Breaking Down The Barre

I tried out a new workout class. I’m feelin’ it in all kinds of ways.

Let me start this out by saying that in no way, shape, or form am I any kind of long, lean, prima ballerina. I have curves. Lots of them. I’m happy about them (I suppose), but lately I’ve been feeling like I need to tone some things up a bit before summer hits.

If you’ve kept up with some of my posts before, I have fully spilled the beans that working out isn’t something that I’m thrilled about doing. I’m more of a stroll in the park, let’s go for a hike in the woods, ouch don’t make me do another push up kind of gal. But, I’m also the kind of person that is up for trying new things… especially if they can benefit me. So, when a fellow FP friend (Hi Joanne!) suggested that I give Barre a try, I dove right in, and guess what? I’m addicted.


Mix those three things together with small range-of-motion movements in a 55 minute class. The class typically begins with a warm-up, then you will move into arms, thighs, seat, abs + core, and end with stretching. Add weights, ball, and tube for extra burn.

So, going into this, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. I’ve taken yoga before, and I’m pretty flexible, but stunk at Pilates, and I’m not much of a dancer. Going into my first class I was nervous, with a tummy full of butterflies, but it actually went pretty well. I could (somewhat) keep up with the pace, but had to do the alternative options of each move. I was completely beat by the end of it, but went ahead and decided to join for a month of unlimited classes. I got home, and decided to write about it each time, to see my progress, tips that helped me stay motivated, and overall thoughts that may help you if you give Barre a try.

Schedule. I sign up for classes each Sunday, allowing myself to plan out which days that week are going to work for me. I committed myself to going at least 3-4 times a week. After 10 classes, you will really start to see some results!

Lay It All Out. To keep myself excited and prepared to go, I laid out my outfits for the week. I know it may be silly, but finding yourself scrambling to throw together something to wear 15 minutes before class starts brings nothing but stress. This is supposed to be stress-free, so go into it with positive vibes! A great tip that I got before class was to invest in a really good pair of grippy socks. They are lifesavers, seriously, they keep you from sliding flat on your face.

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LA Nite Tank, FP Vintage Bandana, Solid Chic Bra, Cut Out Capri Legging, Sure Thing Brami

Arrive Early. I like getting to class about 15 minutes early. It gives me time to unplug from reality, get in the zone, and also snag a spot in the room that I feel most comfortable with. I sat in the back of the room at my first class, hiding in the corner. I couldn’t see the instructor, and ended up awkwardly staring at the girl next to me. Don’t make my mistakes.

Listen Up. Listening to the instructors and asking for help really makes a difference. The moves can be difficult, and doing them slowly and the right way is better than guessing. Once I started listening to what was truly being said by the instructors instead of spacing out and looking at everyone else, I began to excel.

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Stay Hydrated. Bring a bottle of water to class, because you will sweat, and be very very thirsty. Keep sipping on water before and after class, keeping your body replenished.

Jot It Down. Whether you use your weekly calendar or a notepad, write down your progress from the beginning of your first day of class to your last. It’s rewarding to see how many days you’ve gone on paper, what you are doing better, and how you feel. I began my first class holding a plank for only 10 seconds, and now I can hold it the full 90!

By the end of my month, I am already seeing positive results. On days I go to Barre, my stress levels are down, my muscles are burning in a good way, and I feel accomplished. Knowing that I am making an effort is really helping my everyday confidence, and yes, I think my butt is perking up a bit too already! If you aren’t the workout class type, like I once thought I was, just try one out. The thought of it is always worse than just going for it. Yes, I have to admit, going outside in nature is totally what I would rather be doing, but these classes are empowering and full of other kinds of rewards.

+What tips do you have to keep you motivated? If you’ve tried out Barre, what’s your favorite thing about the class? Let me know in the comments!

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I LOVE barre. I’m a huge addict and definitely noticed the difference when I cancelled my membership and didn’t go for 6 months. Now I’m back at it and am trying for 4x a week in additional to 1x SoulCycle.

6 years ago

Ugh, I want to try barre SO BADLY, but I spend so much time at the actual ballet studio. There are fewer classes in the summer though, so maybe this is a sign from heaven to get off my tail and find a class for June!

6 years ago

Thank you for posting this!!! I just found a Barre studio in my area the other day and was interested in it! Going to go check it out.

6 years ago

Barre is my favorite new workout! I used to dance and it is actually my old dance teacher who taught my first class. Although being a dancer, i thought i wouldn’t struggle as much as i did in this class.. I was so wrong.