Detox and Cleanse with Spring Smoothie Recipes

Have you ever felt like your body was trying to tell you something?

I just recently returned from a music festival and my body was screaming for clean, fresh food. I may not have eaten the healthiest while I was there and definitely didn’t drink enough water, so my body was hungry for some greens. I called my friend and naturopathic doctor, Danielle Schwaderer, and picked her brain about cleansing the body in a healthy and smart way. She recommended a few green smoothie recipes to add to my daily routine to help repair my body from the damage done. Here is what she had to say:

“Cleansing the body with a daily smoothie is a great way to offer it the nutrients it needs to gently cleanse and detoxify. Green smoothies provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats, and protein that are necessary for detoxification and elimination of toxic compounds. We are constantly bombarded by toxins and environmental pollutants that cause cellular oxidative damage and can contribute to chronic illness. Air pollution, medication use, poor dietary choices, alcohol use, excessive sun exposure and cigarette smoke all contribute to the toxic burden placed on our bodies. In order to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally, we must offset oxidative damage with adequate nutrition and antioxidants. The addition of daily green smoothies offers many protective and restorative compounds needed to optimize whole body health.

I focus on seasonal and locally grown produce to enhance nutrition, support the local economy, and to follow the wisdom of mother nature. Most of the recipes have a ton of chia seeds to improve fiber intake, and coconut oil for healthy fats and to encourage satiety and also to slow down the release of sugar to the blood stream. I recommend consuming green smoothies daily for optimal health and at the bare minimum incorporating them into the diet for 7-10 days seasonally or after big holidays or events.”

Read on to discover two of her cleansing smoothie recipes!




Super Clean Colorful Greens (2 servings)
 Kale, 2-3 large leaves
 Chard, 2 large leaves
 Beet, 1-2 whole peeled (raw if using a Vitamix, shredded if using other blenders)
 Banana, 1 medium
 Lemon, 1/4 wedge
 Apple, granny smith
 Chia seeds, 2 tbsp
 Water, 12-16 oz depending on desired thickness
 Coconut oil unrefined, 1 tbsp (optional)


Spring Liver-Loving Greens (makes 2 servings)

 Greens mix, 6 oz
 Beet, 1-2 whole peeled (raw if using a Vitamix, shredded if using other blenders)
 Lemon, 1/4 wedge
 Strawberries
 Chia seeds, 2 tbsp
 Coconut oil unrefined, 1 tbsp
 Coconut milk, 8 oz
 Water, 12-16 oz depending on desired thickness

Combine ingredients in Vitamix or blender until all ingredients are smoothly blended. Garnish with fresh fruit or enjoy as is!




Personally, I love my smoothies a little more on the sweet side so I added more strawberries than what the recipe called for. I also added dark cherries and blueberries.

I also want to shout out Melissa’s Produce, who generously sent us the delicious, organic, and seasonal produce! It was all absurdly delicious and fresh, but I highly recommend the Sweet Young Coconuts! The fresh coconut water pairs brilliantly with the Coconut Clean Snax. Be sure to check out Melissa’s Produce on the web and follow their Instagram and Facebook!

Thank you, Danielle, for your recipes and words! Follow Danielle on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She also has a website  and will soon be opening an office in Sonoma, California.

Check out more healthy recipes on the blog here!

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8 years ago

I needed this! Thanks so much <3

8 years ago

Pinning this! I started making smoothies for breakfast a few weeks ago, I can feel so much better knowing I actually had real fruit, yogurt, and greens at the beginning of my day!

Warm Regards,

8 years ago

Love these recipes! I love any smoothie that’s packed with chia seeds. For some crunch I also like adding raw cacao nibs to mine. They’re also a great source of polyphenols and magnesium :)

8 years ago

Thanks Joanna! You’re pics are fabulous and you’re so sweet! I’m glad you’re enjoying your daily greens. Keep up the good work! xo

8 years ago

I have to add some raw cacao powder, matcha or peanut butter to my detox nana ice creams! Thanks so much for the awesome tips!

8 years ago

My smoothies usually consist of a banana, almond butter, almond milk ,spinach, and chia seeds. Fresh berries in the summer make for a great addition!