many there are and their age. But, the mountains, I don't have many here. And the mountains are my call to adventure. I must travel to Utah.

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